5 Years Blogging, Let’s Make It To Ten!! Part 1



Unknown to you but known to me, this blog turned 5 years for 2020 and wanted to celebrate for very reason I started this blog at all. Wish I had some cake right now. . .



Did you hear?

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 1.12.54 pm


The S.p..i…l…l 

10th January 2015 is when this blog formed and I had no idea how long it would last. You surprise yourself, I surprised myself: I’m STILL HERE!!. Pay no mind to others if they ask you in the future what’s one of your greatest life achievements?. . .

Running a blog.

Then *atmospheric silence* 

I’m going to answer with my head held high. If you’re a blogger or know others alike this hobby isn’t an easy one and I’ve had my falls overs and down pits but I must love it so much to be writing this. haha I do. No blog can stay afloat without community and making the connections I have is a huge part of why I’m still blogging, the truest fact out of all. The other part is there is still anime talk I have not covered yet. Those are the two reasons I’m still here and is refreshing to write these words clearly with fresh vision. Blogging is all about experimentation, I’ve gone down a thousand avenues found what works and doesn’t and that doesn’t stop ever really.  


So. . .

5 Years 

That’s a long time but not long as Mallow he recently hit 11 years better give him more love than I here. Go click the link and ask the dude a question for his own celebration. Your are a trooper Mallow damn Bro.

So back to five years . . . How is I going to celebrate? Q + A, gratitude posts, shoutouts. I was not feeling any of these staples as others do. Only time I did Q + A when I hit 500 followers you can read here if you want. I couldn’t figure out till last month what I wanted to do:

Anime is the whole reason this blog exists. 


I was sitting on my bed and looking at my collection: Yeh. . . it’s time do a anime collection tour. I’ve never shared my whole current collection and I’m splitting up into 3 parts because I can’t remember how much anime I own. Now can’t promise each video will be short as I’ll be doing a lot of talking and there was no way I’m writing out my whole collection.  haha NO!. I just couldn’t resist doing a video, you don’t see a lot of bloggers incorporating videos like this, I like this vibe it suits me.

You get to hear me talking my anime desire to the fullest extend and my tastes. Though this is a one off as many are here for words but this is a special thing. I hope you’ll indulge in my way of celebrating and listen to my rambles. you can treat this as a podcast too if you don’t want to watch FYI. Collections change and who knows by now what is in my collection. I had a lot of fun recording this first part!




We should try and get  ten years? possibly maybe?


I’ll extend a humble thankyou to anyone who even watches the video or listens to it as my collection means a lot to me. Another humble massive thankyou to those who check out my little blog and want to reassure you, Lita will be going for another 5 years the long term goal. haha well that would be nice because who knows? All I know is starting this blog has been most fun and despite my whining ass: BLOGGING IS HARD, gimme that delete button moments. The blog train is going and going still.
I’m glad I saved this celebration till now, means that much more!!

The ani talk is continuing on and randomness myself is known for.

So. . . I’ll see you all in the next post and part 2 of this 5 year blog celebration!! 






  1. Congrats on the five years… now I could say on to the next 5… but that aint ambitious enough! So on to the big 50! You can become Lita Kinobaasama! Than I shall continue untill I am Grey Granny’s Garden.. or something!


  2. Congrats lita on your 5th year!! πŸ˜ƒ. Nah, you deserve a lot of the love. As you’ve done a lot more for the ani blogging community than I have.

    I think that’s a fantastic thing, combine word with video!!
    Here’s to the next 5yrs lita, I know you can surpass me πŸ˜ƒ


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