SittingWithManga: Highschool Times

Is this the start of a new segment?? Let’s say possibly but I announced on twitter of doing manga rambles like this during my times of reading.

Literally I cannot be bothered making the long journey to my computer to write my thoughts every time I finish a volume of manga. I have lot of manga first impressions planned for newer series I’d like to talk about. In between be nice not a requirement to have a keyboard in front of me and just blog from my phone like now. Ah, already this idea is going to work perfectly for me.

Over past couple of days seem to have read two volumes of different high school romance titles in a row and both such wholesome Shoujo. High school romance based manga I still love but over years become picky. The high school troupes used over and over, though have become tired of a little. Only showing my tastes have changed greatly but that’s not a bad thing.

Waiting For Spring is a popular favourite in high school manga space, before beginning this series I had my reservations but veered away from overused troupes, bringing a refreshing approach. Story focuses on Mitsuki who wants to make some good friends. Mitsuki befriends four basketball hotties creating a unlikely warming attachment to one another.

What I love most about this title is natural flow between boys and Mitsuki relationship. A level of genuine that I haven’t seen displayed, since other title I’ll talk about in a second. All the boys are likeable and fun individual personalities, generic but they are fun bunch. It’s a nice atmosphere whenever the group are together and makes me happy to see always.

There are 13 volumes, will finish very soon and my progress has been slow with this title. This is kind of manga I like to not inhale in one go, purely how wholesome every volume has been so far. Volume 9 has some interesting developments with main love triangle that I’m 100% behind. It’s a good triangle I wouldn’t mind being in to be honest because both boys are hard to choose between.

How this love triangle is being handled it’s amazing. . I’ve never said that about any beforehand. Mitsuki got some hot choices to pick from, the pacing is great and psyched for this triangle outcome.

  • confession time: I own first 13 volumes Kimi ni todoke and I’m only making my way through now.
  • But. . It’s only remaining ones to read on my shelves so that’s awesome !!

    I don’t read everything I buy new right away, less hell eager. They’re there for when I want to pick them up and find this way of collecting fits my profile. Picking back up kimi ni todoke it was what I needed for at this time. It’s my favourite romance for many reasons diving into volume 2, quickly reminded me why. . Again. This volume focuses on main protagonist Sawako making her first friends with Yano and Chise.

    Sawako’s journey is one seen all too often, the invisible one, misunderstood one, complete introvert. The misunderstood part most I was personally drawn to her. My tears welled up fast, moment Sawako clear the tainted air from others had cause. Sawako is a considerate soul on all fronts, especially of others feelings, watching this thought process is like looking into mirror of myself.

    Takes a lot for a book in general to make my tear up and this volume smacked hard with loving emotions of heartfelt ness. Already this volume will be a single standout for me on its own. It was a gorgeous, wholesome read, heck whole series is wholesome. And. . Realise I just that word a lot BUT it’s so true when it comes to anime in general.

    I don’t know how often these posts will occur but I enjoyed a lot rambling my thoughts. Hopefully brings curiosity to others of what series I talk about, without spoiling anything for new readers. I keep my anime talk spoiler free anyway. . Coz I’m nice like that ahah.

    Highly recommend to check out either of these highschool series, they are aren’t the usual candid standard but with different angles.

    Ill see you all in the next post!!


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