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It’s a special blog tour for April, everything is topsy turvy right now and this tour OWLS we wanted to do our small part. 


You don’t know the awesome group of OWLS bloggers?

Owls bloggers started up two years and I’ve been a member since. We are a group of bloggers, youtubers and podcasters who do monthly blog tours discussing selected topic for that month. We are a group that loves to spread and promote acceptance within important worldly topics, disability, race, sexuality, human equality. Initially we used anime and pop culture only to discuss our monthly topics but now Owls has branched out beyond this into music, sports, books. The options are endless now for us and our growing group.




We are in the midst of a pandemic which has led people to live in fear and anxiety over the coronavirus. For this month, rather than seeing the dark side of the situation we are living in, we will be exploring anime and other pop culture mediums that bring hope for humanity and why they have such a positive impact on us.


Before you continue on to read please check out member Jack’s post, expressing the importance of having a laugh once in a while, keeping the negative at bay. 



Nothing is funny right now for the world.


No-one is immune from feeling anxiety and fear we’re all feeling right now. Nobody wants ‘over positivity’ either, hard dice to cast in finding that balance of encouragement and hope for people. It’s hard. Really hard. Lyn at beginning of our tour looked at realness of this situation, Megan addresses the meaning of hope and Jack suggests to have a laugh during this time. I’ve loved already seeing how our other members are viewing this whole thing for themselves. For me wanted to look from a real truth, that only power, only thing we can do is stay home, stay in.

At beginning of this toppling, changing situation I didn’t know where to find some closure among my distractions of hobbies. I needed something to at least start off this new adjustment to life as we know right now. Anime has never failed to help me on this front and once again I found that beginning of adjustment with Cells At Work. 


Cells At Work was the strangest comfort to watch during this unsure time and highly recommend others dive into this educational series. Anime always goes beyond limits of what it can bring to the table, “hey let’s make a series about our body cells”. If you want to learn how our human bodies are working overtime for us whenever we’re faced with icky germs, then this is it. Even on youtube real life doctors have watched this and been impressed with how educational aid it can provide for others. 13 episodes long and every episode singularly focused on different crawly germs that lurk into our bodies and how our bodies respond to the nastiness. Literally first episode addresses on the problem we are currently facing, explaining in a consoling, interesting fashion. 

The first episode left me stumped how to feel about it all but I felt comforted, so weird. I love the characters each represent a different cell and no names, just present the function of what each cell does. The female narrator throughout explaining is fitting touch to this educational of human anatomy. Red blood cell and White blood cell are a thing, their interactions are building to something adorable. (SEASON TWO next January) Their main presence was another comfort, kudos to Chermai and Billy voicing these adorable characters. All the characters are wholesome especially the Platelets, kinder garden girls, ahh they steal your heart.

If you couldn’t stand chemistry or biology in high school this is way more fascinating.  We have to give ourselves the best fighting chance during this unprecedented time by looking after ourselves, mentally and physically. Cells At Work truly shows that our bodies are amazing but only remain to this standard, if we take care of it best we can. Getting plenty of sleep, a balance of good eating, exercising, having time out for ourselves and staying connected to close ones.

Our well being comes first in this unreal situation the entire world is in. 

Staying home is only apart of our task, even more important is keeping well.



Next up on our hope tour is Takuto look out for that!! 

Stay safe and home guys, look after yourselves more importantly!! 

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I’ll see you all in the next OWLS and next post!! 



  1. I have watched a lot of actual doctors react to Cells at Work and they all seem to adore it! This show is so much cleverer than it needed to be. It kinda reminds me of those late 80’s edutainment tv shows..but with way more heart to it!

    Liked by 1 person

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