Sharing The Ani Love Online



I love sharing the anime love through here, other social media outlets, connecting with others but sharing in vast space I’ve learned isn’t what invites it to be. 


Technology, the internet there great really? You can call them the epitome of our own demise one day in the future but without it I wouldn’t have met many close people, especially on this wordpress platform. Ups and down of having this blog I don’t regret creating this place for myself, despite it all. Compared to the last couple of years, my mind is in a different place of how I go about sharing my thoughts and who I want to connect with. Last year was realisation of change dropping youtube, and reevaluating the platforms I use to talk about anime.

Slim Down

Primarily now it’s this blog, twitter and transferring over to Ani List from my anime list recently is my new focus of sharing my anime love. You don’t want a thousand social media accounts, it’s draining, as happy using instagram to rediscover manga was for me. The combination of using twitter as well became too much, having complete seperate audiences, different connections I’ve made. You want social media manageable, not chaos – otherwise you’re on the receiving end of no fun zone. This is why so many people take social media breaks above anything else besides the usual community toxicity. A simple fact to forget social media is A TOOL, how we choose to use comes down to us.

I wasn’t using it the right way for me. Slimming down will be the best remedy if you have thousands accounts to share your anime love. Make the change to slim down you’re media accounts.

Your People

You want to connect with everyone among the field of daises and blowing breeze in the community? All go happy, we love anime and will bond together over this amazing thing. This is half an illusion sharing your anime love online, you won’t connect with every individual. You don’t learn this till you’ve been around the block few times. Just because you might love a series dearly, have mini twitter thread chat about it then nothing. This happens every day, so don’t be discouraged. You will find your people, you connect with most about boys love, Haikyuu. You’ll find the people that will get you most and I say stick with them. Never be under the assumption everyone is best friends just because they collaborated together, they maybe best friends or other motives behind. Most of the time all good for good, fun cause.

Compared to twitter and instagram – blogging is different to me, feels easy among majority of the anime blogging community to connect with even if it’s a little. There are many amazing people I’ve connected with no matter small or big, still I can come back to their blog and same warming essence from first connection is still there.  


More important to me being more mindful how I want to use my social media of the now. Especially cropping up on people’s mental health, it’s ridiculous how every day occurrence rate sky rockets. Held behind the bars of facade to fit within the crowd. You draw up your own terms what you wish to share and private environment to create for yourself. I’ve imagined myself being like others, sticking to what’s popular for the views, commitment of episode reviews, make highest quality content possible. . .


Lita gones mad

But. . Being indifferent is way more fun, heh.

Taken a long time, I feel I’ve found my place in this colosseum of anime and created my corner out here. Where the my usual random runs ransack always.  


I had this topic itching on my mind for a while now and something just needed to come out that always the roses don’t bloom out here. Do you feel yourself held back in the anime community? tell me your inner thoughts coz I bet will be very similar haha.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

I’ll see you all next post!! 




  1. You have made a wise decision IMHO. when I was actively writing books and promoting them the advice was to have an account on every social platform and content and engage and post every day. If you really tried to do that (and I did) you have no time left to actually create, write, or draw. Never mind the dangers of putting yourself “out there” to be criticsized. I decided to pull back, and if anything my book sales improved! LOL. Since then I only use a few platforms where I have people I really do feel close to and that I’m comfortable with and it’s such a relief, really. You have to find a level and a place that is comfortable for YOU.


  2. I think I love this site more than other social media platforms out there. Although I’ve only started out on February this year, I feel like I’ve made a little corner for myself here where I can just talk about anything that excites me whether it’s anime, books, tv shows, or even music.

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