Enter Your World | A Sign Of Affection Vol 1



Oh my god I’m doing a manga first impression. . And a newly release as of 31st March. Ah Shoujo and representation got me gripped here !!


Funny beginning to this how I ended up reading this new release. I saw it pop up on my twitter feed this morning and immediately completely forgotten this was coming out, haha. On my high list for: Shoujo melding with disability representation. I feel April is blessing me in a way, a perfect world is coming out later this month and in PRINT EDITION. Bonus to receive this adoring title along side.

I don’t buy digital manga barley but that’s slowly changing. A Sign of affection is by author Suu Morishita, currently her other work Shortcake cake is publishing. Shortcake cake is a cute Shoujo of two volumes I’ve read but a sign of affection appeals more to me. I was surprised the managaka was tackling themes of disability but there is so much to LOVE here.

The title and cover were a draw in before I even read the plot. From reading the first chapter, the title holds up significant meaning from Yuki’s world perspective. Her constant after thoughts of what’s good etiquette and responses. Yuki is in college, loves friends, social media and school. On the train one day a foreigner asks for directions but because of hearing impairment, Yuki cannot hear no sound even with a hearing aid. Yuki meets Itsuomi aiding her dilemma, knowing three languages directing foreigner rightly. There encounter sets off a breakaway from what Yuki was used to. I like this story a lot is set in college and not high school for once. 

Care has been taken with this manga, and loved this SO MUCH!!. Easily people will compare A Silent Voice in similar relations. Yuki is a Shoko look a like, both are sweet girls. Though Yuki maybe awkward, but maintains some self assurance and confidence for herself.

Yuki and Itsuomi interactions feel genuine and full of understanding. Yuki’s reactions to everything are so wholesome, navigating through task of communication with Itsuomi. You’re spoiled already with many cute moments between the pair.

Mangaka Morishita expresses at beginning and half way through, her passion towards making this Shoujo. I liked she explained the different types of two sign languages in Japanese that is used and direction she wants to achieve. The structure of text and panels throughout, empathises differentiation between main characters thoughts perfectly. Creating from Yuki’s perspective the communicative gap Yuki wishes to reach with Itsuomi.

Itsuomi I like he is this free spirit and chilled back about life itself, at points in first volume, becoming a comical point which made me laugh. Itsuomi’s tender gestures towards Yuki are full of wanting to understand her and no judgement. Just from texts each other send, I simply adore and holds lot of meaning.



Tackling a series handling disability I think is tough thing to do, wishing to represent something right. Morishita has started off on a strong point, the connection set up between Yuki and Itsuomi growing bond is organic and full of potential avenues Morishita could take it. The thing I love most is Yuki wasn’t created around pity, given a choice in this first volume, her new found feelings for Itsuomi. Deducing if she feels admiration or love, reaching that conclusion is blissfully warming to the heart. Yuki’s friend Rin is a valuable support system to Yuki and fun presence for Yuki to be around – a relatable friendship.

Last thing I wanted to add was Morishita simplistic art style has evolved from Shortcake cake. I like this style of hers more in A Sign Of Affection, brings a comforting atmosphere throughout the read. THE WHOLE READ WAS A COMFORTING AND HEARTWARMING!! 


A Sign Of Affection is the twin to I Hear A Sunspot boys love series, if you liked that, then you’re going to love this. I like their are more series like this tackling disability popping up more, makes me so happy, it’s something that is very important to me. A Sign Of Affection is such a heart-warming shoujo read, brings all the squeeing and melting moments but melding theme disability in a positive, organic fashion.



You can tell I loved this so much that at midnight I bought first digital volume and churned out my thoughts so fast. My hope it’s gets enough attention because be so delightful to have a print run. I think it would do so well. 

You can read on most digital platforms heres link

I hope you check out this shoujo title and definitely collecting as they release now!! 

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



12 thoughts on “Enter Your World | A Sign Of Affection Vol 1

  1. This series sounds adorable! I’m glad there’s an author willing to tackle romance with disabilities multiple times, with different pairings!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I do have the time… the question is do I have the funds… So at least it’s going on the plan to read list for sure!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I haven’t bought digital manga for a year, this was first purchase in a long time LOL it was $10. I have joined up with unlimited kindle for 30 days and have my library books to get me through 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I feel that spiritually. I still have so physical volumes to get through (but I have made progress!). I should really consider getting a kindle or digital reader I feel so behind on the times. >..<


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