The Blogger Is Hanging On


Well 2020 is turning out to be an eventful year ( I don’t mean that in a good way really) bushfires, the “C” invasion and downturn in anime blogging community. I can’t really hold back my feelings on this one.


Since end of December and until now I have noticed a massive downturn in anime blogging scene, bloggers dropping off left and right – that’s not anyone’s fault. Life takes precedence over anything, hobbies etc we all know that, still a massive bummer for how flourishing the blogging scene was when I entered. There have been drops before but not like downturn I have seen during this year already. 

Blogging is commitment hobby at heart. 


Words don’t just appear on here by magic, drumming fingers, an active imaginative brain and screen eyes make all this happen. Blogging is about the fun but doing it for so long, you learn the passing point of the  ‘fun’ notion.  


You Need Drive, passionate drive 


Without a desire or passion blogging will become boring fast and this happen all too often. I’m not trying to scare you but as someone who’s been blogging for five years, it’s an essential part. That passionate drive is made up of two parts, first focal point of interest, second the interaction you seek. For fellow people I’ve come to know in this community, it’s started from the ground up. Reaching out, commenting on others posts and initiating conversations. Unlike youtube, gaining interaction you have to work twice as hard. Every first time blogger seeking interaction won’t gain that easily and it’s a sad fact. After a few posts with no likes or comments, likelihood of pressing delete button is looking tempting.

I’ve looked at that delete button many, many times, wanting to hide away that keyboard but yet I’m still here. Anime is life love for me and the desire to talk about it has only grown for me with addition of blogging. Instead of deterring, it’s aided me. Took a long time to feel out if my drive was strong enough to stick with a committing hobby. I believe you can tell yourself “you’re satisfied with writing for yourself and no-one else” but deep down we all seek our words to be read by even someone.

Reader and self satisfaction


Whether you want it or not, people are going to follow you for different reasons, your personality, presence in your posts, content itself, as part of many components as why people follow one another. Blogging starts off as a self satisfaction for your reasons but that splits down the road with your readers whether you’re’ blog is for fun or professionalism. Commitment unexpectedly falls to these fellow readers who like reading your posts, a sense of duty takes over this either goes two ways. It weighs down or pushes you more. In my case ignited my blogger drive even more, despite my own pitfalls along the way. I’ve found that satisfying balance for myself and people who follow my blog, takes a long while to know your audience – that is something you shouldn’t rush. 



As small as anime blogging space is I can’t seem to let go on ever leaving it. There are way more new bloggers appearing now than when I started. Those ones fall off first because bloggers like me are buried among the masses, the committed ones. They cannot see and think this community is dead. As I write this other bloggers are hanging on by a landslide to not delete or discontinue their blog. Makes me kinda sad thinking about it and wanting to show them, its NOT!. At my age I know my time could be better spent elsewhere hobby wise, but my life just doesn’t feel right without blogging anime in someway. There is still so much I wish to spread about especially manga *cough*.

I have enough reasons to and drive to continue in this space but wanted to express hard truths of undertaking a hobby like blogging. The community part is something that comes along with it but you need to take initiative. I’m thankful for so many that are still here I know, seeing their still here gives me comfort. Still regardless there is much to do with the potential of this blog I’ve yet dug into. 



Thankyou for indulging in my feelings towards this topic, feel to leave your own selfish reasons below about if you feel there is a downturn in the anime blogging scene or just your own feelings on the topic.

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 




  1. “if you feel there is a downturn in the anime blogging scene”

    There is. And I have to wonder how much is due to the downturn in reader participation. It SUCKS to work so hard for a drive-by like. (Rather than a comment or participation in the discussion.)

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  2. Thanks for writing this post. Gotta love the community that’s sticking around, and branching out to other projects within the aniblogging sphere too!

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  3. “Since end of December and until now I have noticed a massive downturn in anime blogging scene, bloggers dropping off left and right – that’s not anyone’s fault. ”

    But the ones who are still publishing? The ones who push on in spite of what’s going on in the world?

    They’re doing some seriously good work.

    I’ve never seen higher quality. I check about 350 sites every week, and I’m seeing some of the strongest and most insightful and most moving posts that I’ve ever seen.

    And I’ve seen a lot!

    In case it’s not clear, I’m talking about posts like this one!

    As usual, this reminds me of a quote from The Lord of the Rings (The Fellowship of the Ring): Galadriel said, “In this phial,’ she said, ‘is caught the light of Eärendil’s star, set amid the waters of my fountain. It will shine still brighter when night is about you.”

    Time to see how bright we can make the night.

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  4. I do agree that there seems to be a speeding up of bloggers slowing or quitting. Even a lot of bloggers that are still around are switching focus from anime to other things. We’re all glad you still are here, and looking forward to what else you have up your sleeve! 🙂

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  5. Been blogging in WP since 2017 but I’ve been writing much longer than that. It isn’t something one is going to last very long at unless you simply enjoy the writing process and you have a touch of obsessiveness about it.

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  6. As someone who left and came back it’s kind of sad to see the decline. Some of those I used to follow aren’t here. People I loved to read and talk to. And as someone who is “new” I can confirm that being new is hard. I usually don’t recommend (or even like) a follow for a follow but as it is right now I don’t think it is a bad idea. For two reasons; the new bloggers get validations when they gain a follower and the old blogger might find someone new they like. I have a feeling that some of the big bloggers don’t follow (back) and it’s a shame. At least it is like that in other areas of the blogosphere. And interaction is important. Give a like, a comment, it’s very satisfying for anyone but it is very important to someone who is new. If we want them to stay we need to show them they are welcome. (of course, the new ones need to respond and work for it too. It goes both ways.)

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  7. I just started blogging last year so I don’t really have the same perspective as y’all, but I get what you’re saying about the community being so small. I’ve been trying to branch out and build more community checking out other blogs and liking or commenting on them. But it can be a huge bummer when you work hard on a post and only get a couple likes and no comments.

    I guess what gives me solace is that there are still folks here who still do care, who check out other people’s posts and are active in the community. And that’s all I want really. I don’t care about getting the most likes or follows, I just want to write what I like writing about and if other people like it, that’s cool. 😛

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    1. I haven’t done a post introducing any new people I’ve been trying to get where I want my blog to be atm 😂😂 so doing some blogger spotlight posts is next on the list for me to tackle this week !!

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