5 Stubborn Where The Word “Give Up” Doesn’t Apply



It’s a crappy time right now and I’d be lying if my blogging hadn’t been affected, it has a little. But when inspiration comes along like this, you go with the flow. 


A weird time right now, I went to the shop and walked around whole time wearing gloves (my own choice) in the name to stay safe.  .  . I felt crazy. Plastered in your face is the “C” word that everyone is sick of hearing about, we can turn ourselves off to it. Sadly we must accept sad fact this will be with us for greater length of time. No-one is exempt from raising anxiety for their self and close ones around, everyone’s mental state is important more than ever. I full well-know through the unknown will make through to the other side, more than crucial now to remain grounded as possible. 

Keeping the positive flow going is vital and I wondered what want to do. Out of all a list idea. In the face of adversity, a few characters I love come to mind that are stubborn as hell. Ripping through the uncertainty and scare in an inspirational fashion. 

Natsu (Fairytail) 



Shonen anime has some of the most stubborn, overpowered idiots as protagonist that know how to split our feels apart. Terms of the theme of ‘giving up’ shonen represents this to excess and excels how far it can take it. I’m a bit behind in the shonen game with seeing only handful, Dragonball z is big part of why I love it in the first place. Discovering Fairytail changed everything I knew about of the will to never give up. Fairytail has become my favourite shonen ever due to it’s characters, everyone has exceptional depth put into them, giving viewers amazing characterisation. Out of all a dragon boy one would call complete idiot but there at every turn when light flickers to near outage. Natsu Dragneel is a impossible character to ever forget, every character in the series has their own resilient nature. Natsu is a special case, once this dragon slayer flames ignite, the goosebumps hit.

There is nothing to not love about Natsu, a deeply connective person at heart to others and wears his heart on his sleeve. Natsu throughout the series has moment after moment of burning emotions, exploding in a desperate plea to keep hope alive. Natsu most of the time is the last line impact you won’t know coming, in most dyer time of need. Natsu’s solution to our current problem would be a tornado of flames but that’s not viable option sadly haha. Every moment Natsu burning desires of no defeat take over him, ah sends all the good vibes for me, he is a evoking pillar to never wanting to remain undefeated, He lays all out for his Fairytail crew.



Aoi Tsubaki  (Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits-)

I recently finished this Youkai, Supernatural and loved it so much. Main protagonist Aoi has a lot to deal with, becoming collateral damage for Grandfathers pending debt, she works off by running restaurant moonflower. To top off becoming orge’s bride and  impossible for her to return home. Aoi quickly demonstrates, this girl isn’t an easy pushover, the people of Tenshinya and other youkai not accepting a human in their world is a long process to turn around for herself. Aoi has her dealings of acceptance and belonging but she doesn’t loose her resilient spark thats drives her. 

Aoi is a honest girl and shows through her skill of cooking, one thing keeping her sane and Arsenal winning over Youkai. Aoi stuck to what she knew, keeping her from free fall of negative. She shows sticking to what brings you comfort, subsides your anxieties is what you need most in times of uncertainty. Plus eating, indulging yourself in your favourite foods. Food always makes me hungry in anime. Kakuriyo it was no different, I was eating more bad food than good during my watch. . . oops. Aoi is as stubborn as us females can comes as and the girl stuck to what she knew. Aoi can cook me a delicious rice omelette and bring me all the Japanese sweets. 

Morgiana (Magi The Labyrinth Of Magic)   

 “There is nothing in this world that can bind you” – Morgiana

Magi is most under-looked shonen series and you’re all missing out on magic, dungeon monsters and aladdin inspiration, epic stuff. Magi is a series about struggles and combating a place for yourself, not loosing sight of that. Morgianna is greatest example of this, this girl has quickly become a female favourite, ahh she is so badass it would hurt to say the word: Badass. Morgiana is from a tribe called Fanallis group of individuals with tremendous super strength in their legs and all round. Morgianna was a previously a slave until Alibaba and Aladdin free her. Morgianna scars from being a slave lead to an inferiority complex, becoming complex to break away from. 

The chains of metal gone, Morgiana learnt only thing binding her was herself and fear. It’s pretty badass moment finally letting out her emotions and pushing back hesitation. Morgiana from that point morphs into a powerful female in her own right. Morgiana already possessed resilience, determination and a strong will. She just needed a reminder of that. Morgiana built for herself the desire to go back home, a home she had never seen and saying through our time we’re going to other end. Humans are pretty stubborn creatures and Morgiana reminds me of that trait, what we’ve gone through in history. Morgiana would blast kick away what invades us currently, if only, haha.


Yugi Muto – Yugioh


We can’t believe in a deck of cards to get past the world’s problem but certainly have the faith and belief of close ones around us. If there was any character more passionate and knowledgeable of the topic of faith, trust, and maybe some pixie dust, I’d happily take a yugi and yami seminar. A corny factor Yugi nearly wins most of his matches but backs up what his character stands for and nostalgia me loves that – even now. This nostalgia you’re unconsciously guided back to because it’s familiar and familiar is what you seek among confusing times. 

Yugi represents the wholesome faith we in people know there is, coming together whenever needed. The world is doing this right now and keeping the spirits high is the part you can play for everyone. Yugi’s pep talks and profound encouragement for Joey entering into world of dungeon monsters meant everything. Yugi had all the faith in his deck and friends to get him through every duel and challenge. Faith can’t fight a virus, be great if Yugi summoned a monster that erased them, haha. Keeping the faith through the tough is latch on we need and filling, encouraging others with positive is our main job. 


Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)  



There’s never give up and there’s. . . no option until I’m exhausted. Shonen does this trait so well and one series blows its out of the water. On par with Fairytail, My Hero Academia amounts to equal measure of theme ‘never give up’. Differently My Hero Academia has extra meaning and motivation to support the theme even more with significant impact. Following the class of 1A journey to become heroes and we follow one Izuki Midoriya whose desire just keeps growing with every new season. I gotta say I’ve never had a character in a LONG TIME make me laugh and cry like Izuku does in almost every episode. This boy out of this list next to Natsu doesn’t know the word ‘give up’ it’s not in his vocabulary. 

I thought after a long time the desire for Izuku to be a number one hero would get old but it’s keep growing, growing into a desire that hits with a new smash every time. A surreal experience to witness when Izuku is attempted to be put down. Getting back up in a mind blowing fashion with desire only make him stronger. There is no room for giving in when lives are on the line, Izuku pure will to this. . . it’s. . . beautiful to point I cry most of the time. A boy who had no quirk of his own, given one and morphs coming into his own. If there was any anime I would say to watch right now it’s My Hero Academia. Watching Izuku just makes you not wanting to let the negative win and only pumps up the positive more. Without question this series as a whole will put a smile on your damn face! 

Izuku can Detroit smash the virus for us! and then i’ll hug him to death


You know sailor jupiter doesn’t know “give up” what is that?


I hope my post brought some positive to you somehow because that is what we need right now. I love all these stubborn characters because I think they are stubborn as me haha.

Why don’t you tell me some stubborn characters you love, that don’t know the meaning of giving up? Down below in the comments!

In the midst to report I haven’t gotten around to writing rest of my mecha march stuff  which I’ll leave for now as writing something like this – was more present for me. Posts will be slow for rest of the week as I honestly just want to anime everything right now. But I have posts waiting in the wings to work on but for now our own mental states is far more important. 

Stay safe and healthy !! 

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 




  1. YES! Natsu and Izuku in particular really hit me in the gut every time with their never-give-up attitude and determination. I love them so much. ❤ Awesome list! It really put a smile on my face. 🙂 Thanks for sharing~

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