I Hear The Sunspot | First Look


Yay finally I’m getting around to some manga talk. My own manga TBR is down to nothing and felt in the mood to read some boys love. Ah who knew it would stab me bad.


Author: Yuki Fumino
Volumes: Completed
Publisher: One Peace Books

One of my good online friends sent me this title for Christmas as part of exchange, all the grateful over here. This is title over past year I’d been itching to check out because when I heard it covering disability, I’m here. We all have personal themes, connections that resonate with us in books, when a story nails that representation instant love? I’m right yeh? Representation becomes everything then if there is something we hold closely to us and praying that expectation be met. I get like this when it comes to disability, a small margin covered in anime, A Silent Voice, A Perfect World hit the mark to touch my sensitive soul. It was all over again with I Hear The Sunspot.


Kohei has a hearing disability and misunderstood often. Overly positive Tachi random invasion into Kohei’s life begins to have assertive effect and draw up the closed curtain Kohei has shrouded himself in for so long.

Representation was pretty bang on casting Kohei’s little world inside himself, enwrapping himself in his whole shell as self protection and coping mechanism. Kohei whirlpool of emotions others can never understand, acceptance, betrayal are common and relatable, Kohei is a character who others will feel strong resonance with. Reading from Kohei’s perspective was a stab every time, it was just raw to the point, no masking the real chaos inside his head. Almost the identical the outlook on Kohei to Shoko from A Silent Voice, both vividly raw in their own way. What makes Kohei stand out more for me is focus on him as individual with a disability, propelling the impact of his character to reader even more.

Kohei is viewed not as the guy with hearing disability at first but as just misunderstood and unsociable individual. People branding you with a label right off the bat is despairing in the worst sense, Kohei doesn’t escape this. But I liked going into the story people just don’t get him as a person, instead of hearing disabled platter at first. Understanding is fundamental forgotten factor, and to Kohei it feels like a foreign land he will never see light of. There’s page above in the image that captures this feeling and it STABS.

The relationship Tachi and Kohei begin is organic as in A Perfect World, it’s wonderful. How Tachi and Kohei meet is so innocent, Tachi randomly dropping in on Kohei because hunger drives Tachi 24/7. I could quote so much from this manga but main Tachi telling to Kohei “It’s Not Your Fault” breaks down years of walls in an instant. That feeling Kohei experiences you can’t measure and Tachi wouldn’t comprehend in Kohei’s head what that means. Another thing Kohei makes a comment to Tachi he only wants others in his life who understand and doesn’t care about everyone else. I can’t tell you how refreshing to read words like that for this story. Kohei while in his own little world, still had control over who he lets in and doesn’t. 

This volume sets up Tachi and Kohei growing friendship in early stages as there are 3 more books in series. Everything is kept so subtle, probably the most subtle I’ve read in a boys love. That balance with story’s theme was great. Tachi is just a wholesome presence throughout, I loved Tachi’s desire to support others and didn’t reflect Tachi was Kohei’s because he has disability or feels pity for him. Tachi’s support is genuine throughout and makes my heart happy to see throughout.

Ahh, you can tell I loved this so much and just need in my collection. There is no way to not love this story and representation.



This story is handled with such care and tenderness makes me want to cry almost!! Hope I could peak your interest and especially if you’re interested in reading boys love. THIS IS A GREAT ONE TO BEGIN WITH!

Look forward to more manga talk!

I’ll see you all in the next post!!



15 thoughts on “I Hear The Sunspot | First Look

  1. This series is on my top five list of all manga. I love it. You have to tell us what you think of the continuation once you’ve read it. I am just waiting for the last(?) part of the series. I refuse to read it online, I want the book in my hand. It’s so precious.

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    1. ahaha I will definitely let you know my thoughts. Honestly for now if I read it I will be buying digital version if there is one considering how things are right now 🙂 and buy the physical release later on 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m not opposed to digital but I am not sure the last volume is even out in digital. They have been pretty good at releasing them simulataneous as far as I know. I hope it will come soon. It’s out in Japan I think. (according to Baka at least.) (It’s more that I refuse to read scanlations when I know there will be an official translation since there is a license and the rest are translated.)



    Also, the first volume is my fave of the first two! I have the third, the beginning of the “Limit” story but have yet to read it for some reason. Probably saving it for a rainy day cause DAMN Taichi makes my heart get all tingly.

    Glad your enjoying it so much!!

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