I’m A Blogger Masochist?!?

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Blogging is a constant tug of war hobby whether for professionalism or fun. This anime reminded me from the crazy angle of it all.

Currently I’m watching on and off slice of life, romcom The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou focused on the residents of Sakura Hall, group of unique individuals, with that extra quirk. Sorata is sent over after keeping a cat in his normal dorm. Sorata swears he’ll leave the crazy sakura hall but his stalemate to leave changes drastically. Sorata is a fantastic example of you don’t know where you’re going in life. Residing in this crazy environment ignites new passions for him but new fallbacks.

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 3.16.08 pmScreen Shot 2020-02-25 at 3.17.15 pm

Shina an upcoming manga artist/artist, a girl who can’t do anything for herself yet pushes Sorata to face new realities towards pursuing your passions. The end of episode 8 just touched me a lot from Soratas end. Sorata goes through a period of self loathing when a endeavour doesn’t pan out for him at first. Like Sorata when you want to be more active on your blog, write more, putting your soul into a 8000 word essay then gets all the likes, but no comments. Even worst gets no engagement whatsoever. This is the disheartening reality of blogging that gets every blogger because you want to be noticed. You shouldn’t feel guilty from that feeling because it’s apart of this cycle. You either persist through or give up.

Sorata realises the pointlessness of hiding the frustrations, feelings of failure. Bloggers lean to pressing that delete button more times because these feelings are HARD to overcome when doing this hobby. I’ve been blogging for 5 years now (still haven’t done a celebratory post for it yet) many times the way of defeat has loomed over, but every time, I’m hit with new things I want to write about. The rising passion has always been there for me with blogging and guess makes me a masochist.

I get high off failure? apparently so haha. 

I’m amazed myself still here writing on my blog because I feel like there is no choice but to write what comes to mind. When you’ve been around the block enough, what’s involved within blogging, grow so accustom to it, just doing becomes second hand nature. I have no idea how long this will keep going for but feel like there is no point in worrying. The scene of Sorata running down the hill spouting his masochist words was hilarious and resonating. Digging yourself into realm of self comparison compared to self loathe is worst, so be something better, become a blogger masochist. Ride the waves of failure, immersing yourself even more in your passions and only look ahead to do.

That’s what idiot Sorata reminded me of anyway. hehe. 


Hope this little reminder helps any blogger out there feeling the pinch of this hobby cycle. These kind of anime scenes just get me good that I have to write about them every time ahaha. 

Do you think you can change yourself into a blogger masochist?

I’ll see you’ll in the next post!



  1. Congratulations on 5 years. And I love The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou too. I love how it talks about hard work and chasing your dreams, showing the ups and downs that come with it. I can really see how you can relate it to blogging. The feeling of not being noticed is definitely something I think all bloggers deal with, your words of encouragement is the pat on the back we all need from time to time cause blogging is definitely a road with a lot of twists and turns.


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