My Mecha Starter Pack


Mecha genre is overwhelming, let’s blame Gundam for that one. Newcomers don’t know where to start? So this read will be for you with three series that are an easy breeze introduction to the world of robots.


I’m no mecha expert by all means, I’ve only seen a handful of series but enough to help cater any newcomers to a starting point. Mecha is easiest to feel overcome by as Gundam shrouds the other gems in the dust. No-one wants a big huge robot battle just but more than this. A top 5 would be more appropriate but I’m about simple and looking at it from a newcomer angle. I don’t want mass choices, so hope my three starter pack will point you in the right direction.



Gargantia On The Verdurous Planet 


Let’s start off with simple as exactly what this particular mecha demonstrates. Gargantia focuses on the simplicity of things. Galactic solider during a battle is sucked into black hole. Lying dormant for six months has landed on water covered planet with humans living on city barges, winding up on Gargantia. This particular series is character focused as main protagonist Ledo learns to adapt to unknown normal the people of Gargantia are used to. The background plot element is fairly irrelevant and of little importance, you’ll be captured by fun-loving aura every character exudes. On top gorgeous aquatic visuals and seascapes that left me breathless.

Garganita stands out from the pack of different in mecha and an easy invest with least confusion. If you would like more of my thoughts, here is my old review which holds my current feelings still.

Available Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix



Buddy Complex 


2018 Mecha March I discovered a fun gem, 12 episode Buddy Complex including OVA. Focusing on highschooler Aoba is approached by fellow classmate Hina in a robot in the mist of Aoba being attacked. Hina tells him “Dio is waiting for you” and is sent to the future where Free Treaty Alliance and Great Zogiria Republic war is taking place. This was a really fun watch but it wasn’t perfect in some areas. What most impressed me was how likeable all the characters were. Character exploration this mecha did so well with, getting you to care even for minor ones. Particularly the crew from free treaty Aoba comes to know. A heartwarming bunch that treat one another as family. Romance element has a decent enough build up and you can get behind.

Much like Gargantia, gorgeous bright visuals especially the skies, the mecha designs of robots are pretty unique. You’ll barely be paying attention to raging war as the characters come into focus all the time. Though one character is a tad crazy that might get under your skin quickly. Like that ex never getting over you. Buddy Complex is a really fun mecha that leans on the lighter side of genre, happy to report. Check out more thoughts here!

Available Hulu, Funimation



Gurren Lagaan 


I tried to not include highly popular mecha but there is just no going by Gurren Lagann because it’s so wholesome and good. The series is overlooked due to it’s unique art style but this isn’t one to prejudge. Gurren is the epitome of what it means to never give in, to purse on like a bull through life. Main protagonist Simon is the wheel constantly turning this theme, living underground as a digger dreaming of the pure air above. Kamina and the discovery of a odd mecha bring forth a new lease on life for Simon and what dwells on the surface. Gurren is crazy, wild experience of emotions that is gloriously enjoyable, much heart lies within this anime favourite.

I gladly try to revist this whenever I can, it’s a series proud to own in my collection. The perfect watch when life is turning to crap.!!

Available Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix, Animelab 
Honourable Mentions 

Mobile Fighter G Gundam
The Vision Of Escaflowne


Ah there is no Gundam?!? are you trying to freak out new comers I say haha. Poor souls no wonder people are deter easily from mecha. Selections like Code Geass, Gundam, don’t feel are the best fit for starting out. Later on if people have watched serval shows and get a feel for their own tastes. These three I chose based on how easy investing plots are, simple and very fun series.

So maybe this will help someone. lol But looking through my ani list tells me so many I still want to watch. Aldnoah Zero finally got around too but why did I sleep on that *shock face* 

Bless Scott over at Mechanical Anime Reviews also doing Mecha March doing self plugs of my stuff. You need to check out his stuff too, especially his reviews lot of work went into those!! 

Hope you enjoyed my mecha starter pack. What would you put on your starter pack? What would you be looking for?

I’ll see you all in the next mecha post!!



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