5 Things I Notice More In Anime

the EYES that need to know !


Watching anime for so long I’ve noticed a lot more details that matter than they did at beginning.


5. Openings Tell All


Hate to say but you’re going to feel like a dumbass realising openings aren’t just about the bops. One of the coolest things about anime is openings, they set the atmosphere for every episode in a memorising sense, it’s weird. The opening sequences I use to think never added any value, just there to look pretty. Honestly can’t remember when it was I began to realise openings had more purpose, possibly when I started up this blog. Every new series I begin, the openings are first thing I take notice. They’re a teaser trailer for what happens or contained within. Romance anime out of all their openings I can pick out what drama may occur from usual troupes. But if I’m diving into a Iskeai or mystery thriller I have no clue, they’re genres I don’t go out of my way to watch.  I think this is biggest thing that gets people later on and observing now as just plain old clever.



4. Atmosphere Matters


One of your favourite characters die and there is no atmosphere after effect, that’s the worst. This is essentially vital to me for romance, mecha and thriller series. When someone’s heart is about to be broken, I NEED the somber, gut punch backing. Epic space battle is about to commence, I NEED electric guitar of intensity to create. When scary is around the corner, I NEED eery, strings of haunting. Ghost Hunt, Aldnoah Zero and every romance I’ve watched has set these standard now. Your Lie In April is a good example of a perfectly atmospheric series that pulls the heart strings but I didn’t shed a single tear till the end. I’ll exclude fact others spoiled my experience with this series but even then the sorrowful air surrounding this drama was hard for me to feel out. I think when it comes to atmosphere it either clicks with you or knows when to pull out the stops.



3. There Isn’t Much Horror 



I’ve spoken before horror is not something I go out of my way to watch. But anime seems to be the weird exception with combining different genres. The concept use of horror is massively misused in anime, as to what consider is actual horror? that term to me means  mass gore, suspense factor, twists your stomach. I’ve yet to watch some popular favourites like Parasyte, Ajin, but of all I’ve watched Elfen Lied and Another have been only ones I’d consider even horror. You know proper stomach turners. When They Cry is a mass favourite, I still plan to see, just from trailer I can consider that proper horror. Horror genre is lacking for me in choice of what you can actually call horror from what is listed on any anime list site. Chucking Guyver under horror doesn’t make sense to me, when it’s purely Sci-fi, Action. Horror manga is totally different story, plenty of choice but anime it’s lacking, hope to discover some uncovered for this year, as the subject is not thoroughly looked into.



2. Serious Romance

My patient of high school romance I feel has subsided over past couple of years. In manga seems to be the exception but if it gets ridiculous with illogical misunderstandings, I’m not afraid to drop. At my age bracket now we are craving the intoxicating kisses, balancing life around time for love, we need SERIOUS!. I don’t mean it has to be all adult here but in PG form has proven to me in measure. Tsukigakirei a middle school romance widened my eyes with surprise, the innocence of your first love in a well-handled manner. Romance can keep it’s usual troupes of love triangles, but lessen the misunderstandings game, the odd one is okay. Sadly never utilised well. Romance anime has proven to me over years it’s growing expansion of bringing the serious in all age brackets. My hope for this is high for the future.



1.  Slice Of Life Is Vast 


Amanchu is a very special series to me it proved that Slice Of Life is more than of mundane life. Diving into different directions you didn’t think it could. There is a true theme on matter Slice Of Life anime are uplifting for the souls. I believed this till discovering the genre can attach itself to series like The Ancient Magus Bride, Bunny Girl Senpai. Two different avenues here, supernatural and rom com elements. Slice Of Life has a minor presence in these particular shows. You can attach this genre as addition easily and works for you how you want. I think out of every genre, its the most amazing of what it can offer to give stand out factor.



This idea had been pondering in my mind since start of the year, finally got around to writing about. I’d love to hear what are some things you notice more in anime? Ever since I starting blogging is when a lot of factors were becoming more noticeable and that’s weird haha.

Let’s have a discussion below!

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



  1. I think my favorite “oh shit” opening moment was watching the OPs of Mob Psycho 100. Without spoiling it, the first opening foreshadows a plot twist that doesn’t actually happen until the end of the anime. But the animation is so wild and psychedelic that you don’t even notice it until the twist happens and then you’re like “oh, it was there right in front of my face this whole time!” Brilliant stuff.

    I would love to see more horror in anime. I really love The Promised Neverland but most of the scariest stuff in that series is still only in the manga.

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  2. In regards to #2, oh come on. Don’t you yearn for those days when you’d watch hundreds of episodes of a show with a romantic pairing that don’t even bother hiding that they’re romantically interested in each other but deny it at every turn and either only kiss at the very last episode or never kiss at all and leave it for an off-screen future special moment?
    *eye twitch*

    And as a horror lover, yeah, I find myself disappointed at the lack of true blue horror too. It’s a shame because given the vast creativity and freedom of anime and manga, you’d think it’d be a treasure trove of horror, but nope. 😦

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  3. Things I have noticed include some weird things.
    In anime we seem to care way more for secondary characters compared to the main persson.
    If we Watch “The Flash” or “Spider man” we tend to talk about Barry Allan or Peter Parker.
    When we talk about Sword Art, we talk more about Asuna, in Tengen Toppa we talk more about Kamina or Yoko, in Kill la Kill I end up talking more about Nui and Mako as Ryuko and in when talking Bleach I always talked about the captains and not Ichigo. Only in Romance do I tend to actually spotlight the protagonist.

    I also noticed how romance tends to have a bit of a flawed tension arc in general… mostly because of their youthful ignorance. A viewer knows the characters will already end up together.. but due to some high school drama they can really make the plot drag on. I would love to see a woman trying to combine her career and love live.. rather than everyone struggling with the foundations of romance. “Am I allowed to ever fall in love?” is the mindset of most, I would love to see a person who dated before just pursue her love.

    Another thing I noticed is how “plot armor ” is so much less a thing in Anime than in Western Media. Like I said before manga and anime I feel like are written as stories the writer thinks that are cool. Western Media is written for a test audience. The more Anime I watch the more I think that statement rings true. Anime is much more a splinter thing.. with subgenres for every little niche and these shows also make it clear from the offset what type of show they will be. The more I watch anime the more I notice how it feels different in how it’s handle ..compared to western media.

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