Love Makes Aquarion Go Round~!



Not all mecha is Gundam, “oh why so serious” vibe that doesn’t mesh with lot of people. Mecha actually can be funny and slightly stupid?



For years my answer to what is my favourite romance/mecha anime has been Vision Of Escaflowne. I was always convinced nothing else could encompass the perfection balance of mecha and romance to my liking. Then. . . along came a franchise displaying the human connection, power and love in a ridiculous light. Aquarion I’ve been meaning to give some recognition on this blog for too long, has stay sunken in the vast river of unspoken series.



12,000 Year Love


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Aquarion franchise consists of three series Genesis Of Aquarion, Aquarion Evol and Aquarion Logos. Sadly Aquarion Logos made in celebration of 10 years anniversary I can’t acknowledge, it was a gigantic flop for me but maybe one day I’ll give it another go. All that is applicable here is are first two series, surrounding on a twelve thousand year love between Apollonius and Seliane. Beings known as shadow angels come to invade earth and use humans as fodder to energise tree of life, Apollonius a shadow angel turns on his own kind after falling in love with a human warrior Seliane. The two are separated and disperse into the stars vowing to meet once more. 

Now I made a Gundam Seed Destiny boo boo here. I watched Aquarion Evol first before knowing about Genesis, feeling the same confusion until last year or before seeing first series. My brain didn’t kick in “Hey research first would be good”? is this going to be a constant mistake from me?. Genesis of Aquarion takes place years later where a organisation DEAVA fights against the shadow angels and harvest beasts who pick off humans one by one. DEAVA’s weapon known as Aquarion whom Apollonius created for the humans to fight off the shadow angels. Piloted by elements – people with a special ability. 

One thing that concerned me with the series. Seliane and Apollonius are reincarnated twice over in Evol and Genesis, I thought we’re seeing the same story over and over. Genesis the two are reincarnated as Apollo and Silvia, both don’t get along but slowly the past catches up and their love blooms. Apollo and Silvia stuck to the book from their reincarnates love as this series was about reuniting after along. It was sweet but Apollo and Silvia just served as vessels and I didn’t care for their characters in the end. Genesis wasn’t unenjoyable, it’s a beautiful love story that expands into different avenues. It’s good to start from the beginning for this franchise.



Evol is my favourite from the franchise. Apollonius and Seilane love we’re mentioned as reference than centre focus. The reincarnations Amato and Mikono growing bond wasn’t binded by the past entirely and allowing their characters to flourish. Evol’s existence was fitting to break away from the past and everyone make their own future. 



Love Battle and Sexuality 

Goku powerful lol

The fun and silly in Aquarion comes from the battles, the element pilots who are just teenagers having raging hormones. Unlike other mecha’s entirely Aquarion responds to the pilots emotions. It’s only when three pilots unite they activate Aquarion (made up of three vector ships). The coming of together of Aquarion is hilarious, transformation scene of pilots naked in overwhelming ecstasy of circulating feelings. Oh fan service alert. . . hardly if I let every little naked part effect my enjoyment, I would be hating more shows. I think it’s funny and cracks me up every time along with Aquarion attacks, three pilots yelling a made up attack name alongside. Like your six year old doing goku’s kamahama wave.

Aquarion is about over-the-top and anchors this to the fullest extent. Evol does this best and every rewatch is enjoyable as the first. The series at same time doesn’t forget the characters individual personal struggles, honing focus in particular episodes. During these moments, life lessons are attached melding into the shows focus of human connection and love. The life lesson part is told in riddles by Commander of DEAVA Gen Fudo, an eccentric dude, no-one ever understands his lingo but an amusing presence throughout.

Aquarion is all about that love, what is without a love triangle. Antagonist Toma once Apollonius partner then came along Ceilane. Toma is like the ex that will never get over you, he goes into a state of dormancy knowing his love will be reincarnated. Toma makes an appearance in both Genesis and Evol, his character is a nuisance but all Toma did was for Apollonius. Toma was devoted but possessiveness took over sadly. Toma’s sexuality isn’t defined fully but I think was left undecided. In Evol sexuality theme is used in an almost controversial sense, I’ve never been sure how people would feel about it. But how that closures itself is satisfying to me.






Aquarion franchise has fun with the idea of love in a laughable manner that works for it. It never takes itself seriously most of the time and filled with me all the warmth every time I think of or revisit it. If there was any mecha to give a go highly recommend this series. 


Hope you learned something different on the side of mecha here and may give my beloved romance/mecha favourite a go!!

I’ll see you all for more mecha !! 



  1. You already know I couldn’t find love with Logos either, but I really do like this ridiculous, fun, and horny series. I’ve been thinking about rewatching it for a little bit. šŸ˜

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    1. Were on the same page with logos that mess of a show. I wanted to rewatch evol after writing this but I held myself back as Iā€™m watching other things I want to write about. Lol


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