It’s Set Off Time Heh



Ahh my Hiatus was not put to waste in preparing for a March event, things are about to take off with full throttle heh.


long time no see, before you ask I had a very nice hiatus but it didn’t mean things weren’t happening in my laboratory. It’s announcement time isn’t it?

Why yes it is my dears hehe

March is going to be focused month, I participated in an event last March, that didn’t go as well as hoping it would. Stacking your plans up too high just backfires on me all the time but not the case this time. If you’ve been around here on the blog long enough. You know? Romance is my ultimate jam but another genre alongside gets me as much. It’s loud, an adrenaline rush and riveting: 

Big bad robots


mecha march


This event is making a return and I’m all prepared. What is Mecha March? a whole month of mecha focused content and started with my good buddy Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews check out what he has in store for this event here. Only me and Scott are doing this event far as I know. Makes all the more interesting from a female and male perspective. My own posts will be random and sporadic throughout the month, I’m excited for this exposing what else this genre has to offer.

I will also have non – mecha posts spread out as well because my writing flow went many random ways during hiatus. Lol


Share and spread this !!! The fun all starts tomorrow !!

Hope your looking forward to this and I’ll see you in the next post!!



  1. Welcome back Lita!! ✨ This is exciting! I have not read or watched anything mech related so I am excited to see what you talk about in the coming month and if it pushes me to try something new. 😊

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    1. Thankyou Nat!! Well I hope maybe I pick your interest. It’s a hard genre of where to start with even I have not explored everything yet myself πŸ˜€


  2. Awesome! I just came across your blog but I’m excited to participate in Mecha March as well. I linked a Promare post already to Scott, and answered the first question. it looked like lots of others are joining in too! It’s really exciting!

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