Anime Community Usuals That’s Just. . . Tiresome!


Have your eyes lit up to the title of this discussion? Haha. I was just feeling to write about this and that’s all.

You can take all of this as humour purely. No community is perfect and while I love my anime community, it’s got downfalls. I’ve spoken before similarly about community how are we setting a good example, you can read here if you wish. There are those like me over the years of being apart of this fandom, to steer clear of the heated discussions where a volcano is about to erupt online and in real life. I’ve considered myself a mouse that noses in and out of the chaos but there ears are pricked up to the smell of delicious gooey cheese goss. Remaining silent of their own thoughts.

This point in my life why should I give a damn about the constant usual on-goings of anime community? You should close the door and enwrap yourself in your own passions and ignore displayed stupidity. While I keep to myself most of the time there are things about this community , that are still popular from my early days. The relit flame to the torch that burns with a vengeance and being a complete kill joy for others.


Gate Keeping What? 


Going to use Ibara this whole post. Wholesome passionate gem!

Gatekeeping is the worst terminology I’ve ever heard, just what the hell. Of the now has become the “new talk of the town” in this generation. Least important issue back in my early days, sub Vs dub was a major dominant but ha, will get to that beauty.

“Your not an anime fan because you don’t collect it”

“Your not an anime fan because you haven’t seen one piece”

Should I go on? because the scroll is decades long full of minor, petty woes like this.

Whether the internet or real life, there are those entitled person so and so’s who thrive on arrogance and domination to look the better. I recently listened to my first audio book Mark Manson, The subtle art of not giving a F*** and he talked about entitlement in life. How people want to feel superior, special, thinking they have a crown on their head 27/4. Their worth in this community should hold an infinite presence, to influence and educate anyone old or new to the space of how things roll here. The worst kind of discrimination to damage a community full stop.

The high horse saddle is going to throw you off for good sooner or later, thriving off instant discrimination to petty complaints, YOU ARE going to get tired of. Anyone who wants to try shutting the gate on me now, I’m a blast them with lightning so fast before they knew what hit them. You think by gatekeeping, you have right to control people’s rights by crushing it with a snarly remark. Some of us are harder than steel to take that, you’ll have to try a laser beam instead.


People who gate keep are just as Mark Manson’s describes in his book average entitled individual. They are no god or king who reads your rights for you, on something you love. They are just adding more dents into this labelled “toxic community” as it is. When I hear the word gate keeping now all I picture is slapping all those entitled ones with Kaname’s massive paper fan.


Sub Vs Dub Still A Thing?!?



The Sub Vs Dub has been a never ending limbo dance for long as I’ve been a fan. What was so early 2000’s buzz is now a beat up old shoe of 2020. It’s always been STUPID. Whole damn idea of why people care over a personal preference and turn it into spotlight of delight for others , Twisted CRAP. I’ve always been a lover of both sub and dub, particular shows I love to watch in either way. Full Metal Panic dub has been a long time favourite, Haikyu subbed all the way because the dub didn’t jam to my tastes.

What do you get off of slandering people’s audio choices, FREAKING PERSONAL CHOICE. If the peanut butter doesn’t go with your jelly then spread on something that syncs with it. No-one needs your subjective opinion lingo, don’t need your negative germs. Respect is the lacker in this community PEROID and you just sink to the bottom of low if you can’t major a humane trait, the dumpster is over there. 



The Next “Drama” 


Drama is everywhere *does a hand motion across my face*. You can’t escape it, you try to ignore it, not get involved but it cant help irk you even a little. The anime community I like to think is special from other nerd spaces were celebrating and screaming our love of anime. Celebrating an art form that is unlike any other medium doing this through social media, blogs, youtube however you express that.

What irks me most people choose to spend their energy diving into hades hell and drown themselves in the latest. That.Is.Right. It’s an infectious disease that spreads, wide ears prick up, that irresistible lure to know. Who was talking about who in a video, why Kodansha Comics isn’t giving us the shojo prints, if you know what I’m talking about here then hahahaha. That was a wild storm. Its playground scenario of school kids wanting to be in cool scene and corrective. When you’ve just made a video talking about how someone ignited the gasoline of your favourite show why they didn’t like it, then ranting in a rage why they are wrong or trashing on a content creator. You could have been using that productive essence to talk about something you ‘ACTUALLY” love.

What is all that time accomplishing? absolutely bat crap all. You should never take senseless negative foul lingo from anyone as the internet never likes to be nice at times. People will come to something’s defensive and I respect that, I did it for ghost hunt because of Glass Reflection (youtuber) video. Did my best counterpoint I could, least doing in a civil manner. No community knows the meaning of the word civil sadly, one slip of the tongue you don’t like someone else’s show, Elsa will come freeze me over till I feel nothing. 

When I see in the case of creators, trashing on others and what they are doing, turns into an automatic put off for me now. I don’t want to follow people who talk drama that has nothing to do with them in social others circles, youtube is the worst of it all. Makes me feel sorry for the anime and manga that could be getting the attention but the toxic environment of youtube eradicates people’s beginning intentions, it’s sad.

Next time people wanna trash on someone or a drama that has nothing to do with them, they should think about what need is there? is it any good for my mental health? can I be talking or working on something that is individually meaningful? The answer should be logically obvious.



Okay were done here haha


As you can tell there was some stuff I kinda wanna to get off my chest. It was a subject I had never planned to give my two cents on but stuff it. I have to thank Ibara for giving me confidence to write this because one scene in Hyouka coming to the defence of manga as an art form just inspired me, ripper of a scene.

Feel free to leave thoughts if you wish but I don’t expect many might as I don’t know how people will take all this.

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



  1. Those things needed to be said an thank you. I can’t believe the sub/dub debate is still a thing. I remember that debate during my high school years and that needs to stop. It’s insane with how entitled and hypocritical fans can be.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s nothing new I mentioned here but everyone’s opinion is different on the topic. I’m just adding to the masses but glad you enjoyed the read regardless it was a vent session for me haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gotcha, and that’s fine. Trust me, I’ve had multiple vent sessions on different blogs. Come to think of it, 2019 had multiple prominent ones for me and most most viewed post last year was a huge rant post I did about a very certain movie with racist undertones and ripped off most of it’s characters from an anime. It was still good checking out your opinions as I felt similar things.


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