Physical And Lingering Anticipation

manga. . anime. . .manga. . . anime


Oo am I touching upon that topic of collecting physical and digital in anime after so long?

I’ve been collecting anime for a decade at a slow rate and in complete satisfaction with how my collection currently looks. Forever and foremost, I am a physical person forever, I like to feel my anime favourites in my bear hands, though if they have a home release. The tug of physical and digital discussed among the anime masses comes up more times than I remember back in the day. Personal preference on all levels here no matter how much you discuss what is better, there will be no winner. Just like that uh. . . sub vs dub charade, haha.

Talking from manga perspective here, after a discussion last week with a fellow blogger buddy Naja about physical vs digital particularly with long running series like Haikyu. We both love the series dearly and most collectors evade the deep pocket of 30 + volumes and hands up for digital option over. You cannot condone anyone for picking this option, digital is cheaper, all the space collector could need, take anywhere. I have never been able to get past factor my precious dollars are going to digital data and can’t seem to be okay with that. Massive digital manga drawback is licensing issues like with streaming services, one day they might be gone. Despite how I feel I’ll spend that money for a digital series I’m too curious to pass up, digital manga is a double edge sword to me now.


I really want to see this series now because of this. ACCURATE!




Longing Sweet Agony

Shonen Jump app highly recommend you get if you’re not someone who wants 30 + volumes taking up shelf space. One of the best places to read manga for a measly $2 a month. I mentioned this point to Naja but expressed her physical love especially for manga. The sheer longing salivating wait for your next manga volume come through the mail, pouncing on it like it’s Christmas every day.

You can’t replace that feeling. 

I buy a digital volume of manga:


How I feel on the inside, every time


Then on top we have the frustration digital is the only way to read said series because there is no western publication. One of these cycles that MAJORLY sucks. But feeling the crinkles of paper run through my fingertips from turning every page, my inner bookwork squeaks every time. Sure, we have Haikyu 30 + volume series at my digital fingertips, cushion myself on the couch and forget the world. The way of convenient has escalated to immeasurable heights and consumption levels, reminding the important thrill collecting gives. Embracing every part of a story especially manga, it’s more than something readable. Manga is artwork both in art style and writing.

Longer running series collectors don’t want to invest in no matter how big the love for it most iconic reasons: “I don’t have enough shelf space”. I’m not denying this true factor for this was a standard for me up until two years ago. I’d remained undecided whether to read through the app or collect manga, But you’re inner collector speaks to you. If the love is strong enough “shelf space” issue won’t stand in your way. Haikyu manga I’ve meant to read for a long ass time and an experience I want to take my time with. So who’s collecting Haikyu whole series now? This girl.

Collecting per volume with gradual pace makes the ecstasy of thrill draw out that much longer.



Hope you enjoyed my own inner battle discussion why physical is me and the shelf space excuse is not my thing anymore. That was so interesting right? 

How do you feel about collecting longer running series and do you enjoy that longing anticipation like it’s Christmas? 

I’ll see you all in the next post!!





12 thoughts on “Physical And Lingering Anticipation

  1. I recently just started my collection, and I’ve only managed to fit just a tiny part of my shelf but even that makes me feel really proud for some reason. But they’re just for collection purposes, so I’ve only got the first volumes of some of my favourite shows. The goal is a whole bookshelf for now 😛

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  2. The struggle is real! I also prefer to collect physical manga and anime when I can but I agree that this policy can make it hard to jump into long running series. I’ve been interested in trying out the Haikyu manga but confess that the 30+ volume count has been putting me off. Digital definitely has it’s advantages.

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    1. I think that’s what I’m slightly worried about most, once I start this journey of collecting manga. The long runners. And the cost. And where the heck I’d even put them. I’ve seen so many cool displays though. I’ve definitely been trying to weigh my options.

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    2. Me too, I’m still very attached to the world of tactile things, yeah

      I recently got the steelbook edition of ‘The Big O’ and it’s a beautiful item in every way, super happy with it despite shrinking shelf-space 😀

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    3. Digital does have it’s advantages I’m currently not collecting any digital manga atm but one I will it seems is red river. such a classic and beeb on my list for years. well Haikyu will be a slow collect ill be looking on second hand sites if anything pops up but I love those crazy volley balls that 30 + volumes I know I’ll relive whenever I can!!

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  3. I do not collect physical anime or manga (but I want to start with manga eventually) this is actually a battle I’ve had with myself but just in regards to books overall. I remember in high school, I preferred paperback books because I’m an emotional reader (and few times than not my mom would rush into my room after hearing a loud thunk because I threw a book.) I started college and dorm life forced me to switch over to ebooks. Which is very convenient but I don’t like it all too much. If I throw my phone it’s a wrap. But I just love having all my books with me. I do use the Shonen app to read manga, but I just remember reading TPN and really fighting the urge to not break my laptop (it was such a roller coaster I was hella excited.) I wanted to get into collecting physical manga this year, but I knew I’d have to worry about where I’d place it. Thankfully I no longer live in dorms though! And then there’s always the cost to take into consideration….so sometimes digital is a good route. But do I want the best of both worlds? Yes. Yes I do.

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    1. Physcial you collect the ones you know you’ll come back too everything in my small collection atm I know I’ll come back too. I’m currently not collecting any digital atm but I like to buy first volumes of new series that doesn’t hurt. Digital manga is good for that as well as many advantages. but I say we have one life and get all the books !!!

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  4. I definitely have a space problem, but I’ll never stop preferring physical to digital. But with SJ being so cheap, makes you not want to invest in those series since it’s nearly impossible to get a volume for just $2, let alone an entire digital library.

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