2020 Is My Manga Prime !!

My manga year hehe

I see you there manga friends waiting patiently for this post, I covered 2019 favourites now you want to know what I’m salivating for this year. Come read and find out !! 


I made the feat of getting. . .


last month. Fellow people have had issues with the site, I’ve had one bad experience but my item was coming from US so it’s out of Amazon Australia hands. The issue was rectified quickly and even didn’t stop from subscribing. Primarily I got it for anime imports and manga. . . mostly the manga. Their wish lists options have made it so much easier to track what I want to get and especially for preorders. Trying to make that a thing now up until last year I’d never preordered anything.

True Time: Ya girl has preordered 2 things in her life.

2020 has some wicked releases I’m stoked for and that list could only grow really. Finally I’ll be diving into the light novel scene more because news to me last year, shoujo light novels are a things. . . *heavy breathing*. Light novels barely get covered by anyone in the anime community that I’ve seen expect a blog called English Light Novels, who do reviews there. Light novels will appear here on the blog so look out for those!. But:

Here are a few titles for 2020 I’m stoked for !! 



Released: April 21st 

Perfect World is number one I’m stoked for most, I read first volume digitally last year and was captivated. There aren’t many mangas I’ve read surrounding in disability and no wonder this was right up my ally. First volume astonished me tackling already hard realities from that perspective personally relating too in every sense possible. Announced last year it getting a physical release, just made the happiest, I CANNOT WAIT TO HAVE THIS IN MY COLLECTION!! the romance build up in volume was pure saturation oh my god. 





Released: March 17th 

This author I’ve not read in a long time. Kitchen Princess was my first introduction to Natsumi Ando and after reading Arisa became apparent  she has a gift with giving her romance stories a bit of edge. Her new title exudes the same aura probably more so. The cover is alluring and seductive and I’m here for it. Highly recommend checking out her older work Arisa, that hell of edge to it with some messy romance going on. Love this author !!





Released: March 10th

A Yaoi title that haven’t seen brought up at all but it sounds awkward, fun time. 30 year old Adachi who has power to read people’s minds and reading fellow coworker’s discovering has the hots for him, haha sounds good to me. Boys love titles hope to grow in my collection more and keen for this one !!






Released: March 10th

I have yet to do a post on the anime but Given was one of my favourite watches last year bringing much refreshment to the boys love genre itself. If no-one knew we’re getting both manga and movie this year . . . which is wild, but couldn’t be MORE EXCITED!! Just do yourself a favour next time you’re sick or feeling blue if you like this genre to give this a watch. Most sooth soul group of boys I’ve come across in this genre yet!!





Released: 28th January

Kodansha bringing the shoujo prints, this title was pretty popular I heard in discussions. Highschool girl comes to look after her grandmother and getting to know residents of her uncle’s boarding house, meeting Matsunaga san. Sensing age gap in this relationship but like that ever bothered me. Next to perfect world this has been second highly anticipated.







Released: 4th February

I have definitely heard no-one mention this boys love title upcoming from Tokyo Pop. Quite out there one guy is a boxer the other a book nut stuck in a paranormal universe with plant faced monsters. Haha most intrigued one for this year on my list but sounds whacky for sure.





Released: 1st February

Now you know how much of a Full Metal Panic fanatic I am. THIS RELEASE AHHH IS A “I need like now above the rest”. J-Novel club . . . bringing us this light novel series retranslated then to digital and NOW COLLECTOR EDITIONS PRINT!!. *Heavy Breathing*. 

Someone pinch me that this is not a DREAM!!! My babies will be on my shelf ahhhhh !!





Released: March 10th 

This is a highly anticipated one based on an ice skater who is a romantic otaku. It just so fun to not add to my list. This author is a first time for me as I’ve heard from other friends who like an older work Tramps Like Us. I’ve watched 2017 K drama You’re My Pet based on the manga, quirky titles indeed from this author. I’m excited for that quirk factor!!






Manga heaven is a wonderful place..


There you go a little peep into what I am looking forward this 2020 but as researching for upcoming releases this list may have gotten a tad bigger. . . heh. All of these are on my preorder list and planning to do first volume impressions of them all, so you’ll hear about this throughout the year. 

Do tell a girl if there is any should be on my list?

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



  1. Looks like we have pretty similar tastes in manga, as a lot of your picks are also on my to-buy list. Cherry Magic looks like it will be a hilarious BL title and I’m also really intrigued by Perfect World. 2020 is shaping up to be a great year for manga!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think we do have similar manga taste Ally can I call you that? seems only thing I can think of. Oo cherry magic is on your list ahh looks cute 🙂 2020 is looking rad manga wise. “Rad” who says that anymore LOL

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha ha, I still say rad sometimes and I think the upcoming 2020 manga fit that description.

        And you can go ahead and call me Ally, my brother actually calls me that. 🙂


  2. To be honest, I’m starting to grow a BL manga collection and I’m going to definitely buy Given and Classmates when I ger back to my bookstore. I’m so overjoyed that Scarlet Beriko’s stuff is getting printed too and I’m looking forward to buying Jealousy when it comes out in July.


    1. Classmates has gotten a lot of buzz and I might check it out but I’m not desperate atm. My boys love same is small and slowly growing now. Scarlet Beriko oooo love her stuff 🙂 *goes to look up Jealously* I think I need this jealously in my life right lol hehe

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The rose of versailles I own the anime haven’t watched it so I’m undecided if I wish to get this but I bought out of complusion because an ever-changing series for shoujo was going out of print. so if I like perhaps I’ll look at the anime but there is so much good manga coming out this year 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yep on Perfect World. Perfect World is terrific and I’m very interested in buying all the volumes in print!

    The only other manga I’m looking forward to reading is Hi Score Girl (satisfies that gaming itch for me!). I’m looking forward to reading Crest of the Stars and Kiki’s Delivery Service in Hardcover format for the novels list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t wait to own all the volumes 😃 of perfect world. Hi score girl? That’s the footy one right? Crest of stars I’m very familiar with and least need to see the anime. Tokyo pop released it I believe back in the day? I didn’t know Kiki was getting a hardcover 😆


      1. Hi Score Girl is the anime about games! Lots of 90’s games! Was great 🙂

        Tokyopop did, but of course I found out they released it well before I got into manga and light novels lol

        Liked by 1 person

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