A Selfish Jackass To Start The Year!


Lita thought Oh my to this title.

Wehee know how were going to start this new year with what could be better, BOYS LOVE and smexy is a word.



Author: Scarlet Beriko
One Shot 
Publisher: Sublime
Explicit Content: High

Manga sales in Australia practically nonexistent, anime DVD and bluray sure. But I got super lucky attending a convention in November there was a manga offer buy 1 and get one free. Boys love Jackass came on my radar from instagram months ago, fellow friend enjoyed this title a lot. So what do you do? Blind Buy. Boys love manga is the exception in my collecting won’t be afraid to dive in. Picking up one shots is an achievement for collectors like me, spend your money in one go. Jackass was worth the blind the buy it amused me greatly.


Boys love characters don’t know what it is about them but find them to not be one dimensional. Jackass protagonists Keisuke and Masayuki chemistry is damn amusing how their relationship evolves from a small incident. Changing for PE class Keisuke realises he’s wearing his sisters panty hose forgetting the detail, she told him sleeping in his Jersey night before. Masayuki is your rich boy with the comfort life and attracts the female eye dragging Keisuke to the infirmary before others see. There beauty is beheld sending Masayuki into a little frenzy.

A dumb but cute idea that Masayuki comes to have a pantyhose fetish, Keisuke womanly legs spark a unfound fetish and Masayuki can never get enough. The fetish idea reminded me of Kaede from Kiss Me At The Stroke Of Night manga, he has a butt fetish normal and harmless. Masayuki pantyhose fetish unlike a love for butts, I’d keep under wrap if it were me, butts and boobs are the “norm”. Masayuki slight persistent for Keisuke to wear the pantyhose pushes the pair friendship into new territory, feeling ways unknown to them. Neither are confident in the direction of their relationship which I loved despite Masayuki fetish coming to light, didn’t envelope the idea he likes men.

Masayuki comes to realise his feelings quickly but leaving some uncertainty there. Though can’t excuse Masayuki ‘jackass’ behaviour, knowing what he wants and do what it takes to get it. The term Jackass to me means plain old selfish, I liked Masayuki selfishness, done in a cute manner not a twisted one. Masayuki from the beginning is made known his strong attachment to Keisuke, the escalation with the fetish left arms wide open how strong the feelings grew. Masayuki and Keisuke relationship conclusion is one of my favourite ones I’ve read from a boys love in a long time. it’s so SWEET!! 

The intimate scenes were devine and beautifully smutty for my smut heart if you were seeking the next thing to know. Jackass amused me no end of times from Keisuke’s sister giving her two cents to Masayuki not keeping his needy hands away. This is a funny one shot but there are some foul terms mentioned which surprised me, I don’t like the terms themselves, so don’t think people might like that. Only thing I didn’t like about this series was the side couple, student and teacher relationship didn’t care for, both characters were childish personality wise for my liking.

Jackass fits the bill for it’s title, selfish jackass who likes his pantyhose. This is a smexy boys love one shot funny and satisfying. Glad to have it in my collection.



Scarlet Beriko next to Ten Count author is on my radar for favourites. I love her style in  stories, can’t wait to check out Fourth Generation Head: Tatsuyuki Oyamato, only other english publication.

Hope you all had an amazing xmas and new year!! 

I should get a pat on the back starting the new year with a manga review, haha. I have many plans for this year with the blog but I’m taking in small strides, ya know you get sick of quickly making mass plans.

Look forward to more manga and anime talk!

I’ll see you all in the next post!!



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