Lita Wishes You A Merry Holiday




December content I had a plan but we’re not rushing over here. Let’s leave all that in 2020 haha.


Spear of the moment decisions are the best. Like this one to tell you I’m utilising this holiday break while I can. There won’t be any new posts till after new year around 3rd ish. I was looking over at my anime to be watched shelf and thinking ” who wants that anime backlog in 2020″. Leading to this is perfect time to decrease it if only a little and do some blog prep I’ve not gotten to do yet. Plus as I’ve mentioned this time of year is always extra busy with birthdays for me, (3 of them to celebrate) having your birthday close to Christmas (22nd) isn’t all cracked up to be. People don’t know whether to get you one present or two haha.

If you missed my 2020 plans you can find that here. I wrote it super early in case this would happen and I’d forget to (which I forgot I wrote haha). What this new year means to me is mostly for the blog to just continue to grow and keep at it with it. It makes me happy currently still running it. All that matters right now terms what I want to do for myself. “New year, new me” that is chucked around every year has never had a strong standing with me. This year 2019 was a massive year of change compared to other years, SOOOOO many ups and down. Mostly biggest takeaway I learned was some self love over here.

Self love is the hardest to conquer for yourself and I’ve found some of that. That’s what I’m most proud of this year. I don’t have any goals expect the blog in mind for 2020 and to keep working on myself, my growing (Abs hehe) haha coz finally they are coming through lol.

Look forward to when I return some newly fresh, anime and manga thoughts with being able to say “hey that anime backlog has gone down”. A tad even LOL. 




Christmas and New Years is boiling would you expect less for Australia ahaha. 

I sincerely wish all blogger friends a freezing Christmas. . . Kidding lol. I love that saying I’m laughing as I write it every time. Hope your holidays are full of fun and chilled time and don’t over exert yourselves in those sales *gasp*. To all my owls team over at owls bloggers, it’s been another amazing year with you all, you are family to me and wish nothing but the best always for you all. Here’s too 2020 to us!!

Thankyou truly to those that still follow this crazy anime blog despite ups and downs of this year. I’ll keep the crazy coming. lol 

I’ll let one of my favourite artists of all time say the merry Xmas to you guys coz she knows how to put the soul into it!!

Have a merry time everyone and I shall see you in the brand new year !!! I’ll still semi-active on twitter and insta 🙂 

Lita is out to drink, drink, anime watch and party for now!!! Well. . . . it’s ma birthday on Sunday as a plus so I get extra drinks right?


See you next year!! 

2 thoughts on “Lita Wishes You A Merry Holiday

  1. My birthday is far enough from Christmas (early Nov) that it’s not a problem… It’s my brother’s birthday (2nd week of Dec) that’s the problem. Growing up, we never put the tree up until the weekend after his birthday. Even today, I can’t put a tree up until around then. (And I haven’t lived at home since the early 80’s!) This is always a bone of contention with my wife, who comes from a family that put the tree up on Black Friday.

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