Manga Collection TALK?!?


I’ve never done a manga collection update or haul nothing in all my 5 year blogging. That’s appalling but I can tell you things from now on and into 2020 will be changing for manga talk.

ugh oops haha.


I’ve talked in various posts throughout the year how I’ve gotten back into the manga scene after six years. Yeh. . . don’t remind me for that length of time people have already done so, haha. Before quitting youtube in September, following manga tubers reignited the passion and it’s stronger than ever, thanks to influential people – whom I’ve befriended now becoming friends. One of my mini goals for last two years was to get back into reading and finally feels fulfilled. I’ve discovered a lot in 2019, old and new favourites has made me excited going into future for reading.

For years nothing been but anime collecting but slowly this year my mini manga collection as grown a little. Believe ya girl was consuming a crazy amount of titles leaving me no time to add much to my shelves. Thanks to the library saving me my precious money and bi-weekly visits on the regular. It’s been a wonderful thing to get back into manga once again and feeling more passion towards it. I don’t feel bad there has been lack of manga content on here, when your feeling your way through something that’s been not apparent last few years. 2019 for reading has set me up for going into 2020 for the better.

Good old blogger buddy Taku has written up some collection posts recently which I suggest checking out. Reading what he has picked up just inspired me to share what I’ve added to my manga collection. Everything in this post is not all but just a few favourites, that are complete or are on-going.

Collection TALK TIME~~ !!




2020 I planned for comic talk to happen as I never grew up with them. 2019 first time exploring the world of comics and it’s been great getting to read something not manga and novels. One release I was beyond excited for that had to wait year for was a self contained story on Raven from Teen Titans. Two reason I had to have this 1. Teen Titans was my utter jam in my teen years and I still freaking love this show so much now. Finding out your babies are going to get
INDIVIDUAL comics like this just left me blank. 2. Artist Gabriel Picolo whose known for his Teen Titan fanart, was working with DC Comics and having hand in this project of stories. If you love Teen Titans you need to follow him !!

Getting my hands on this mid-year, ahh felt like a dream. Story focused on Raven Teen Titan wasn’t a surprise to me focusing on her complex and dangerous relationship with her father. Also about self discovery for Raven. The art was amazing having a thrown on paint feel and special pages like above Gabriel got to show off his stuff was so good. As a whole this is a great introduction for new generation and younger people to Raven’s character. Raven was spotlighted how strong and resilient she really is unlike in the TV series at times. Beast Boy is next up for next summer and I’M SO STOKED FOR THAT! But I want my Starfire, she’s everything to me.



Let’s get this out the way I’ve never read Sailor Moon Manga in its entirety. Ready for the gasping comments down below :O. I own first five volumes but right now I’m reading whole manga before xmas, borrowed rest volumes from library. During anime convention in July was an impulse buy Eternal Sailor Moon volume 2. The stall didn’t have volume 1 but I swiped up second one anyway. I’ve been stuck whether to complete my single volumes or get eternal edition for a while. I’ve decided to get both at a slow rate haha. I’ve loved Sailor Moon for over decade and owning double is worth it for me, these eternal editions are too hard to pass up. They are gorgeous editions, whether hard core or casual fan think will be a treasure in anyone’s collection.




Takane and Hana an age gap romance I picked up earlier this year, have been on the fence with all year if it was something I’d reread again. The thing love about this series is level of comedy evoked from main characters. Takane and Hana make me laugh barrels despite age gap, the two balance each other out perfectly. I’m currently reading volume 6 and like where the story is leading too, now I cant help want to continue to collect because I hear goes where I want to it. Want more thoughts? read here. 



A recent addition for little as $1 courtesy of a book sale at my library my clamp favourite Kobato. I’ve read manga and seen anime, just love this series so dearly for what it stands for about simple and little things in life. After buying this I want the whole collection now, and the anime. I want to rewatch or reread and do a piece on this next year because people need to know about this endearing and adorable series.



Another recent edition I preordered and ecstatic for because MAKI ENJOJI IS BACK!!. Maki only has SP Baby and Happy Marriage in english, Viz Media blessed us with another a josei, doctor romance. The expectation was beyond worth it as I loved this way more than thought I would. Maki giving us a male protagonist different in behaviour unlike her others and along with some minor differences. Can say with much assurance this is a great first introduction into her work for newcomers compared to her other two titles. Maki’s last male protagonist come off very harsh towards the main girl, many won’t like that, while show their kind side. Kairi male this time is less harsh but just enough to not hate him. I feel blessed enough to have another Josei romance so it’s a win here, you can read my first thoughts on this series here.



BOYS LOVE, I have been in a major zone for this genre past two months and it’s not subsided. Jackass is a one-shot I discovered through instagram and was guaranteed a saucy, teasing time. Let me say. . . oh this indeed was a good time, was laughing a fair amount to my shock for a one-shot. There is a lot to say about this one-shot, leaving quite the impact, I’d liked to address in upcoming post on. I’m a massive fan of this author, she knows her hotness factor among her couples, ahh this was a good one.!!



More boys love yay. I thoroughly enjoy this tame boys love, perfect for those that don’t like heavy explicit content and more relationship focus. Ahh the chemistry between males Onoe and Kaburagi is hysterical, opposite attract situation with the two. When the pair are put together as partners who work for a magazine company. This is currently an on-going title and have yet to get my hands on volume 3, fully intend to after Christmas. If you want good chemistry and a great laugh this boys love is for you, again I’d like to write a piece on this boys love, add to my endless pile.



Discovering series that aren’t brought up a lot if my favourite kind of talk ever. It’s been a while finding a good romantic comedy that is unlike the staple kind and I’VE FOUND ONE. Inuzaka and Persia are based from Romeo and Juliet but put in a school setting either are on different sides. Romeo confesses his love and pair start going out, the trial to get a few moments alone is a blast of a time. I cannot get this scene out of my head from the manga, full on blown confession that is overwhelming. It was such a warming, funny read for a romantic comedy. The series is more than 12 volumes and dying to see more cute moments of this pair as they get to know one another more.

I’m currently watching the anime on Amazon Prime, only 12 episodes but seeing the first episode and that confession, still left same funny impact. Anime came out in 2018 and NO-ONE MENTIONED IT AT ALL !! what the hell guys. Some of the comedy can be overkill at times but this is a good time for a romantic comedy. Can’t wait to collect the rest of the manga.



Best till last right? YESUM. Snow White With The Red Hair manga . . . when May came and this preorder made my year. It felt like a dream to be holding in my hand THE MANGA and cannot get enough of this adoring series. Cannot wait to see how long this series will run for manga form, currently own first two volumes need next two, I’ll be on the prowl after Christmas muahhh !!



Me thinking about my manga purchases after Christmas in sales.


2020 you’ll see more manga talk, I’ve gotta get some drafts a going with many things I wish to write about. I’ve got my list ready to go after Christmas for the sales, I’ve put off buying manga past 2 months so ya girl is ready. Next year hoping to spend that extra on manga, I’ve never gone over 5 volumes each month this year, patience there? more like I was consumed with reading so much to think of buying. But preorders I need to do more often !!

Manga collection update complete for now and hoping to keep on the regular! Have you had any new manga babes come into your own? ooo do tell me!!

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 




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