It’s A Ho Ho Post – A – Rama!!


Just hear those blogging bells chime for a merry post – a – rama and it’s FRIDAY!!


Your going to be seeing Asuka a lot more here on the blog. Oh dear..


OLD and NEW to the Kino corner every end of month up until June. Lita was consistent with a monthly round up of blog posts. Till I feel off the bandwagon but it’s what happens as any blogger should know. Youtube this past year has taken up my creator time and this blog has seen little love from me, that’s because. . .  I got swallowed up in the manga side of things again. Since dropping youtube ahh it’s been so good to raise this blog up from the dead.

Now it’s December . . . ( I’ve said this about every month that has just crept up behind but 2019 is just vodoo for this year in particular)

The first time I scrolled through my blogger reader properly in a while, noticed how many bloggers are no longer around made me a little sad. Always suck when you’ve been following bloggers for a long time and they just disappear but that’s life. I’m thankful for those that are still around and with all the new faces in the community. It emphasises the fact for me how important it is to support the new faces within the blogger scene and show how positive, supportive out of any community I’ve been apart of.

So. . . the community I feel needed a boost and if you are behind on your blog post reading or discovering someone new. This post will have you covered.



Ho Ho Post – A – Rama



You like Geeky things? you haven’t checked out Megan from Geeky Gal. I’ve been following her since this year and I LOVE what this girl is about and she wears the word ‘Geek’ proudly on her sleeve. Megan is advocate on mental health and her post on how us bloggers will compare ourselves to others we look up to or are in a successful place we wish to be – a fantastic post. Giving 5 refreshing view points on how what you’re doing is not a failure, each to their own. Check out her post here and rest of her amazing blog!! 



Fandom talk? You’re going to want to check out Fan Of A Certain Age. Another new blog I started following this year and they have cool variety on their own take when it comes to fandoms from anime to books. Fandoms I get tired of the same old rubbish of drama and it’s get tiresome, Fan Of A Certain Age wrote a five pointer post on what they wish fans online knew. Expressing common sense points that fandoms are about fun, not every argument is a challenge. Most thorough post on how I feel about all the drama in fandoms is beyond trivial and what matters in a fandom. Check out their awesome post here!



Rainy days make us want to huddle up and do fudge all right? Next time you’re going to sit down to decide what anime you might watch check out Mashi’s list. Mashi is new to the blogging scene and I love their array in posts, similar to my own style. Mashi recommends seven anime that is guarantee to be a perfect watch on your next rainy fudge all day. Mashi choices are vary from anime shorts to comedy, great variety. Check out miss Mashi rainy post here!! 



You like mecha? looking for your next watch? You should check out Michel from Raistlin post on scifi, mecha series Schwarzes Marken. Michel has just made a return to blogging and he covers from every fandom possible, plenty of reading to be had there. I reviewed this Schwarzes Marken this year as part of mecha march and enjoyed this hidden gem. Michel reinstates in his review what a trippy ride this series is and german backstory thrill factor. Check out Michel’s review right here!!  




You like harmless yuri comedy? You should check out Anime Rants posts on reasons they love the series Yuri Yuri. Mononoke I enjoy their site a lot because their rants are always entertaining, reading this piece on Yuri Yuri has convinced me to give this comedy a go. Cute girls doing cute things are not things I normally watch a lot but maybe that will change. Check out Anime Rants reasons list here !! 



You like personal pieces? I do too they always get an immediate read from me like Blackatron from Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers. This a group ran anime site covering seasonal and offering varied content, they do some awesome work here. Blackatron writes a personal piece about becoming you’re best self relating to shonen protagonists. I can relate that going to gym makes me always feel better, letting all the negative I’m feeling fade. This was a sweet post you can check it out here !! 



Lists are always the easiest to write in my opinion. One blogger who writes fun lists and every post is a fun time is Irina from I Drink And Watch Anime. You’ll find non alike blogger like Irina, she has made waves in the blogging community and become a regular face. I love lists like this one she comes up with the silly things she loves about anime, Irina’s content is so organic is what I most appreciate about her blog and herself. Check out her blog and silly list right here !! 


You like Otome? You’re going to want to follow Naja over at the BlerdyOtome. Recently changing up her blog to become otome dedicated. Naja is one of my long time blogger friends and every post is beyond in depth no matter what. I’m not hugely into Otome, I’ve barely ventured far but this list Naja wrote on best otome games to play in english is so yourself for people like me. Naja’s blog is perfect for you otome lovers and this list perfect for newcomers to the fandom. Check out here!! 




In the craft of hobbies like blogging were always seeks to improve. I have a helpful post here from Alllison over at BloomReviews. She gives on tips on a topic that I’ve not seen covered how to improve yourself when reviewing comics. I have only just started reading proper comics this year so this read through was a massive help for me. It would be nice to see more posts like this covering comics. Definitely check out Alllison blog if you’re a lover of all things romance!! Check out her comics tips post here!!



Environment talk is more important than ever for our earth these days. An interesting take on this blogger Rai from RaiAnime’sBlog. She discusses as fans, collectors of anime simple ways we can keep things environmentally friendly, from buying digital to being green when attending cons. People might think it’s silly the obvious pointers Rai has placed in her list but from her perspective puts up a good argument. If you love yuri, cute things, in depth editorials Rai is a good spot to go visit! Check out her insightful post here!!


Sports anime is something I’m coming to love more and more. Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews covers a sports manga I read not long ago proving strongly in Cross Manage, equally is about the sports as about the characters. Scott describes the magic of this manga and profound impact for a short series it had upon him and myself as well. Series I highly recommend for new comers to the sports genre as perfect gateway, so check out Scott’s write up and if you like mecha things his blog can cater to that with all Scott’s knowledge he has at his disposal.


Sometimes you don’t want to read a long ass review right? Casper’s blog can help you out there over at Reasons To Anime with his bullet point posts either to skip or watch a series. Their purely Casper’s thoughts so don’t take it to heart in his skip posts, sometimes I have agreed and haven’t. Caspers’ 5 reasons to watch Gundam The 08th MS Team hit the nail on the head for why I ended up loving this short gundam. Check out this blog and post here for more. 



You like blogs with variety? Phoenix Talks Pop Culture Japan has plenty of that talking about Japanese music to anime. I love how much variety they have on their blog and something Phoenix is newly featuring more manga reviews like this Kendo club shojo title, not translated into english. But Phoenix takes the time to cover a title like this, haven’t seen other bloggers doing as of late. This was such an interesting read and if you enjoy reviews on Japanese only manga stick around over on their blog. Check out their review here 


Like light novels? The English Light Novel blog you should be checking out with the latest updates on all things light novels. It is my go to for all the information I need and enjoy their team’s write ups like Gee who covered a newly released Yuri title Sexiled.  Describing a fun comedic that dives into topic of sexism with bite, I love Gee’s writing style in how clear and descriptive she is and convinces me every read. Check out their blog and review here. 



Do you like to be influenced in the best or worst possible way especially when it comes to your wallet? Manga enthusiast and youtuber MommaLuvsManga is one of the best to make you spend your money. . . especially when it comes to manga. She such a delight to have gotten to know over this past year and I have nothing but respect in the organic content she puts out. She started up a new blog and wrote up a fun list guide if you’re new to manga, check out her youtube, list and everything here!! 




You like simple and dedicated blogs? IWatchedanAnime is for you then. Filled with only their simple thoughts of anime they’ve watched or read, I love their format. A series they jam closely to I, Mix is a sequel to Misturu Adachi other baseball works. Mix fell under the radar this year and made me so happy to see someone covering this gem of a series. You know I’m all about those that fall under the radar so definitely check out their review on Mix and blog!! 



Ever read an anime review done in the most poetic way possible? You should be heading over to Taku from TakutoAnimeCafe, one of my first followers to my blog and long time friend. I don’t know anyone who can make a anime review sound so beautiful and poetic like he does. No end of reading his reviews has always made me want to watch a series. A recent piece on Gurren Lagaan a beloved anime favourite and why it is so awesome, Taku delivers on what makes this series tick. Just go check out his cafe, get a coffee and enjoiy browsing, oh check out this editorial piece here too.  




If I were to say a blogger who is like me in my approach to blogging and anime it would be Amelia from A Girl & Her Anime. She has such bubbly energy approach in her posts that I love and always have great blog ideas – every post is different. Amelia’s post on where to begin with long time popular Dragonball is one of the simpler breakdowns. Course you can google for yourself but sometimes we want a quick fix, Amelia’s can do that for you. Highly recommending checking out her other anime-filled content !! Check out her Dragonball z post here!! 


Comedy in anime I’ve never believed to be just about the laughs. Another blogger I just started following Space Whales Anime Blog writes an interesting breakdown on the topic. Describing there is a misunderstanding in the use of comedy, use of different variants. I’ve always believed there is more to comedy than just being remembered for hysterics. Check out their comedy read up here !! 



I see more anime talk than manga talk in blogs these days. I’ve had people get excited whenever I cover manga on my blog though has been limited for a long time. Becoming a more frequent reader this year I’ve discovered many manga enthusiasts like Alyssa at Al’s Manga Blog. Her blog has been inspiration to me to do more volume 1 impressions on my own blog and I enjoy reading her raw thoughts on newer titles. Alyssa is a friendly one to have a fun discussion with. Check out her review on new yuri release A Tropical Fish Yearns For Snow. This read up convinced me fully to buy first volume after sitting on the fence.



I love it when old faces return, Elizabeth and Dominic from The Little Anime Blog have returned to the blogging scene. They are a fantastic blogger duo bringing fun variety through their blog. Elizabeth I’ve always loved her anime essays and her latest one exploring the metaphor of water in anime is just gorgeous, how she describes the subject. How it is represented in anime and leaving profound impact in moments of emotional turmoil. Check out her water write up here and along with Elizabeth and Dominic’s Blog!!


2019 was the year that happened finally I got back into more regularly and it’s been so good. Because of this I’ve felt more gravitated checking out other book bloggers like Moon Kestrel from Moon Dreams blog covering all books. If you love comics this is a good blog to follow, Moon Kestrel short review on Black Canseaary new release was enough to like Alyssa want to buy this cute looking series. I don’t think comics like this aren’t covered enough which I’m hoping to do more on my blog going into 2020. So if you like a bit of variety check out this review and Moon’s Blog


Slice of life genre I think is a confusing one for people to get their head around. There are so many series exploring  ideas beyond of not based on “every day life”. One of the best round up reads I’ve read in a while comes from Jack at Animated Observations. He gives a short spill on three slice of life series that go beyond the every day and why they are worth your time. I love all this choices (I’m watching Pet Girl Sakura at the moment and it’s freaking hilarious) and might help you out to try a slice of life if you have not yet. Check out Jack’s slice of life post over here along with his blog!! 



If there was anyone I’d recommend to go to all things for seasonal it is Marth over at Marth’s Anime Blog. I’ve known him my whole time starting this blog and one of the most consistent seasonal bloggers I know. His blog is great to go back through past seasonal seasons which I have myself and discovering new series that missed my attention. I like when Martha steps away from seasonal talk and does short pieces like on Aria the Animation. I’ve always admired Martha honesty in his reviews and he’s someone I’m always wanting to know his thoughts on things. Definitely check out his seasonal stuff and blog here!!!! 



Lastly to close up this Post – A – Rama is from Simpleek and their write up on latest film of sequel Frozen 2. This blog I’ve always enjoyed their personal content and nicely round up spoiler free why this Disney’s sequel is as good maybe even better than the first. Definitely check out Simpleek review if you have been thinking about seeing it and rest of her blog!! 



Merry Moon Xmas!!


December is my favourite month but knows how to overwhelm you. This post had been in the work past two months but got put on the back burner. 2020 will see the proper return of post a rama but glad I had time to put together one for end of year. I wanted to give the blogging community bit of a boost for a while now as a few old blogger faces have left the scene now. Only encourages to want keep going with this blog even more.

Hope you have found someone new to follow and more posts to read as always!!

Look forward to some December feel good content I’ve got a few posts planned but whatever I fit in is whatever I fit in.

I’ll see you all in the next post!! Stay Merry and sane lol




  1. Thank you so much for the shout out, and the kind words, and sorry for the late response to this. I have had a really rough year, which is why I have been away from wordpress for quite a while. I’m trying to catch up on all the comments and links I have missed since I have been away.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and thank you again!:)

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