We All Want To Belong And Hello Boys Love Again!



I’m doing that thing. . . Remember in my plan forward for this blog that we watch, read and write. It’s happening and completely unplanned to watch a boys love as Hyouka has been my prime attention. Hyouka talk is coming and it’s December…. *shock face*



Blogger buddy Naja over at Blerdy Otome is whole reason we took a detour. It’s been a while since she’s been obsessed with a series since Haikyu. In a talk telling me she watched a boys love series ten times, Lita got curious. My last boys love anime watch was Given and that was pure wholesome, I talked about that series in podcast, you can check out here A Given post I’d like to do at some point but I’ll need to rewatch first. Naja’s anime tastes to mine are nearly aligned, this time she’s on the money.




Hitorijime My Hero short twelve episode series based off the manga by Memeco Ari follows Masashiro Setagawa who has no place to belong, a gopher for a gang, family is never there. He is saved by “Bear Killer” Kousuke Ooshiba who Masahiro’s best friend’s brother and teacher at his school. Kensuke is reunited with Asaya Hasekura after years and advances confuse Kensuke.

Looking this series on My Anime List and everywhere I love it’s under the label ‘Shounen -Ai” but? we have containing a teacher and student taboo?. A trait people don’t like in their yuri or yaoi series, So this series isn’t Shounen – Ai?. You can put all the labels you want but Boys Love, Yaoi, Shounen Ai are all the same, containing stories of relationships about men no matter pure or gritty. Hitorijime My Hero is so one of many that will trigger picky watchers who like yaoi genre that only go for wholesome, pure. The taboo of teacher and student present but I couldn’t help find the relationship of Masahiro and Kousuke unbelievably wholesome.

Masahiro and Kousuke face typical pressures in their relationship, being found out as Kousuke is much older, plus fact is Masashiro school teacher. Masahiro feels the pressure most and only builds after the pair get together, it’s a Hiroki and Nowaki (Junjo Romantica) situation. There is a split difference here through Masahiro’s character that made me latch towards his emptiness. Masahiro has officially become of my favourite purest male souls, it’s nothing new his detachment from home and numb void of life he’s settled with, forcing to fit to subside what’s on the inside. Starting school here in aussie took me a few jump arounds different groups to find my place, from popular to outcasts. I didn’t fit but eventually finding the nerdy crowd. Where I’ve remained since.

I called people who use to bully me friends to subside that alone feeling and it’s the worst thing you can do. Masahiro’s feelings struck with me on that level unlike other characters. Struggle stories of anime characters never fitting in always get me like Sawako from Kimi Ni Todoke, they get anyone. But Masahiro character relays the message of we don’t need a thousand to make us happy but just one person to be there, it’s enough in a wholesome fashion. Masahiro’s eventual pressure he feels in his relationship with Kousuke, I found understandable, strangely enough. When you find that place of belonging, the insecurity of fear takes over so quickly. Masahiro pulled back very fast as someone who’s never had that ‘place’ for themselves. Though others might take as unwanted pressure and not fair. I took from a different angle.

Toshiki Masuda who voices Kousuke gave such a passionate performance in his character, I loved every second listening to this dude’s voice. Especially in the final scenes pouring out how much Kousuke will lay on the line for Masahiro. Despite the pressure the of teacher and student relationship, it was undeniable to me, the pure affection one held for each other. Kousuke misleading actions don’t help, the series doesn’t stay away from this trait completely but not painting Kousuke in a bad manipulative. Which I loved the series was able to subtlety do.

Kousuke as individual is confident and can solve any problem he’s faced with making him appear arrogant. Masahiro breaks down this pretence barrier of Kousuke opening us up to being just as lost in these new-found feelings. Masahiro and Kousuke share the same traits, bottling up feelings and not listening their hearts, this connection trait makes work for the pair. It’s just so cute and why I found their relationship wholesome despite regular boys love traits used but not drowning us in it. Hitorijime My Hero gives fulfilling backing in it’s main duo relationship and why I ended loving it SO MUCH!!





The other couple I never cared about much Kensuke and Asaya relationship. Asaya is the full dominate and possessive type, might not click with you. Asaya never held back his true opinion, if asked an amusing trait that came up appropriately. Kensuke was a whining kinder gardener but his hyper energy was cute when the mood plummeted in the series. Hitorijime My Hero also surprised me with focusing on side characters in Masahiro’s group despite main duo being the primary, I appreciated that. Characterisation was strong in main duo and always seems to the case in every boys love I’ve ever watched, one of the reasons I keep coming back to this genre always.

Hitorijime My Hero can recommend as one of the tamer titles among yaoi for sure but it doesn’t entirely stay away from the usual traits. But the series gave wholesome backing for it’s characters relationship that surprised me mainly for Masahiro and Kousuke relationship.



I definitely want to listen to the ENGLISH DUB of this. Boys Love or Yuri getting any dub is a massive deal. Austin Tindle (Akagami No Shirayuki Hime as Obi) plays Masahiro and David Matranga (Masahito Date Btooom!)  plays Kousuke, Oh my god that’s going to be an interesting listen. Can I also mention opening theme “Heart Signal‘ sung by Kousuke Japanese actor Toshiki Masuda is so DAMN addicting. I had no idea the dude could sing!!!!! I can feel obsession with this song already it was just so cute.

So good one you got me to watch Naja and finally an anime that has made it onto my buy list. It’s BEEN SO LONG in watching a series where I’ve watched to buy it, you have no idea.

Hope you enjoy my thoughts on Hitorijime My Hero!! You can watch on HiDIVE or buy!!

December content is looking like anime and manga reviews or talk at least. Works out because that’s what has been lacking on this blog for 2019.

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 


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