I’m Becoming A Streamer Bum


I’m congratulating myself for joining the convenient bunch. No habits stay the same.



Sometimes you’re just not going to write something worth while, I’m having another of many times that will come. 

This past year it’s been a tad of a struggle to sit down pick something to watch, when is it not?, convenience of streaming services for us grubby anime fans. You’re welcome to laugh at the idea of this post about the struggle to pick something to watch, go by your mood, be smooth sailing always. . . they say but haha sometimes it’s not that simple in this day and age.

I ACTUALLY have times struggling to pick something to watch because THE CHOICES and AVAILABILITY are tad overwhelming to me these days. I’m from the era of slapping that DVD disc in, not pressing a console button and a whole library of anime appears before me.


Chihaya understands me

Just because I’ve been an anime collector for past nearly decade, I knew things wouldn’t stay the same. The option of streaming is viable if I really end up liking a series, to go buy it. My blind buys no more because you get sick of fritting your precious funds away. Don’t do it people but accept for manga, that is a hard resist to restrain myself, an on-going issue rest of my life probably haha. Currently the subscribed services I’m with: 

Anime Lab (Australia and New Zealand Only)
Disney + 

This is enough for me, Disney + hit aussie shores just last night and no way I was not getting. Anime Lab is my main favourite out of the list an aussie only service, plenty of dubbed anime as I love dub anime equally as subbed, there simulcast game has gone up a notch this year and great additional variation of old and newer titles to their growing catalogue. Crunchyroll I keep for seasonal and unknown title I’ve yet to get around too for the moment, all could change in how I feel since their partnership announcement with Webtoons, that’s massive!

Netflix I keep for the asian dramas, this year added quite the mass amount where the beginning, very scarce. Also for movies I’ve yet to get around to watching always convenient from this perspective. Disney + well I’ve been a Disney freak all my life so it’s a given plus they have National Geographic documentaries, a massive plus documentaries I’ve wanted to see for years particularly animal ones. Hm, having old 90s cartoons and throwbacks was just a bonus, I’m one happy Disney freak here.

Looking at the reasons I keep these services for, makes me content in why I have them. But. . . choosing what to watch makes things complicated.

It’s overwhelming to me.

Makes you wish in not having so many watching tastes, but then I wouldn’t be true to myself. How I go about it these days in focusing on just a series at a time whether it be a TV series or anime. I don’t like switching from watching different things because you easily miss stuff, I like giving my full attention to something then once completing, I feel satisfied to move onto another thing.

Out of my watching tastes most I struggle to pick to watch is anime. Earlier in October I had a anime clear out.


It was a mess my overflowing shelves and collecting manga again, I needed room. I parted with more than 10 series from the shelves and created at the bottom a TBW (to be watched) /rewatch pile. Mentally wise it’s been great creating this space, reorganising works true wonders on you mentally. Even to the point creating a TBW cup to make things more fun, every time I’ll do a small video on my twitter of my next picked random watch to keep you guys updated. Doing all this has helped with choosing what to watch, but especially organising my favourite rewatches and series. Those I know I can pick up whenever I feel the need or want too. 

Just because streaming services are the ultimate convenient doesn’t me the collector in me will slow down. Indefinite I’ll still be collecting the more shows I discover, watch and love to want for my own. I don’t want to rely on always for internet, been many times cutting out for a prolonged length of time, I’ve gave up and shoved my reliable disc. Nothing can beat that. This balance with streaming and having a collection has taken a long time to feel good about despite the issues of what to watch sometimes. The issue of series being removed due to licensing which Netflix loves to do is another solid reason, I’ll never stop collecting whether anime, movies etc. 



But mostly these days you can be find me on the streaming train. Ah well this post turned into a mess of ramble but you guys will get the point. It’s 42 degrees today in the aussie land (105F) all I can think to do is sit my fat ass on the coach and binge stuff, was the inspiration for this post. December I like the idea of nothing but watching and reading things, not to blog much. My mindset is leaning towards but that shows how lazy I feel at this moment in time.

Hope you enjoy the random discussion.!!


You can tell me below if you feel the same about watching things, do you sometimes struggle? Will you create a TBW mug like me? Are the choices of streaming services overwhelming or it comes easy to go just by mood?

Side note: I said my aim for this blog was two posts a week, this week is accomplishment to start off. My owls post will be out this Saturday, look forward to that!

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



  1. So I’ve been really wanting to buy some shows on DVD that I haven’t had a chance to pick up, like Samurai Flamenco or Honey and Clover, and they are straight up not available on disc in the states.

    Oh, streaming future! *shakes a fist at the sky* What have you wrought?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. If you have a chance, it’s definitely a show I recommend. I wish it was more popular, but it just never found the audience that it should have.


  2. Oh man, I agree with you on the burnout of all these streaming services. Given how much cash can be thrown at a service I cut myself down to just Hulu (being in Japan and all), and only because it has the currently airing shows I want to watch. So a little bit of motivation for me. I feel the fatigue though, sometimes I just can’t motivate myself to watch anything and then I’ll binge-watch a show in less then a week.

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  3. Yarhar, fiddle dee dee

    To be perfectly honest, I am a pirate. Japan is so awful about these streaming services that I can’t watch most of them conveniently. I support creators through buying physical merch because blu-rays are absurdly expensive.

    If it’s not on Netflix or Crunchyroll, I probably can’t watch it legally because I’m in a backwater country.

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  4. The thing that I do when I have unwatched discs is to make sure I give them a watch ASAP, just to see if there’s anything I have to be aware of (my Sailor Moon DVD, for instance, has an issue when I try to send it to the start of the currently playing part of the video). Even with only the free options (including Cowboy Bebop on disc at the library, which I still haven’t tried), there’s an awful lot of choice…

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