Start A Blog Than Youtube Psst. Trust Me On This.

Ya trust me right?


May have mentioned in an odd post, I’m no longer doing youtube and getting around to writing a post around this. But in a moreish positive sense. 



Pretty proud of myself for completing October Geek Out Challenge by Megan, it was fun, setting out what I wanted to achieve. *proud pose*

Feels good to be in the presence of my blog, since making the decision to stop making videos on youtube permanently in September, it’s been great. 2019 has been a year of great change for me in all aspects of my life, I’ve preached ‘I do too many things on the interwebs’ and due to a crazy, stressful month that was august, I felt ready after to drop youtube. I made a video of my leaving you don’t bother watching that haha. So it came down to feeling ready to move onto other things. Youtube was no longer a place for me to talk about things I love, anime and manga. Platform is too commercialised for my liking now and since then no longer watch much youtube anyway now.

This blog and podcast is what my full hobby focus is on as presently and has let me feel more chill in my approach towards the both. Blogging has always been number one for me and authenticity that has always appealed to me. I would never put down anyone to not do youtube if that is something they desire to try out, being on that platform for 7 years LONG time. Reached a point finally to let go of it, if you’re curious what it’s like running a blog and youtube can check out my post on that.  

Being completely honest here, a blog is not easier than youtube, they both have their pros and cons but as for what I prefer? a blog any day. I wanted to go over why starting up a blog is better than a youtube from my own experience and might help someone else if they are stuck between choosing the two platforms. This is an article for ages I’d put off writing, down to not the right timing, but feels right now.


Here are 3 simple tips to why you should give a blog a go!



Form Of Honesty 

One of the most disputed things if you do youtube is being ‘genuine’. These days people look for authenticity but it’s hard to come by for how huge youtube has grown over the years. Everything is slapped with too much commercialisation and about money, more than content. But you can’t put everyone in the pen there are genuine folks who take pride in what they put out.

I was scrutinised in my youtube time for being fake for how hyper, loud I was in my videos, but what you saw is how apart of me is in real life. That’s all there was to it. I was just here to talk about the anime and manga, No-one is forcing you to watch you’re videos, click off anytime haha. My approach in blogging or youtube never changed, but through writing a different side to you is exposed rather than talking to a camera. Over the time of blogging, you build up your’e style and saying before my own blog style is fun and humorous. Takes a while to find what makes you’re writing and blog different from the rest but as you slowly build up, only then you discover your voice.

Writing is the most free form of expression and creation and reading someone’s words that is enough to move you is an amazing thing. Having this blog has been not just fun but therapeutic for me, I’ll never understand how some people on youtube, can sit in front of their camera talking about such tragedy that has only happened not that long ago, sometimes it’s only been a day. They want to sit in front of a camera do that . .  . unreal. People express grief differently but that to me is why does the whole world need to know like NOW.

There is sincerity in reading someone’s words, there is more merit your words reaching someone rather than expressing that in a video. An undeniable factor. Great example I can give recently close blogger friend Taku wrote for a prompt a blogger that inspires him and he chose to write about little old me. While reading this endearing post, I kept thinking about what was going through his mind while writing this, the time he took to even bother to do something like that. Nothing can be more touching than that. 

In all my time blogging never once, I have been called ‘fake’ or anything, you let your words speak for you. What I’ve built in 4 years of running this blog is straight up raw and honest, for those that follow me know this. Unlike youtube, you got to look pretty for the camera, edit out all the mistakes, all for blogging you need a keyboard and your raw thoughts. 



Too many blogging platforms out there to choose from right? Google blogger (Gblogger) I ran my first blog end of 2014, it was fun at first but quickly realising, engagement was no existence. Looking into others blog on the platform. . . it was the same scenario. Then 2015 is when this blog was born making the move to wordpress. Researching over wordpress blogs beforehand that there was a consistence enough engagement level. Ahh this is where the fun part starts for a first time blogger at the beginning. My first few posts, the odd like but no comments, I quickly become disheartened fast which is the usual process. No wonder new bloggers leave so quickly but your girl was determined to make this work. 

Don’t think I’ve stressed enough about being more efficient, commenting and liking people’s blogs and posts. That is HOW I got to where I am today and with all I’ve come to know. Because without that, you’ll loose interest fast. There is a desire bloggers don’t describe at all: to not to want to blog for nothing. It’s shaped this way for me, from meeting other blogger and building my own readership. Becomes not just about self satisfaction somewhere down the way. Within my first six months, I was receiving the engagement I’d wanted to just talk about anime and since then has been a constant flow. 

WordPress in general is the best platform for engagement among other platforms, I put that down to how easy it is to search up in one topic and hundred bloggers come up. Speaking from the perspective of anime blogging scene, it’s an enjoyable space to be apart of unlike on youtube. Slowly over time my engagement was growing less and less down to the the constant people whom I knew watched my videos. This year it dropped considerably and another factor in why I stopped this hobby. I would hate to be one of those people with more than 50K subs let’s say, engagement would be massive and great. To me it would be headache because the more you grow, be impossible to engage with your followers.

I like being small and the anime blogging scene is a niche space. It’s perfect for me and much easier to maintain a constant engagement with the people who comment. There’s nothing wrong with being small to me it’s so much more manageable. Bloggers whom I know at 3000 followers, follower engagement is still manageable. So if you are not getting the engagement you want from youtube or want engagement, excellent to start up a wordpress blog. It will take some hard work from your end but you reap the rewards.


Challenges You 

Creating a video is equally challenging as writing a post if you don’t think so. The challenge coming up ideas constantly, keeping a level of consistency to name a couple. Coming up with new posts has never been an issue for me but consistency has been a trek. Even now I only have one on going segment and practically no schedule. But after blogging for so long I don’t feel the need to constantly challenge myself. Just this October I challenge myself to write for 30 days for a blog challenge, I made it through and are proud of this accomplishment. Don’t ever underestimate blog challenges time and energy required is taxing. . . so don’t ahaha.

How blogging has challenged me best is forming a good structure in my post and writing over all. I’m using words I’d never thought to use, using headlines to break down my points these little things I’ve picked up – have had profound impact on my style. This is from alone reading others posts and with every new post I’ve written. My grammar and spelling are fine enough for people to read my posts, I’m no english genius long as people can understand the point in your posts – that’s all that matters.

Blogging has grown my confidence to be more vocal and expressive. To not restrict my opinions for the fear of the backlash, you can’t please everyone. It’s challenge me to think this blog is on my terms, no-one else’s. Blogging has challenged me to think outside the box from other generic content, but that’s not always easy.

When once it was hard to find the words to start even a post in the beginning. Blogging has become second nature to me, the fingers and brains starting moving on their own.

If a be real here . .  .

Running a blog as a whole is a challenge WAYYY HARDER than a youtube channel EVER! 


Run a blog and youtube. .  be the death of creativity itself don’t do it. LOL


Hopefully you found this helpful in maybe give a blog a try, if you do let me know and I will gladly introduce you too some amazing folk from this blogging community if the nerd, geek space is your thing.

It seems through my choice of images for this post I have discovered a new anime to check out, this girl’s faces are so cute and FUNNY!!

I’ll see you all in the next one! 



  1. I like keeping my blog “raw and honest” too.

    But I find that the thinking required to write a blog clarifies my thoughts. After I’ve written a blog on something I feel much more competent about talking about it. I’m not much for stream-of-consciousness speaking. I honestly don’t know what I’m thinking until I’m forced to organize it.

    The main reason I don’t “vlog” is the technology and production effort. I’d have to write the script first, which is no easier than writing a blog. Then I’d have to get the production values where I wanted them or I couldn’t tolerate releasing it. And I’d want a partner who understood me and my oddities without passing judgment. That’ll never happen.

    Too much work for too little additional gain.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel more accomplished after writing my words out than whenever I did making a video to be honest. so I hear you on feeling having more pride in having a blog than a youtube channel. ๐Ÿ™‚ thankyou for sharing your thoughts. P.S Youtube is hard work for what I felt like was for nothing sometimes. ๐Ÿ˜›

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a fascinating post, I love the detail you went into about blogging vs YouTube. Iโ€™d been thinking how nice it would be to go for uploading on YouTube instead (in my case books rather than anime) but ended up feeling a little too weird about putting my face out there and such. Really feeling like thereโ€™s nothing to regret now and that I made the right choice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou so much glad you enjoyed my post !! It was topic I wanted offload on. I’m glad you feel there is nothing for you to regret in making continuing on with your blog. always about the words and blogger behind it, than having people look at your face ๐Ÿ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  3. As a person who has decided to blog my ideas on wordpress instead of talking about it on youtube. Your words are really reassuring. I think growing a nice little niche and authentic community is the best way to start out on any media related platform. Youtube is a platform where once some sort of algorithm change happens, I observe as shit hits the fan and some people who live off from paycheck to paycheck can potentially lose their careers with a quick thanos snap. This is especially worse now with all of this FTC COPPA crap going around lately. Anyways thanks for posting this. You got yourself a follow and I’ll start checking out other bloggers in this OWL community.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww Iโ€™m glad this post was of help to someone or ANYONE XD after being on YouTube for 7 years I was ready to move on and focus on this blog. As you said YouTube algorithm is stuffed >.<

      I love being apart of OWLS some of the most authentic content out there in the anime community to me anyway ๐Ÿ˜ฌ you can check us out on Twitter @OWLSbloggers and our blog

      Liked by 1 person

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