Geeky Challenge Day 29: Thug Lita Complete

Forever character outfit hmmm. . .



You’re an anime/cartoon character now! What outfit are you always wearing?



My outfits vary a lot in real life, I’m no fashion guru. But most of my wardrobe is full of blue’s and greens. Blue is me and my style, least I can to say I have a style. Now in my early 30s and after some weight loss, I’m caring more about what I pick out these days. Mean I can be happy as just wearing jeans and a anime shirt as the next fan but I like taking inspiration from anime characters in general.


Ma girl Makoto is a source of inspiration always this outfit right here is something I would wear. 

For a winter outfit similar to Makoto here, it’s t shirt and hoodies, sometimes a hat if I’m feeling in the mood. 

But if I really had the choice as what to wear.


I present the Thug Lita complete look !! this is what I envision, I wouldn’t want overtop kept subtle but kinda badass. Some of you I know would have loved a heavier outfit but my presence accompanies this outfit nicely. hey hey? haha. 



Can you see the Thug Lita factor more now?. . . No the outfit wasn’t heavier enough well the rest of the closet is saved for the right occasion. heh

Is there a character you take inspiration from if yourself is a helpless fashion victim?

Guess what. . . LASY DAY TOMORROW !!! The end is here and my fingers can have a rest. 



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