Geeky Challenge Day 28: Album Supreme


We’re going back to my childhood again that’s cool right? 



Favourite Movie Soundtrack ?



The reason people go back to their childhood when the question asks for favourites because it’s impossible Y’all to choose just one. 

This is the last favourite prompt, no more having to choose from a million favourites. 

Timeless people. . . Timeless

I get to show case my Lion King love here but briefly. Before continuing on, I went to see the live-action film in July that no-one asked for but Disney does it anyway. I cried, sobbed like the first time purely from nostalgia. I like the additional scenes we wouldn’t have seen and new songs especially Spirit by Beyonce. The CGI was mad good.

But. . . 

Original is going to win.ac12-movies-beyonce02

The original soundtrack came out in 1994 but I prefer the special edition that came out 2003 purely from the additional rendition songs By Elton John “I Just Cant Wait To Be King”, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?. Adding the talent of music composer Hans Zimmer who has worked on (Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Prince Of Egypt) makes for an epic combo. My parents bought me this album in 2003 for Christmas before we had streaming services. .  you know CD’s. Those were the golden days putting that disc in your player and dancing like a loser in your room, that was me. It was a surprise this special edition came out and I remember crying with joy.

The Lion King music itself coaxed me to loving African music in general, the soulful kind that give me goosebumps. Listening to that music more and more made me appreciate this film and album even more. A lot of African music I’ve listened to is about sex, drugs and having a crazy time. I’m glad this album introduced me to the different side of this culture. There’s one track on this album that makes me cry EVERYTIME, the “Remember Who You Are” scene. . Ugh I don’t have words to describe what it makes me feel. I just cry for no bloody reason, OKAY.

For me this is an album that will never not affect me and I still own it to this day. Probably be a permanent shelf relic in ten years now. lol



The favourite prompts have stopped now YAY. Two more days of this challenge and I’m feeling the lazy kicking in. Hope you all have enjoyed my rambles thus far to those new and old.

What’s an album that holds sentimental value for you? Any tracks that will make me cry for no reason?

Stay Tuned for Day 29 tomorrow!




6 thoughts on “Geeky Challenge Day 28: Album Supreme

  1. If you like African music, I would definitely check out artists like Papa Wemba, Dobet Gnahore, Konono No. 1, or Arka’n who are super legit to name a few. There’s tons of African music that comes in multiple genres like the traditional stuff, R&B, electronic, Afropop, jazz, and even metal music, too. Okay, I’m a bit biased with the Congolese stuff since I have ancestry from that part of the continent and then some, but I enjoy music from several countries.

    I also really hate to be THAT guy, but you do know that Disney never credited South African artist Solomon Linda for being the real writer of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and got sued by his surviving daughters. Also, the music video for Spirit plagiarized imagery from Petite Noir’s La Maison Noir long-form music video. It’s a shame that Disney had to misrepresent African music and culture and that’s saying nothing about how The Lion King blatantly stole characters, scenes, and plot points from Kimba the White Lion or even trademarking the phrase “Hakuna Matata” which is cultural appropriation. I wish Disney was more respectful about Africa and didn’t have to resort to stealing other people’s works.

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  2. I remember getting The Lion King, Beauty & the Beast, and Snow White albums when I was younger for a holiday or birthday. I listened to the heck out of them! But of course B&TB was my favorite, so that one I listened to the most.

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    1. Beauty and the beast is a massive favourite for a lot of people, I love treasure planet soundtrack a lot has lot of irish, scottish influence of music their and makes me think of old home 🙂

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  3. Favorite movie soundtrack? Hmmm… American Grafitti, Saturday Night Fever, Easy Rider. Unless you count musicals. Then it becomes very difficult to decide. Singing in the Rain, West Side Story, Cabaret, Phantom of the Opera, and the list goes on and on. I cannot decide.

    Favorite musical anime is Nana but there are a bunch of other good ones just a hair behind.

    Favorite Disney musical was Mary Poppins. Favorite Disney animated musical was Beauty and the Beast as long as you use the Angela Lansbury version.

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    1. I feel you Fred too hard to decide on favourite anything ahaha. You have some varied choices here, non disney albums I love Wonder woman, step up to name a couple but the list is endless.

      Nana only decent josei romance anime wise relating to serious themes of today and upholds strong.

      Thanks for the info on the lion king and disney stuff. I had no idea that stuff occurred between the parties. I’ve heard about disney turmoil of not crediting and bunch of other things they don’t do right. I feel conflicted on the topic some of it’s wrong but tend to leave that subject alone.

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      1. No problem, Lita. I know it’s an uncomfortable truth with the Lion King issues. I didn’t know how aware you were with those cases. Yeah, Disney doesn’t credit everyone and they even ripped off another anime with Atlantis (the anime is Nadia: Secret of Blue Water). Don’t even get me started on the racist implications of the hyenas or the Elephant Graveyard was literally low-key genocide against them. I had a big rant post a few months ago on my main blog. I understand if you feel conflicted given some of the baggage associated with that movie franchise.


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