Geeky Challenge Day 25: Geeky People


There is only so much Youtube I watch these days but I’d still like to list some people I follow these days.



Favourite Geeky Youtuber or ‘s?



It’s the same situation as with favourite anime etc *coughs*

I don’t watch youtube as much recently, because there are other things I can be watching, habits are changing. I talked about on day 6 two youtubers who inspire me still, you should check out their old or current content. I’ll list people I follow currently and for a long time, hopefully you discover someone new. They’re all entertaining to me and enjoy, that’s what matters really.



Fellow OWLS member and co host Senshi Ani Girls podcast along side me, Shay is a ray of sunshine whenever I have chance to watch her videos. She embraces her geeky side to the fullest covering, anime, manga and other pop culture. Well worth you’re follow!!



Gigi aka (miss palooza bitch) I go way back with four or five year. This girl is an absolute crack up every time I watch her videos even now. Gigi can entertain you with her personality alone no problem, you like shoujo trash, anime then she is for you. I’m glad we got to become friends.



Shoutout to host of this blog challenge Megan, I love this girls geeky vibes and feel good videos. Keep doing what you’re doing.



I love doing weird voices and I love Brizzy’s many voices. She was the inspiration behind doing my terrible pokemon impressions video, haha.



I’ve followed this Courtney for years and brings those mermaid vibes to a T. Following her additionally added towards a hobby of mine and is a positive soul.



Gundam girl + Me a mecha lover = Her content is everything and educational for me.



Mr Dakota one of the chillest dudes who talks the anime talk. I love him for that.



There you go just some of the geeky people I follow. . . there’s more haha not just about anime. But book, games etc.

Feel free to list some of the people you follow but I think my youtube watching is sliding slowly.

Stay tuned for Day 26 tomorrow

We’re getting to the end of this challenge oh my god!!




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