Geeky Challenge Day 23: Geek Jam


Looking at the community today and tomorrow so we’re talking what I love.




Something You Love About The Geeky Community?




Nerd, geek culture, I can’t see myself belonging anywhere else. I don’t think other hobby groups could handle my energy. Being in this space/niche gives you unfound freedom and creative outlet unlike any other community out there. Why does it feel like freedom? From a personal stance its allowed me to feel like more myself and express unconditionally things I love, anime, manga etc. Whenever I’ve gone on a hike, you feel freedom to be among nature that’s how it feels with all of this. Worlds away from everything. Brings me excitement into my life every day. 


Next Level Fans

I didn’t find my people till starting up this blog and becoming a blogger. There are two types of fans out there, the causal who watch things etc and have casual conversation over said something of discussion. Then there are people like me who take that love of nerd to the next level, running a blog, instagram, youtube and wanting to expand things further. Having all these platforms has opened a world of discussion more than teenage me ever dreamed would happen. I may do a million things on the interwebs but take pride in each one to talk about what’s on my nerd brain. Going from thinking I was a complete weirdo for pursuing such things back in the day to now there are million others like me. You’re no feel alone in what you are doing, there is no way to describe that.


Fangirl Like No-one’s Watching

I fangirl about a lot of things, going to a new place to eat, down to the smallest things but the geeky space, my fan girl scream ten fold here. I’ve never held back if something excites me but when it comes to anime, the brake is taken off and put into full drive throttle. You can fangirl like nobodies business but the geek space I get extra giddy over. 


Making My Wallet Cry

Ugh, why is this a good thing? haha it’s not when you’re not being responsible with your money. You shouldn’t love making your wallet cry when buying merchandise, books etc on impulse, not planned either but geeky impulse buys are so satisfying. Above other important essentials you need, anime, etc is the only time I’ll splurge and go all out with and I love it. It’s a dumbass reason to put as a reason to love the geeky community but seeing other collectors and enthusiast purchases, gets me excited all the time. So I don’t mind so much now for this occasion for the wallet to cry. 



This prompt could have been longer but the reasons similar to others answers are obvious why I love the community. It’s ma people, ma jam and makes me happy to be apart of for a thousand reasons more.

Whats your favourite thing about being apart of the geek culture?

Stay tuned for Day 24 tomorrow! 


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