Geeky Challenge Day 22: Love.


I’ve gone cheesy on this one. lol



Favourite Fandom Quote?



Returning to Cinderella scene for a second here, one quote from the film that has stuck true for me up until now. Artist Leonardo Di Vinci plays an influence in Cinderella: Ever After film story basis on one of his paintings known as “Head Of A Woman”  . Towards end of the film, Danielle attends the ball and evil stepmother reveals she is nothing but a maid, prince thinking she was apart of the royal court. Prince feeling fooled judges Danielle harshly, Leonardo goes on the defensive saying should not matter whether common or not. What you feel, what your heart saids is what you should always follow.

As complicated and beautiful the feeling of love is, as beings as we are it’s what gives us connection. You can call love ‘weak’, ‘sentimental’ but it’s one of the most powerful emotions that makes apart life great. Di Vinic quote doesn’t mean romantic, but all love, friends, family. Without any of that life be pretty bloody miserable, beyond to even imagine, it’s impossible to have a life without any ounce of love in it. It’s an emotion that will stab deeper than a thousand needles, it’s an emotion that can feel like sunshine, it’s a complicated thing we seem to need.

Life is nothing without love in it. I’ve loved this quote for years and don’t see that ever changing.



Short and sweet for this one. Do you have a favourite quote that’s stuck with you for years? That you use to apply to your life?

Stay tuned for Day 23 tomorrow!! 




  1. You chose such a beautiful, heartfelt quote!

    …But I’m going to go in the total opposite direction!
    “I wanna be a penguin mailman!” from Goldfish Warning/Kingyo Chuuihou
    My liking penguins started because of this as a joke, and it’s spiraled from there.

    Liked by 1 person

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