Geeky Challenge Day 21: An Aussie Land


I’ve answered this question already. . . hmm what can we do here? haha




How did fandoms influence you and your life?



Simple answer here an aussie land corrupted me. Going from shy english girl to loud hyper cross breed British/Aussie, who found a new lease on life itself.

Fandoms in all the things nerd, geek, anime etc made life better, they made life exciting in how I view it. If we are talking frankly here having interests like hair, makeup would not life exciting for me. I would trade all that to be crazy, fangirl, little loopy any day. The nerd culture is the ultimate acceptance and started to care about self love for my own person. Learn to love the things that make me. I’ve expressed this in a post for OWLS that really answers this prompt wholly, recommend to read to gave the full scoop.

I’m not the same person when I first moved to countries and diving into the nerd scene more, it changed everything for me. Don’t think I can find the words to express it, this feeling, a sentimental treasure.

Short answer for this prompt but three words describes what fandoms did for me: corrupted, acceptance and happiness.

First Cosplay Shoot 114
reach for the nerd stars



I’d like to hear not just about me but you guys what fandoms have done to you? Did they bring all the upsets to your wallets, Did it bring you friends to be crazy people with?

Stay tuned for Day 22 tomorrow!




  1. Before I found my fandoms, I felt trapped .. like in a room that was not bigger than a box. Otaku’ism and being geeky with others geeks , allowed me to hang out with a lot of people who finally hung out with me for the right reasons. Not because of “it’s what people our age do’ but because we genuinely like our hobbies and time together.

    I realised it did not matter what gender I was attracted too for them, or that I hardly even have interest in the lusty things in life at all, it did not even matter what gender I identify as or what disabilities I have. It made me value the person I am rather than ‘hate’ myself for not being ‘normal’ I realised that when hanging with people in a fandom I dont need to have the same blueprint as anyone else. People already like me for that one little element that I share with them.. and can appreciate anything that is build around it.

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    1. Self love is a hard one to overcome as an any individual and sounds like you are on your way there. 2019 has been a year of self love for myself unexpectedly and going through a lot of changes. It’s been good.

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