Geeky Challenge Day 19: A Bomb Of Excitement


We’re talking my jam here for today’s prompt, Yus !




What Series is Underrated?



Under looked, under the scope, underrated any word like this I see, you’re talking my language here. One of the reasons I started this blog was talk about the unknown and rare anime, though my content has morphed into different areas. The initial reason is still standing.

My choice for this prompt, I’ve mentioned before but in owls post and the anime is well known for being highly entertaining it is. After starting to read the manga this year, my mind was blown more than the anime did, that was Btooom! 




If you enjoy Deadman Wonderland survival game then you’re going to love Btooom, bomb death game full of so many twists that keeping at you like candy. Story focuses on Ryota Sakamoto 22 year old who every waking minutes is playing video games, Btooom and nothing else. Ryota is approached by two men who knock him unconscious next thing discovers himself on a deserted island – along with a case full of bombs. Ryota encounters other on the island and realises someone wants to make the video game Btooom! a real thing. I watched the anime before reading the manga, this is way I recommend to get into this series. Actually don’t know why I recommend this way but the anime made me feel more invested to know what will happen.

I’m surprised to have ended up loving this series as much as I did, my tastes now don’t always lie in shoujo. Currently on volume 13 snd the plot has gone places, every volume is full of intensity and enthralling factor, I’m never putting down the volume. Junya Inoue authors artwork is the reason my mind felt blown:


Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 4.16.52 pm


The detail is insane on some panels, making explosions jump out of the page. Artwork deserves all the appreciation from me and any reader. Savage, gory scream out throughout because this is a living hell for these people on the island and having to dig deep down for themselves in order to survive, there is no time for mercy on anyone. I especially love Ryota transformation realising he can’t keep up his strong conviction to not kill anyone but pushed to breaking point, that Ryota is way more fun. Himeko and Ryota central main characters out of everyone, I want to survive besides the reasonings for winding up on the island. Was that hint right there? I don’t know, hehe. 

Btooom! manga I just don’t understand why is barely given a mention, insane artwork, enthralling constant changing plot, some twisted, but investable characters and a sweet romance centre focus. This is one of the best action, thriller anything I’ve read, watched in a long while, there is still a ways to go 26 volumes. The manga will finish in November with Junya Inoue doing two endings ‘light or ‘dark’, which is so cool for a mangaka to do. If you like constant action, messed up twists, people pushed to breaking point Btooom! can cater to this effortlessly. I just LOVE this intense series and cannot wait to finish, I’m a proud Btooom! advocate. 



Btooom second season. . . I need so bad. I hate it when anime leaves series hanging off like this.

What series are you proud advocate for? To preach to the world to give a go!!

Stay tuned for Day 20 Tomorrow!!




5 thoughts on “Geeky Challenge Day 19: A Bomb Of Excitement

  1. Hmm… I feel like a lot of series that come to mind aren’t so much underrated as unknown. But I can’t believe the manga The Prince in His Dark Days ended so soon… Japanese readers should have supported it more so it could have gone on longer!

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  2. Btooom ended on such a cliff-hanger! I never read the manga to find out what happens afterwards, but I’d be interested of a second season comes out (which I don’t think is that likely at this point).

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