Geeky Challenge Day 17: Got Stuck Here, Haha


Urm . . I actually don’t have an ready answer for this one, since video games is not my total jam.





Favourite Video Game Soundtrack?




Ugh. so I really didn’t have an answer for this prompt out of all the ones . .



Dead or Alive can help me out here, again. Both in 4 or 5 loved the urban, gritty beats from both soundtracks. Always fitted the setting in any fight, it was always a good bop.

Let’s see what else I can give as an answer lol



Sonic The Hedgehog old sega game this is still one of my favourites to play, I’ll never tire of. I love every track, bringing the old and retro. I have yet to discover any other games with a retro soundtrack but this one is iconic for me, like the loser gamer novice I am.



Tarzan action game was a favourite PC to play a lot . . . great deal of a lot, still never have beat the final level to this day. Clayton would just never die, I always failed the final level. What can I say the music gives off a jungle vibe and highlights similar tracks to the original movie soundtrack, a fun listen.


yeh. .  that’s it



Maybe if I play more video games in the future I can give a better answer but hey you guys can tell me some of your favourite video game soundtracks? Then if we get this PS4 finally I can try out the game possibly.

Stay tuned for a Day 18 longer post tomorrow! 


2 thoughts on “Geeky Challenge Day 17: Got Stuck Here, Haha

  1. Some of my favourite OSTs are from fairly obscure games, such as The Dog Island (which is only available on Wii and PS2, IIRC) and this arcade game I’ve only ever played through a PC emulator called Twinkle Star Sprites. Neither of those are available for PS4, but hearing those soundtracks makes me all nostalgic.

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