Geeky Challenge Day 16: Space Meets Sea


Oh my I get to spout about my teen ultimate crossover here that the NEED is still great for !! 



What Crossover Would You Like To See? 




Jim x Ariel 


There is a billion answers to this kind of questions ugh. But if you truly do not know where to look, just look inside your teen self and see if the love is still strong. Crossovers of any series was not something I’d thought about until this video:


I went through a massive phase after finding this video in searching up Disney crossovers. Most searched up was Jim (Treasure Planet) and Ariel (Little Mermaid) the union of this idea would be harmony. Watching so many video makers ideas of different story lines for this pair, a romance plot would be just amazing to me. Treasure Planet is in my top three favourite Disney films, wonderful film about finding a destination to latch onto for yourself, watching it through Jim’s character is endearing. A plot idea Ive had for a long time, Jim comes to earth on the ship to look for treasure, meets Ariel. Let’s mix in Captain Hook, maybe Prince Eric to bring drama. My mind is kinda exploding right now all the teen ideas I had.

Jim and Ariel share the trait of free spirits to not be tied down by anything, they’re adventurous. . . the chemistry just meant to be. But. . . alas the closest dream to a crossover I get is through people’s videos, I’m thankful for that at least.

Check out 23jk channel for Treasure Planet love if you like the Disney film. She is a hardcore treasure planet fan!! 


Hero Collab 


@DC Comics 




Don’t ask me why on this one.

Recently catching up to My Hero Academia, the idea of Teen Titan and My Hero sounded like a cool idea. Teen Titans alongside class 1A would be considered the dame as novices, both could learn things from one another Teen Titans can teach 1A things from a totally different perspective compared to the Heroes in their world, add an edge. You could choose any hero out there but Teen Titans feel most appropriate age wise, I based the choice on. It would be an interesting mix.



This prompt of crossovers has given me a post idea for November so I’m going to hold off giving anymore choices till this post happens. I could write a novel of “Lita’s Crossovers” she wants to happen now! 

Any crossover from any fandom. . . GO! tell me down below. 

Stay tuned for Day 17 Tomorrow! 


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