Geeky Challenge Day 15: I Belong?


Let’s take a visit to the sorting hat heh.




What Hogwarts House Are You In? 



Yay we get to talk some Harry Potter. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually read the books but seeing all the movies is how I’ll consume to revisit in the future. I’m not the hardcore type fan for Harry Potter like other fans are but certainly love this series. 2001 one feels so far away from me, going to see first film Philosopher Stone in cinema, one of the most magical things to see since Disney for me. A fond cinema memory for me. One of iconic scenes from that film, the all seeing sorting hat, the nervous, newbie students fates in the palm of a hat.

Gryffindor + goody two shoes me was the perfect fit for me, for years I was a Gryffindor girl but there was a conversion somewhere along the way. . .




In past discussion of Harry Potter, people thought I would be suited to Slytherin house. When Harry Potter first film took off nobody liked Slytherin, thanks to characters like Professor Snape or Mouthoy. Initially younger me hating but seeing in the later movies I was sorely mistaken about one at least Snape, bless his soul. Mouthoy the dislike is still there but we like our bad apples.

So it’s Slytherin house for you?

Hell Yes, haha

Looking at myself in last few years and accepting parts within Slytherin feels the right mix for me. I don’t think you can judge everyone is all bad in Slytherin house but with my teasing, joke like nature and daredevil way sometimes – it feels right weirdly. Maybe I could be one of few that prove Slytherin is just as cool as the other houses would be a prime mission for me. Professor Snape was the win over me choosing Slytherin as my favourite house, nothing but respect for man. Some people who have gotten to know might agree in my choosing but joining Gryffindor now just wouldn’t suit me.

Heh, Heh.


Have we joined the dark side here? it’s quite possible heh heh but Lita was there before anyway.


Any blogger heres like Harry Potter, which house do you belong to? the tender Ravenclaw, gentle Hufflepuff, cunning Slytherin or justly Gryffindor?

If you can’t decide then Lita will sort you into one for you . . . that sounds dangerous ahah.

I’m going strong through this challenge, let’s hope I reach the end !!!

Stay tuned for Day 16 tomorrow!! 



  1. It kinda bothers me that in a geekdom/geeky series like this, we’re suddenly confronted with a very specific question about a specific franchise.

    I mean, I’m a geek… and I’ve been a geek a very long time. (I went to my first Star Trek fan event at age 8 – in 1971!) But I can take or leave Harry Potter. And I certainly haven’t spent even a moment Mary Sueing myself into the world of the franchise.

    The assumptions behind this question feel uncomfortably like gatekeeping.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Lita! It’s been a while. ❤
    I didn't know that I need to click the follow tab. It felt like ages I am not active in wordpress.
    My teaching life and Graduate school consumed my time for the past 3 years I guess.
    I discovered your blog last 2015. wow. hehehe. Always feeling amazing to visit your page.

    Well, for being a PotterHead. I must leave a comment for this one. HAHA.
    Yes, Slytherin still has something good to offer. Oh Snape, yes bless his soul. I have high respects towards him.
    As for me, I am a Gryffindor says the PotterQuiz. I will always be. hehe. 🙂
    Though, at times I see myself as Luna Lovegood too. She's a ravenclaw. I am odd too. HAHA
    But, We all know that I am a huge fan of Hermione. 😀 hehe. I am an annoying smarty at times. HAHA.
    Oh gosh. so much for this… good to share something here.
    Check out my pots about HP here:
    If you have FB page Lita, let me know pls. Thanks ❤

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    1. LOVELY!!!!
      Hello gurl how are you?
      feels like forever since last hearing from you I can never forget you one of my first followers never 🙂

      Ooo split between ravenclaw and gryffindor, ahh I’ve gome to the dark side of slytherin muahhh
      I don’t have a facebook page only my personal facebook, you’re welcome to add me there if you want I can email you the link let me know !!!!


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