Geeky Challenge Day 14: Just Borrowing A Portion


This is probably the easiest question to answer out of all the prompts haha.




What Super Power Would You Like To Have? 



Time travel, magic eh those are overrated powers for my liking. They’re cool but a power for me I’d rather control one earths powerful forces, an elemental. Mother nature is one of the greatest forces on our planet and among her elemental forces, you’d be more than force to be reckoned with.

but wait. .


But you already got the lightning and thunder over here sailor girl.


Let’s step away from the Sailor Jupiter for a moment and speak for what would be a power house in real life.


Storm is one of my favourites from marvel characters ever. I grew up with the old 90s x-men and x-men evolution. This isn’t technically stepping away from Jupiter here but wanting to have the elemental powers of controlling storms in general, ma girl storm is where the love originated. What does it for me every time, Storm gets ticked off those eyes turn pure white and stuff about to go down, ugh it’s so good. She’s just a badass in general. So I wouldn’t want just control storms, how about all the weather, the wind, rain, snow, sun all!!

I’d love like Hina from Weathering With You to control for the sun to come out when I don’t want it to rain, especially if it’s an important event like a music concert outside. If I’m in mood for wanting to read a book, with tea and want that pleasing raindrops, it’d be with a click of finger. But if that happened I’d make it only for in my area to rain, not have rain falling at the same time all over the world. Many possibilities and miracles you could make if you could control the weather, I’d just like a portion of that power. I’d leave mother nature to still rein over the planet because who would want that gigantic responsibility.

Not I. 

Mean think about it, having all of that power you’ll be upsetting the balance.



Short post today but I’m feeling pretty lazy but did you expect less in my answer related to the elemental. What powers would you want in real life? How selfish would you be with them? There would be no rule book if it happened in real life.

So be honest as you want in your comment, haha.

Stay tuned for Day 15 tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “Geeky Challenge Day 14: Just Borrowing A Portion

  1. Emotion control would be the power of my choosing. Manipulate how others feel about things.

    I would most likely abuse the lving bleep out of it. Making people love me, let them donate money, get me a comfy job etc. Then I would also use it to do good, probably get a job in psychology .. on like high levels. Think reprogramming religious zealots.. putting rainbows and unicorns in the head of dictators and such, but of course I would like to get a big paycheck for it.

    In the end I’d probably end up as some weird hybrid between a villian and hero. Building my own little “mob’ family to protect me, while actually cleaning up broken spirits as well. I’d help the world but with powers like that I can’t afford to be to sweet. People would want me gone, so I have to look out for myself.

    If I can make other people adore me I do not need other powers, I do need people though, sucks for them that they arent free to feel what they actually feel.. but hey I am using positive emotions so they could be of way worse. Arguably extremely selfish.. arguably improving people’s lives… it doesnt even matter .. because no matter what I would think about it.. you’d agree with me (if I want)

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    1. ^^ This is basically the same answer I was going to post…

      > I’d help the world but with powers like that I can’t afford to be to sweet. People would want me gone, so I have to look out for myself.

      Good insight. One I’d missed.

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  2. Shape-shifting. Hands down, shape-shifting. It’s perfect for someone with a little imagination and cunning, and, depending on how you use it, it can be applied in almost any situation. πŸ™‚

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