Geeky Challenge Day 13: I Can Never Decide, Stupid Manga


We’re actually talking proper novels today not manga. We know manga is just way easier.



Favourite Book Series? 



Proper books I face as a challenge more than ever, that’s manga fault for being so convenient. Last year I got back into reading full time after a few years, the last year book I read was twilight series . . .

I was 15 or 16. 

Twilight series is a massive favourite for me but I think a different answer was more fit for prompt. Is she going to say Harry Potter? HAHA, among the book community this is a common answer but No – I haven’t read any of the books. This year I’ve read a few books belonging to different series, but my TBR list is crazy long now, between manga it’s hard people.


Earlier this year I read Young Adult fantasy Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian. This was her debut as a new author and first work. Part of a trilogy, the second book Lady smoke came out this year, have yet to read it but I really enjoyed this. When it comes to books fantasy is a super sucker for me especially in my teenage years, the love is still strong. Ash Princess focuses on a princess Theodosia at six she witnessed her mothers murder Theodosia becomes a prison for ten years under watchful eye the ‘Kaiser’. Taking over her kingdom, enslaving her people and bringing misery.

Ash Princess made me feel Yona Of The Dawn vibes here through Theodosia main character. Theodosia had it worse off than Yona but the journey these princesses go through to rise up are one in same inspiring and kick ass. The book is told through Theodosia perspective which fitted with plot really well, imprisoned most of her life seeing her thought process in the moments of torture and brutality it guts you. You want to know what ten years of captivity has done to shape this princess’s mind? Theodosia at the start is hanging on by a thread for her and own people, there is no room for this princess to breathe.

Kaiser’s character is built up really well, cold, heartless, brutal had a darkening presence throughout. Kaiser would do anything to strip what any little hope Theodosia had inside left and it gut wrenched me every chapter. Without the support of Theodosia childhood friend and other companions, this princess wouldn’t have found a reason to rise up. Theodosia grew more and more on me, resilient, cunning through her deceit and trickery in order to survive. This book involves, torture, brutality, slavery that had my stomach in knots from Laura’s descriptive writing especially on Theodosia end. Many parts you feel the intensity and blew my mind how much it affected me in the end.

Ash Princess has been the first book in years to tear into me and that I couldn’t put down. I’m so glad Laura is doing a trilogy for this series, Lady Smoke is on the list to read because I need to know what happens to my Theodosia. I need to know what happens to this princess journey. Highly suggest trying to this out if you like princess rising up journeys in your fantasy. If things end good for this series, the potential to be a favourite is there.


Reading novels has been pretty slow last 3 months, manga again. Feel free to add me on Goodreads. Thats where I update what I’m read or plan to.

Do you find it hard to split between novels and manga? Have a favourite book series that is not Harry Potter?

Stay tuned for Day 14 tomorrow !!



  1. This might be a bit of a hot take but I think Harry Potter is a bit overrated like I never could get into it. As far as a favorite book series goes then I’d have to say the Star Wars Republic Commando series by Karen Traviss. I love Star Wars and that series covers a pretty unknown section of Star Wars lore (although it’s not canon now). I honestly like 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and most Tom Clancy novels. Unfortunately, I haven’t been reading much because of many, just forgetting to read, and kind of working on my own book.

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    1. Harry potter is overrated completely but I still like it despite how popular it has become. like I said in my post I’m not crazy about it as I once was. Star wars is a franchise I was never able to get into fully, I’ve seen the force awakens my first star wars films which was super fun. even now I can’t see myself trying to get into it and that’s okay.


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