Geeky Challenge Day 9: Angelic Family


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This challenge should have said ‘favourites’ not favourite.




Favourite Anime or Anime Series?



Megan you have failed this challenge by asking one of the most impossible questions to any anime fan. The Vision Of Escaflowne was my solid favourite runner above all other anime I’d ever watched in my early days. . . written in the stars kind of vibe. Time passes, you get older how could you have thought, one single series would be a favourite. You feel like you have committed a crime against your other precious babies. You know I have top picks for unknown anime, romance etc but to answer today’s question, going back to firsts feels right.


Clamp’s 2001 Angelic Layer is a special series to me. It was first anime I ever watched that wasn’t the classic staples, Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon. In the UK my exposure to anime was very limited and expanded when moving countries, Angelic Layer was my first taste in the anime trove of wonders. Angelic Layer opened me up to what was possible in storytelling and among the anime scope. People controlling dolls with virtual headsets through their imagination, battle each other with. The concept at the time was so new and exciting to me.

It wasn’t long to fall head over heals for this endearing series. Misaki main protagonist enters into the battle doll world, something to bring comfort from moving to Tokyo to be closer to her mum. Family is the surrounding foundation for this series and hits hard from the young perspective of Misaki. Now in middle school she barely ever saw her mum unknown to her of her mothers neurological deteriorating condition. Misaki lays in denial for so long, to keep up a strong front, it broke my heart first time watching the series. Misaki has no idea that also her mother is apart of the sport but I won’t spoil that part of those that haven’t seen this series. End of the series is what kills you, still does every time for me.

Angelic Layer is still the most homely warm watch to this day but a series that is judged upon for a middle schooler protagonist – who comes off way too optimistic about everything. The reasoning behind the strong front reels you into her character and you want to continue to watch this dear child grow and thrives. Main storyline is not the only best thing about this series but how FUNNY it is. That thrives from this dude here:

Meet Icchan the quack


Icchan plays a vital role towards supporting Misaki in Angelic Layer but he is a odd ball. I love the man for all this quirks and weirdness, in total I’ve rewatched this series more than 20 times. Whenever he comes in, it’s the best time. Characterisation in the series is great, you each there learn for participating in the sport and their individual flare. Misaki brings out the goodness in all the people she meets, like a Tohru in way but still so cute.

Apart from this series being the first anime I watched moving to Australia, another reason is my second Christmas here. My parents bought me the Angelic Layer boxset, I had mentioned wanting it. Moment opening the present, I bawled out laughing because the difficultly actually finding the anime store than asking about the anime itself. Imaging that still is hysterical to me, your parents trying to locate the anime you want. My parents said it was a task to find but lucky the people in the store were so super nice. Pretty special your parents buying your first anime boxset, that’s how I entered into the collecting game.

Angelic Layer broke two special firsts for me and it’s central focus of family, feels meant to be.

You can watch this series on AnimeLab or HiDive!!



Next two days are covering favourites. . . oh yay more impossible choosing haha.

I think I’ll be mean too what’s a top ten anime for you guys? why should you get away with not answering a difficult question and I’m the one left unsure.

Stay tuned for day 10 tomorrow !


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