Geeky Challenge 7: Volleyball Madness

Volley ball boys that is all.




Day 7 – What fandom do you love that you didn’t think you would?




Naja and Kat might get excited seeing this post, good thing I didn’t say the trigger word.


Every time this word is mentioned. . .

It felt only appropriate to talk about a fandom towards a certain sports anime that is one of my favourites to be apart of after 3 or 4 years. Sports anime was something I was never drawn to few years back but that all changed when watching my first one Karuta card game Chihayafuru. A card game beyond fascinating and interested just blew me away, detail to the ins and outs of the game, moreover the characters. Fantastic, loveable investable cast of characters that swept me up towards their passion of Karuta – most awesome card game ever.

Chihayafuru was my stern to push me towards to try other sports series. Haikyu was next on the list, from the massive buzz people talked it up like it was a holy grail. No. . . wasn’t the holy grail but the holy hoop, it was the ultimate slam dunk that is unforgettable. Haikyu is still a frequently hyped up series and begging the question why is one of them more popular sports anime? My good blogger friend Naja was mad about it at the time I finally decided to check it out, the girl is the worst kind of influence you can have in your life. heh, just kidding Naja.

Five episodes in . . . it was welcome to Haikyu hell.



Boys Fly 



The scope of detail involved in volleyball part during the series three seasons is well informed for those like me, that know nothing about the sport. Factoring all the rules and team roles amplified the strong attachment you build towards the massive cast of characters. And. . . there is your answer as to why this series is hyped up so much the characters. The speciality Haikyu does as a whole is coverage of all the teams not just on Karasuno the main forefront. Season one focuses on team Karasuno making a comeback once more thanks to the introduction of Hinata. After in season two and three equal focus goes onto the other participating teams.

Karasuno are the only ones that grow and character focus is the main driving force of this series. Singling out the individual struggles of particular members in other teams is done so well, the juggling of characters is phenomenal to me. I feel you get the best experience from this series through the anime rather than the manga from a investment point for me. I’ve yet to read the manga which I plan on doing but 30 + volumes, let me finish some other stuff first haha. Sports and musical anime you get more out of the anime for obvious reasons, for sports you want to feel that exhilarating excitement rushing through you.

At the beginning Haikyu just seemed like a cool sports anime, I might enjoy. . . little did you know how much this series blew me away emotionally. A series that leaves the dumbest smiles on my face, but learning whole investment in the series was not alone. Among blogger friends there are plenty I found that loved this series, special mention to Naja and Kat, we’ve become a massive trio advocate for this series. There my Haikyu girls. The fandom in general for Haikyu has been a fun, exciting one to be apart of, I was reminded of that when last year on my birthday. The long-awaited announcement the fandom had been waiting to hear SEASON FOUR Y’All. Just in the last two months, more information has come through for the season JANURAY 2020. IT WAS a PAIN STAKING WAIT OF 3 TO 4 YEARS.

The fandom had awoken from it’s slumber after frozen in time and it was a Haikyu party and now WE’RE ALL READY PEOPLE!!!.


Haikyuu fandom at season four.




I better rewatch this series before season four because it’s been a long while.

Psst. .  Noya is best boy still even after all this time.

Volleyball fandom I didn’t see coming what was a fandom you didn’t see coming into your life? You weren’t prepared for?

Stay tuned for Day 8 tomorrow!! 



  1. I’m with you. I did not see myself become a fan of haikyu and put off watching it for the longest time. Now I’m in a volleyball team (still suck though). Weird fandom but I am definitely ready for more.

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  2. An anime series that I wasn’t expecting to be a fan of is Fruits Basket (original series). I remember when my friend told me the premise (a girl moves in with a bunch of guys that turn into animals when girls hug them) I thought it sounded like the stupidest thing in the world. I only watched it to humor her, but I’m glad I let her talk me into it because I was instantly in love. Just goes to show that sometimes you just have to give things a chance. 🙂

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    1. Oh fruits basket I saw the original anime then reading the manga this year blew my mind how psychological it got with the characters and heart gutting relatable it was at points. The reboot is just phenomenal in my eyes !!!

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