Geeky Challenge Day 5: Crazy Geek Out Ultra.

It’s not about doing the crazy things to show your love of being a nerd or geek. Little counts just as much. . . but considering we are talking about me here. I’ve had my share of crazy geek out ultra. (blame My Hero Academia for that one)




What Is The Geekiest Thing You’ve Ever Done?



Better question to ask here is what have I not done yet. haha.

Incoming Lita crazy geek out ultra list.  .  .



Back in my days of being on deviant art, I came across artist Juhaihai, she had a gorgeous style that appealed to me. Towards an idea relating to my first anime crush Kai Hiwatari, torn shirt showing his stack pack out and black wings. Juhaihali made it happen . . . my mouth dropped at how perfect it was. It’s beautiful and I need to place this in my room with a beautiful frame. Check out her out if you want anything commissioned, highly recommend.



Wand Incantation 



Oh look we’re going back to Avcon 2013 again from day 3, my best convention experience. More like crazy. One of those truly geeky moments was on Sunday night people were gathering in the main foyer for the ending ceremony. During this time at previous years, it’s always been hysterical, crazy shenanigans happen among gathered. One of those spectacles happened to involve spreading my clow cards into a half circle, taking some photos but then deciding it would be hilarious to do the famous incantation. Super lame I knew the exact words, my friend recorded whole thing. Random people passing by were laughing and photo/video bombing but all my friends we’re for it. My best moments have been me acting like a complete spaz. This was one of those but people even passing by were commenting on the whole set up, that it was cool.

But I had to go all out recording this incantation, go perfectionism.


Wigs Became Norm 

Look at that sass LOL


After getting into cosplay big time, it became the normal for me to wear out wigs out when hanging out with friends. There is no way in hell the old me would have done this, soon after wearing fake glasses became a thing too – following a collection of fake glasses. It’s still a fun accessory I still wear sometimes to this day.



Created This Place

Part of old logo.


Ultimate geeky thing to ever do for me is creating this blog and I’m still doing this four years later. What am I doing with my life? investing my time like this for myself and now avid readers. It’s what I want now. Following along balancing both a youtube and blog seemed like a good idea, then the podcast. . . then joining OWLS group. There is difference between people who love all things pop culture to individuals like me who take it to the next level of geeking out. Interacting online with other enthusiasts and putting yourself out there in the world, that’s the next level people.

Running all these outlets have been my source of ultimate geeking out in all my years as a nerd and it’s been a good time. Here’s more to good feels for the future because I can’t seem to stop now just like this post I wrote some time ago conveys.



There are the staples of geeking out I have done and are still into, reading fan fiction, dancing to opening themes on the TV, anime conventions. List is endless and I’m restraining myself for this post otherwise it would be a thousand times longer likely.

What has been your ultimate crazy geek out ? don’t tell me the staple stuff honey, I want the craziest you can think of guys.

Stay tuned for day 6 tomorrow!! 

Lita Kino



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