Geeky Challenge Day 4: Every Experience We Learn From.



With anything your not going to have your perfect moments, hardly in attending conventions I’ve had not too many of those. Important what happened, happened.




What Was Your Worst(ish) Convention Experience? 



I chose to do this challenge so the blog got a facelift, new followers to get to know me but as a uplifting, happy activity. I’m choosing to to keep it that way despite this question asking us to tell what our worst experience was at a convention. Every con I’ve gone too has it’s up and down moments, waiting in lines forever, disorganisation of events, list is endless of what things can go wrong at a con. In all my time attending conventions, there’s only been two experiences which were a let down but I learned from then.

Picture above is from Supernova Adelaide 2014, I decided to attend this convention alone because we had a “we don’t give a crap moment”. There was no particular guess I was going for, just didn’t want to waste the weekend. Saturday was the best day, meeting up with someone I’d followed for their artwork and another through a forum, two randoms alongside during the con. It was the funniest time with a group of these random people, I was lucky my first time experiencing this went really well, though the next day . . . wasn’t so hot.

Sunday didn’t end well in being at con during the morning, but leaving after midday my anxiety just overtook. The morning part was fun attending Greg Cipes panel voice of Beast Boy from Teen Titans. The dude is really into his meditation and yoga, that was the whole session gathered in a circle, was interesting. Greg was one of the reason I attended the cons . . . hello Beast Boy . . . TEEN TTIANS! Mellow, down to earth dude. After this time that going to cons suck on your own, my view on the whole thing is completely different.

Least I can say I did it and it’s really not that bad, long as you have a plan. Check out Naja’s latest post on Manga Tokyo covering the topic. This year I’ll be attending Supernova since 2017 was the last time, 90s Sailor Moon actors are my reasoning for purely going. I’ll be attending possibly with a friend (up in the air) but I’ll feel more comfortable this time round if I go on my own even if for the afternoon. I’ll be more prepared plus Sailor Moon why would I say no?


I met the famous nigiri

My only waste of a time was during Avcon 2013, I purchased a gold pass that gives you early access to events, and meet n greet with the conventions guests etc. My other friends got regular weekend tickets but I felt like taking the plunge of $120 gold pass, which wasn’t worth it. It was a really dumb decision, my friends encourages me to go to the meet and greet, though I kept feeling bad I I left them. Only person I met was famous cosplayer Jessica Nigiri, she was pleasant and nice but after that I just left. I missed my friends and never used my golden ticket privileges LOL. These types of tickers are only worth the price if you do this with another person or attending a convention solo.

Otherwise don’t recommend getting at all, just pay normal price guys!


These were the only two occasions among my con times that didn’t work out but only I learnt from. It’s hard to harness the negative, learn from it especially if it was not a good experience but one day you can turn it into a learning curve and utilise that knowledge.


What’s an experiences yourself had but you learnt from? A negative turns positive eventually.

Stay Tuned for Day 5 tomorrow! 











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