Geeky Challenge Day 3: Crazy Con Times



This is turning out to be quite the geeky challenge from looking over the daily prompts. Today and tomorrow were focusing on the best place in the world to geek out: anime conventions people!



What Was Your Favourite Convention Experience? 



Avcon 2013


Nerine from Shuffle drives . . . those ears freaked people driving to the con on Friday.

Conventions are really awful things, they make your anime obsession thousand times worst. Attending my first convention set me in motion just like many other victims. For the last 10 years I’ve attended the same local convention known as Avcon (Anime And Video convention). In all the times attending, each experience has it’s own cherished memories with me but year 2013 was the craziest time, even now I loved every moment of it thanks to my friends at the time. They were crazy as me. It was first time me and my friends attended the con all together, staying in the city over whole weekend. Whenever I was around these individuals things were about to be lit and crazy.



Avcon runs every July for three days, Friday evenings are the opening ceremony its always fun, the committee of the convention doing a new skit every year, that’s hilarious following a anime screening. Me and my friends were too lazy to attend the opening night, instead went to late night in the main mall. Shops stay open till 9pm and perfect time while everyone else is at the convention, to stalk the local anime store. This anime store is my happy place and barely been a time visiting the city in not popping in. . . walking out with a purchase or $50 later.

During the convention the anime store always has massive sale the entire weekend, Friday evening is the perfect time, quiet and time to enjoy browsing. Me and my friends decided to cosplay though anyway, I was Nerine from Shuffle, my other friend casual cosplay and my friend Aerith from Final Fantasy. You’ll see other con-goers walking around the mall also in cosplay, it’s con excitement. Rest of the Friday night involved picking up our con passes and eating bad food, late night chats.



First day of the cons are always the best in my opinion, best shenanigans happen then. Saturday. . . was nuts, I made the great decision of cosplaying the entire weekend. . . one of them was a out-of-comfort. Me and pink don’t feel mix well, I’ve always been a blue girl but as a cosplay goal Amu Hinamori from magical girl series Shugo Chara had always been on my list. This was one of first magical girl series I ever became invested in and Amu’s cheerleader chara form was only time wearing so much pink. This is a cosplay that made me very self conscious in deciding to do, I even dropped weight just for it. In my efforts I was pleased enough but looking at it now .  . . just no. You should have lost more weight younger lita.

I bought the cosplay but made the wand prop and finding the right pink shoes was a bitch to find. Cosplaying has always let out my perfectionism side, you can be as fussy as you want in how you want to look. But it was hilarious I would get irritated by the slightest thing that wasn’t accurate to the outfit, it’s how cosplay warps you. Wanting to get your character as identical as possible, least the realm allows you to have no barricades to leash you down on that note.

Whole Saturday from memory was spent running into old faces and talking a lot, me and my friends attended a panel I think. Lots of window shopping, lots before any of us decided what we wanted to buy. Lots of photo stops by people, especially my friend as Aerith she was a pretty dang cute one, it was cuter she wanted to have basket and flowers as a addition completing the whole look. 

You may notice couple of photos where Amu looks like she is killing people. . .I was posing for a photo with my friend and other random Inuyasha who was just crazy. All up the entire day was a crazy rush, many derp photos taken then later in the evening was nuts. You have a choice of the trivia night or after dark party on the Saturday of the con but me and my friends decided to attend a couple of bars, drinks, dancing. Whaha it was interesting night!~ 



After recovering from the wild previous night, onto another crazy-filled day it was. My third cosplay most I was excited to do was an oldie, Cardcaptor Sakura. Cosplay was bought but I made the wings and my dad helped me craft the staff. That was a fun project to work on with him, it turned out amazing, my dad had a knack for making of cosplay weapons. Sakura was stopped for many photos surprisingly, it was a great feeling hehe. My favourite part of the cosplay was the shoes, cosplay house saved my long journey of finding the perfects shoes ugh. 

My friend cosplayed as Tomoyo which is my favourite cosplay duo I’ve ever done, she looked adorable as Tomoyo. We had a blast taking snaps of each other, my friends were dimes for putting up with of my requests to take some snaps of me. One of my favourite photos from the Sunday was running into another Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicles, who looked gorgeous in her hand made cosplay. Hilarious girl who wanted a pose of “battle of the Sakura’s”. 

Here are some of those snaps, my favourite of making the clow card looking like it was floating. Mission accomplished there. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 9.00.43 pm

Best highlight of this whole weekend was it was Sunday afternoon I remember sitting down with my friends, a person comes up to me whom I had met earlier on the Saturday morning where he had asked for a photo. I realised he was deaf as he used a sketchbook to reply to what I was saying to him, when he came up to me he had wrote down “I was the best Sakura he had seen all day and that I was very nice”. I was really moved by those kind words and that has always been a memory that has stood out for me. Fulldancer Alchemist Funnily enough I ran into the same person again at Melbourne nova the following year when I attended my first interstate con. He was so sweet and just a great memory I have. 

Crazy times were winding down now. . . 

Reaching the Sunday evening it’s time for the closing ceremony, always a crack up. Me and my friends actually attended it, this event is always a grand highlight for the auction. There have been strange items over the years later, from gigantic letters of the word AVCON, to a whole suit of armour. People aren’t afraid to splash the cash, its unreal the bidding wars and how high people will go. I wished in the those moments for some popcorn and cider. 


There you have it my most crazy con time. . . hehe well there more and probably more to come in the future. I’m excited for future cons I’ll get to go to but my horizons have desired towards interstate and overseas cons one day maybe. 

Tell me a crazy con moment you had below? 

Stayed tuned for Day 4 for tomorrow!!


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