Geeky Challenge Day 2: An Arrow Pierced Me


Double fandom talk for the first two days of this challenge, lucky I even have an answer for this, as I don’t use my netflix enough.


Beyblade was my precious first.

Now w’ere talking my most recent, I wanted to say outlander for this answer, finishing season four last month. That doesn’t count really as I’ve been obsessed with that for the last few years, BUT. Finally I used my netflix for once and tried out a DC inspired TV series.




What Is Your Most Recent Fandom? 




I never grew up with comics as a kid, only in the last month or so I’ve begun to read actual proper comics instead of manga. Diving into this renewed my interest in Marvel, DC comics in general. Tv inspired series like S.h.i.e.l.d, Jessica Jones and an abundance more never drew me enough interest to want to give a go. Last month I wanted a break from anime and dramas to watch something different, for years I’d wanted to try one DC inspired TV series but it never was talked up enough for me to take the plunge.

At San Diego Comic Con this year the series announced it’s final 8th season to run end of this year, this series has been running since 2012 and pretty decent run time for a show. its ARROW!! 


Three seasons in and can you not tell I’m addicted. This was the change of pace I needed among my watches, the series has a slow start in first season. After episode 5 is when things just took off for me, the constant fast pace momentum of the plot is insane and addicting. Arrow focuses on playboy Oliver Queen who is shipwrecked on a island for 5 years until he is found. Returning to normal life is alien to Oliver, the things he went through in those five years changed him completely. Oliver takes on the identity as the vigilante Arrow and becomes starling cities protector. Best thing I love about this series, is main character Oliver has no latent superpowers but relies on what he was taught through combat training and archery. Oliver is a strategic individual always trying to stay one step ahead but his fives years of isolation, took a part of him that he slowly regains through new and old connections.

Oliver makes himself a force to be reckoned with, excluding powers but bare fists and wits. Compared to other series I eventually would love to check out Super Girl, The Flash, Arrow is the standout among other superhero series not relying on the powers alone can save the day. My taste in the superhero space has changed over the years leaning towards series like Arrow where the characters don’t have special abilities like Batman etc. You become more absorbed in these kind of characters, emotionally having the essence of humanity we all relate with.

Arrow has done fantastic job of building up in each season focusing on apart of Oliver’s five years he was away from home. Starting each new season always has me excited of what he experienced, everything is thought out well. During episodes there are constant flashbacks you’ll see during Olivers five years relating to the present of what is happening in the present. So far favourite character goes to tech brainiac Felicity, I relate to her in how we talk for way too long and go off track quickly. She’s hilarious in this respect but feisty when Oliver is not seeing clearly on things, the voice of reason.

Arrow was the perfect side watch and distraction from other things, reminded me how I should get around to watching other things, I’ve put off for years. Here’s to where things go in this series, by the time this post comes out I’ll have started bingeing this again.


Emily who plays Felicity will be on my radar from now on.


I wonder what my next fandom phase will be, can’t wait for to it to come along. Arrow will tide me over for now ahaha.

What’s you’re latest craze? would I like it? would I become obsessed with it? Do tell me down below!!

Stay tuned for Day 3!

See you all tomorrow !!



  1. Another thing we have in common, superheroes! Yay! I’ve only seen bits of Arrow but I love Felicity.
    I’ve watched more of Flash and Supergirl. I always hesitate to watch arrow because I hear it gets kinda complicated in story.

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