Geeky Challenge Day 1: Spinning Tops


My blog is about to come alive this October. . . with a 30 DAY CHALLENGE. Will I make it to the end? Let’s hope so ahaha lol


Hello old and new followers!!


October . . . How did we get here. I had trouble processing it reaching August and July alone enough. This year truly has flown by so quickly, can not anyone mention the word ‘Christmas’ no-one is ready for that. I’m ready for a new month as August was a rubbish month onward to aussie winter ending, spring anew comes. Warm weather you’re girl is ready to get out the shorts and t shirts again. Truly looking forwarding to the warmer and longer nights returning, in the warmer months I feel more motivation than during winter. 

Majority of this year so far was focused on my youtube, the blog got a look in here and there. All my preaching of my blog getting a boost is about to happen thanks to blogger Meg ( A Geeky Gal)’s Geeky blog challenge. 30 days and 30 posts on all things geek, this challenge couldn’t have come at a better time for me. We kill two birds with one stone here. Lita gives her blog a boost and newer followers get to know me a little better in my geeky favourites and tastes. Everybody wins and I’m determined to see through this challenge, so if you want to wish me luck. Comment your cheering below.



What Was Your First Fandom?



Megan’s first question for Day 1 was not at all hard to think about. Growing up in the 90s Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Yugioh, Dragonball Z, Digimon were all your classic staples I actively watched. You can read here my childhood memories of those simple times. Eventually diving into fighting robots Gundam Wing and wonderful world of what toonnami had to offer. Among all these there was but one that swallowed me whole into it’s fandom and of all things, about spinning tops.

Beyblade G Revolution (3rd Season)


Might have heard me talk about Beyblade on the blog a fair bit and I had a obsession with it BADLY . . . AND STILL do over a decade later. First time I remember watching Beyblade was on a kids channel in the UK called Milkshake, every Saturday was ritual for me. Recording Beyblade episodes over and over on the same VHS tape that I ran dry eventually from it’s frequent usage. No care in the world when watching this tape over and over until new episodes came out each week. These spinning tops containing celestial beasts inside, teenagers screaming their attacks aloud was just the most exhilarating thing to me. It gave me the same feeling as Gundam Wing did but we know fighting robots beat magical spinning tops.

I’ve seen odd episodes here and there of previous two seasons but G Revolution, last season what I grew up with. The spinning tops were cool to watch in battle but the teams, main characters are what stole my teen heart. Last season focuses on the old team blade breakers going their seperate ways but are soon brought together again when an old foe appears to cause trouble from second season. I remember watching the very last episode ever. . . feeling most devastated in my teen hood. To never seen my Beyblade babies, especially Kai Hiwatari my first anime crush.


In all his cold jerk glory

The bad boys always win. Kai was a cold ass jerk towards his friends and wanting to beat his rival Tyson on a constant basis. One point he becomes obsessed with the idea but in the third season there’s a moment in the last few episodes, Kai discovers his raw enjoyment of Beyblade sport instead be caught up in his obsessions. That moment I was balling my eyes out, it took TOO long for the idiot to realise such a simple feeling. It’s one of my favourite moments for Kai but think what drew me to him was how much of a loner he was. That period of my life getting into Beyblade, I felt alone in my teen obsessions and loves it was natural to feel connected to Kai’s loneliness. That. . . Lita likes her bad boys with a cold touch.

When Beyblade stopped airing on TV I took my series love to fan fiction, staying up late reading million Beyblade fanfics, mostly all about Kai. Drawing fan art of Kai. . . a lot and writing my own fan fiction, any spare moment I had, was working on this delicate piece. Whenever I stayed over my nan’s on weekends, I was writing my masterpiece away and still have this treasured teen piece:


Yeh. . . I made it about me and Kai, no surprise there. I’m very proud of my piece, *cough* Not,  it might still make it on to fan fiction, if my lazy ass can be bothered to rewrite this.

Oh my obsession didn’t stop there. . .

Finding out in America they had Beyblade championships. Discovering the website I’d sit there watch the live battles commence and it was pretty hilarious that this was even a thing. Watching these kids use their toy Beyblade was cute and acting out their attacks, only in America, such a thing would exist.

Beyblade is a very treasured series for me and if you bring up the word, my fan girl heart just looses it. I lost it in this post back in April discussing exciting announcements and releases for the year, among those was America anime distributor Discotek Media known for bringing the old. They. . . brought Beyblade all THREE SEASONS to Bluray in new shiny releases.

Me finding out . .


Among my unheard teen wishes was for this series to be released once again because it never got a proper release and Discotek Media, from that moment became anime gods to me. Mainly I want season three because well. . . you know why if you read at the beginning of this post.

So hopefully you understand my perspective on Beyblade fandom obsession and what this series did to teen Lita.


Wasn’t this a good start for this challenge? get right into my main obsessions and scare you all away?

Did you have a scary fandom obsession in your teens? you won’t be the only geeky crazy here . . I’m a prime example.

Stay tuned for Day 2 Tomorrow ! 



  1. “First time I remember watching Beyblade was on a kids channel in the UK called Milkshake…”

    Oh my gosh, Milkshake was amazing! Honestly, I still sing the jingle to that channel to this day, haha.

    Meg’s posts were always really interesting during this challenge, so I am looking forward to reading your posts for it as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. For me, maybe The Babysitter’s Club? I was always trying to get the next book in the series, and I so wanted the dolls and stuff I saw in stores. Sabrina the Teenage Witch and The Powerpuff Girls were also things I really got into, and then by the time Sailor Moon and Pokemon appeared on TV, well, you know the outcome… 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never heard of the baby sitters club lol I’ll look it up SABRINA AND POWER PUFF YASSSS KRYSTAL !!! I still haven’t read the sailor moon manga yet lol how shameful is that yay lol

      Liked by 1 person

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