Eccentric Ones Are Annoying Or Not?


Oh look it’s another Sound Euphonium post might have mentioned you would be seeing but who would have thought. This series would contain a character crazy like me.


Those Eccentric Ones

Aren’t people like me who are so eccentric and loud, so ANNOYING?? 

This is what think to myself anytime I’m excessively loud. Am I annoying people? I should be quieter at this moment? somewhat thoughts swirling around inside my mind but it’s characters like Asuka from Sound Euphonium – evaporate all of that. Last month finally dove into the music wonder Sound Euphonium, was a true delight for all the praise it receives. One of the best musical series I’ve watched in a very long time that blew my mind with it’s character depth. Characters that wrench away on your heart strings for their individual love of music. An instant love among the cast was Asuka Tanaka, having a reigning presence among others.

The moment Asuka appeared on screen with her high energy and inviting aura to try and entice people like Kumiko to join the concert band – I was laughing hard. Characters are like mirrors to parts of ourselves, Sora Nageino (Kaleido Star) I’ve mentioned before represents my goofy side and now I’ve found my counterpart: up straight crazy. Speaking crazy, I describe Asuka in a positive light. It was interesting, in the second season Asuka becomes a central focus peeling off her eccentric facade revealing deeper emotions. Beneath it all Asuka is self driven not caring to partake in anything other than playing her Euphonium and going to nationals. Asuka could care less of the other dramas that occur around her, this is not to say she doesn’t not care about others. I can understand:

Who wants to deal with trivial crap anyway?

This focus on Asuka character didn’t change my first thoughts of her. Painting her eccentric facade as only as a cover I don’t believe is all fake, is equally apart of her own self. Asuka’s loud, infectious side was authentic in encouraging her fellow band members especially the soft spot she had for Kumiko. How Asuka acted 80% towards her peers was the side of myself you see here in my posts, youtube all platforms I am on, which is too many, haha. People are wary of others who appear over-friendly, especially if you are on the internet, “oh they are so fake” do I need to abbreviate on more comments like this? You get the picture.

I’ve spoken before in a OWLS post how the anime community allowed my true self to arise. Before I was this mute mouse and then as they say “spread my wings”. I’ve never looked back and accepted my loud self is apart of me. Asuka had her individual goals, aspirations but nothing was ever fake in how she treated everyone else around her. Asuka’s mother was a massive pressure for Asuka forcing a facade wall to be put up, not letting others see deep beneath. Her mother never approved Asuka playing the euphonium, going to nationals in the first place and no contact with her father.

Facades, mask come either two ways as fake or to protect ourselves. Asuka was protecting herself, much like anyone else to not be hurt. But to also give herself reassurance everything will be fine, ‘I can take on the world’. I remember the scene Kumiko confronts Asuka’s facade, seeing through her disguise towards her deeper feelings. It’s a breathtaking speech Kumiko gives for Asuka to stop acting like an responsible adult, reminding her she’s just a high school student. Acting in this manner, Asuka will be able to suck it up and deal with everything she is feeling. There was no wrongful action in how Asuka behaved to deal with her inner struggles, thats how she decided to deal with it.

Asuka’s eccentric way, reminded me of my ‘crazy’ side and people sometimes might not mean to put on facades because deep down they don’t know how else to deal with whatever negative is affecting me.

Yeh this turned out bit of a random blurb this post.


Main moral of this post: I’m eccentric and proud of it


Some of you wouldn’t have me any other way and I wouldn’t have me any other way either ! so were all good?

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 

Lita Kino


  1. Asuka is genuinely eccentric and fun, but she’s also REALLY mean sometimes.

    That makes her character a lot more interesting, though. She often has harsh words hidden in a tone of glee.

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  2. I haven’t seen the show, but in general it depends if the eccentric one is annoying, well at least for me. I found Mako’s eccentricness worked in Kill La Kill, because it fit with the show. Some of the other eccentric characters don’t work for me because it breaks from the show.

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    1. I have seen kill la kill but I like eccentricness that is funny for sure 🙂 Asuka uses eccentric as a facade to hide her inner emotions I believe just because it was an act didnt mean there no truth in how she wanted to encourage others around her. But on the inside she is a meanie LOL

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  3. It’s no wonder we’re good friends—Asuka was my favorite character from the series! I love how carefully written her character was, from voice actor delivery to subtle nuances in her voice. If you listened, you could tell exactly how she felt about something, but she certainly hid her feelings well, too.

    She’s a bundle of joy, but also a tough nut to crack. Thanks for giving her some love Lita! ❤️

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