Those Devious Deres You Do This!

Seems me and Yuki love to tease a lot.


My previous post was not the most uplifting but during a roughest part about it all, I decided to pick a series from my recommended twitter list from friends. The word cute can’t even cover this series full of tsuredure innocence. I feel deceived no SEASON TWO!!

Back in May on the spur of the moment decided to take on friends ‘wants’, series for Lita to just watch for the love of god. It was a overwhelming response, the variety people suggested was a great mix. Already I’ve completed Psycho Pass upon fellow blogger friend Mel’s request, have a post in the works for that. Fellow blogger friends Derek and Takuto suggested both Tsurezure Children, airing in the summer 2017 season, fans fell in love easy with this romance comedy. Focusing on various teenage couples in different romance scenarios, from confessing your feelings, dilemmas it causes, the first time you realise your feelings.


Go Too Cute 



Derek and Takuto gave me a torturing series to have fallen with love with. From the premise you know you’re going to get plenty of cute factor but not knowing my whole self being dowsed in it. The last cute series I watched earlier this year, gave me the same feeling was Inari Kon Kon. Tsurezure Children might have beaten this series just by a mile for the sheer fact it’s been sometime watching anything romance. Which is unlike me entirely if you know me or have followed my blog, you know I’m just a romance fanatic.

Tsurezure Children came to me at a rough patch, I was working through and currently am. It came at the worst peak though where anything uplifting desperately was welcomed. This isn’t a series to be analysed for how it relates to the real world of romance and how it works, if you view this anime in that way then you need to take a chill pill. One similarity to how the life of dating can be a stressful, novice pairing Kanada and Takase are a good example. The pair never got anywhere to confessing their feelings but the sequence texting back and forth, how either didn’t want to look desperate, needy. Building inside their minds, pointless assumptions that just made communicating even more stressful. It’s a true fact messaging or texting people, we read too much into people’s responses. They didn’t leave you a heart emoiji at the end of goodnight, their texts are short with bullet points.

Cute factor was at full throttle during twelve episodes but to elevate that was some hysterical humour. Pairing Chikai and Kana take the home award for making me laugh the most, in their attempts at having their first kiss. Doesn’t always have to be a special moment or ‘the right timing’ for occasion like this because they don’t pan out in a fairytale scene, if they have for you then you’re lucky. My first kiss was behind a trash can when I was seven, I call it ‘trash can kiss’ haha. My favourite pairings from these adoring children Chizuru, Takuoru and Kaji, Akagi. But Kaji and Akagi chemistry is one I’d love to find in a shoujo manga which I haven’t yet, girl is a delinquent and a male protagonist like Akagai straight forward and direct in a sexy appeal. Or maybe I love it’s one of Lita’s fantasy’s?

I can’t forget to mention Gouda and Kamine, they were the cutest pair out of everyone. You cannot say otherwise because if you did, you need to go back and rewatch all their moments together. Then come back and tell me you were wrong, haha. Tsurezure Children is the best remedial cure for when your feeling at your lowest points, cuteness to over shower you and leave you in a mush puddle. I binged watched this in a entire evening, each episode is only twelve minutes. . . WHY was it only !! My only negative here is WHERE IS SEASON TWO!!

I feel deceived here. . . stupid tsundere children and explosion of confession that left me feverish.


Ones that tease like Akagai did are always deadly choices heh.


There were some parts in the series that made no sense to me especially this pretty boy coming out of nowhere to save damsels. But you just go along with because I still was gasping for air regardless. Thankyou Takuto and Derek for the recommendation and Lita kept her promised as I intend to with all the other series, people wanted me to watch. It’s just going to take a bit.

Feel free to just add onto my list of 20 anime I must make my way through why don’t you? What is a series you just want Lita to start for the love of god?, haha why do I do this to myself LOL

I had very good intentions and preparation when asking this question because at the time I needed a kick up the butt to watch some series, for some strange reason just avoid. This is motivation !!

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



  1. Great to see that this series helped you a little bit during rough times. It’s great when an anime is able to do that, and it made me smile when I read it😊 Hope things are going at least slightly better now. answer your question of which anime I want you to start for the love of god lol How about: Rideback? In my opinion it’s a very underrated gem and one I think you would enjoy! 😊 Take care, and I hope you will have a great weekend! 😊

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  2. I really enjoyed this series. Every episode put a smile on my face. Shame about no season two. The manga has since finished and can be bought off Comixology, which is what I did.

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  3. I’m so happy to be able to help you out, especially during a time where it was needed. Isn’t this just THE cutest shit you’ve ever seen, ahahaha!! I love it so much! Fun, light, uplifting, perfect for those long days after work or good for binging all at once too. Watching Chikai string Kana along that whole time just for the perfect kiss was just adorable, but my personal favorite pairing was the smoker girl and the student council president—those two, such an odd (yet dangerous!?) and exciting pair!

    Thanks again for giving this little show a watch—I’m glad you enjoyed it!!

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