Of Every Moment Anime Reminds Me

You have a semi serious Lita today.


Today I was contemplating if I was going to write this post but don’t think I could hold back the wanting and needing too. It gives me opportunity to express anime reminds me to not waste life.


I was talking with a friend last week who said no matter the loss of human or animal it hurts all the same. The past week has been a hard one on my end, my family and I had our beloved Cat put down last weekend. Leo had been unwell over the past two weeks and last Saturday took a turn for the worst. It wasn’t a lightly decision but you have to do what you think is the best for your fur babies. Leo was in his senior year, he was a rescue cat, about ten or eleven but very much a kitten at heart still. Your pets are as much family as children, the past week has been weird to not see him following me around squawking for food. Find him laying on top of my books when I walk into my room, find him laying in his bed in the laundry taking the 100th cat nap. There is a hole left that can’t be filled when you loose someone human or animal. Luckily still have my other crazy one as Leo was, my chocolate Labrador, who’s about as nutty as his owner.

Though he has barely noticed Leo gone, can’t blame him they had a mutual understanding the pair. They never bothered with each other much, Leo would just tease my dog, it’s hilarious the videos I have of them together. My dog is a teddy bear and was always gentle. These are the memories I want to remember Leo always by, even up to the point staying with him till the end.


This whole week had hitting me hard, how life changes in the spur of a moment. Alongside that is always a reminder has been anime, the symbolism of life gives us as a medium has touched me like no other form of medium, it’s special. It’s one of main reasons why anime is important to me and many shows over the last decade of being a fan have touched me in so many ways.




 “Sometimes living can be hard but it’s only because we’re alive that we can make each other laugh, cry and be happy!”

Whether you watch old or new 2019 reboot of Fruits Basket, both possess the same warmth that made me fall in love with the series first. Tohru as the main protagonist comes off as nothing special but this kindred spirit drives home this series. After loosing her father then her mother, Tohru never lets her tragedy keep her down. There is more to the story on how Tohru smiles through the negative but Tohru presses on. Tohru reminds me of myself in many ways, to be kind to others even if they never ask for it, treasure important memories and her philosophical, optimistic outlook on life. Tohru lives her best life she can despite all the lows in her life, to be able to change the lives of the sohma family as she does. It’s why the girl is special. Fruits Basket is a life book full of life lessons that I like to open the pages of to remind me, treasure the good, bad memories in your life.



“There will be those who say that you can’t do it
There will be those who laugh at your hardwork
But you don’t ever listen to them, Don’t forget,
your hard work will never betray you
Your on the right track
Keep on following the course you’ve set yourself”


Under appreciated sports anime Days touched me, when you feel burdensome and useless in your life. I wrote a piece back in 2016 on how Tsukamoto was one of the most useless underdogs I have come across in anime yet. But his stubborn idiocy to always keep trying and feel like your getting somewhere towards your goals, ambitions whatever it is was inspiring. Others would criticise this protagonist but a personal cord was struck with Tsuskamoto, as in my school days one sport shot put was only thing I was half decent at. Tuskamoto captain Mizuki saids a quote that made me want to think about towards my hobbies. Blogging, youtube can seem like dead end avenues, for all the work you put into these time consuming hobbies. That all I’ve ever created has represented my love for anime and me as a person. Days is a reminder that hard work never betrays you no matter what your doing, turn the feelings of useless and burdensome into a trying force.



“A strong person is not the one who doesn’t cry. A strong person is the one who cries and sheds tears for a moment, then gets up and fights again” 


Fairytail is my favourite shonen ever (sorry Dragonball z). This series wears it’s heart on it’s sleeve and is filled with so many memorable quotes. No matter the situation the fairytail guild face, their a stubborn lot to never give up and one of the trading marks this series is iconically known for. There isn’t a single character in this series that hasn’t touched me in some way but one character who views the theme of ‘being strong’ in the same view I do is Erza Scarlet. You wouldn’t believe how many easy seconds it takes to make me cry, that I always viewed as a weakness (I’m a cry baby). Seeing the amount of times Erza cries and quoting the above how she views what being strong means to her, has stuck with me. Exposing yourself openly intricately as shedding tears is a brave thing to even do all the while you could hold in your emotions. Erza reminds me that expressing your emotions, crying builds you up to become only stronger, more resilient and not let yourself see that as a weakness.


“You can die at any time but living takes true courage.”


Rurouni Kenshin’s story is one of my favourites on the theme of redemption about a man’s battle with himself between his past as a assassin and wanderer wanting to right his wrongs by never killing again. Kenshin throughout the series is at war with himself, but takes great courage for him to face it all head on. Like when we have to face our demons head on in life, that’s how I perceive this quote on. Life can be a bitch when it wants to be, we want to runaway from the bad and hide away. It takes every ounce of your whole self to be brave and face our demons. It’s a life time of resilience you build up, becoming stronger every time life wants to knock you down. My amount of setbacks in my life some of I’ve got up fast from, some have taken longer but somehow got up again. Kenshin’s story reminds me whatever curve ball life throws every time to get back up is never easy but every time you make it up. You’re building yourself into a stronger warrior. and it’s okay if it takes you longer to give fight back, the bad will pass and good will come again.



It’s not all sunshine and rainbows for right now but the bad will pass with time and goodness will come again. This mindset is a build up of lifetime experiences, for me to be able to think this way. I may not be 100% right now but to be writing this, I think shows a sign of strength within myself. It’s hard to remind yourself you know you have to continuing moving forward in life, I’m finding it difficult even now but at my own pace I’ll be okay again. Truly as you get older you begin to appreciate life so much more, spend any moment you have on the things you love doing, not regret the things you never did. There is still many more anime and manga for Lita to get to talking about, to blog about and I choose to not waste a moment on trivial things in this life.

I appreciate to anyone who reads this as this was more of a release for me to write and I feel a lot relief for myself. Miss you baby leo always xxxxxxx

I’ll see you all in the next post, friends.



  1. I’m really sorry to hear about Leo😢 I have no pets myself, but I know how pets can truly become a part of your family. I always hear sometimes people saying that when a pet passes, it’s just an animal, it isn’t the same as a human dying. I always scoff at that, because it is. A pet becomes part of you just the same, and having a lot of friends who lost their pets over the years, I can truly feel their sorrow.
    I had to smile at what you said in the paragraph about Fairy Tale: I cry a lot as well, and I used to think it was a weakness. Not anymore though. I think crying is good: instead of bottling things up, it’s good to let go every once in a while and share your emotions. Either with good friends, or family. It is never a good to thing to keep it in.
    Which is why I think this post was really amazing. I’m really sorry for your loss, and I hope that over the coming days you are going to feel better. Thank you though for writing such a beautiful post, not only as a kind of tribute to Leo, but for yourself and us, and remind us once again of all the things in anime, that make it such an amazing medium and why we all love it so much. Take care 😊

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    1. Raist it’s been a long time since I heard from you HOW ARE YOU !!! Thankyou for your such touching comment it truly means a lot my friend 😢❤️❤️ I’m doing okay but giving myself time to eventually be okay with it at some point. You always write the most heartfelt comments it’s so nice to see you back !!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have been back for a few weeks now, and I’m glad to say I am definitely doing better. I have had a rough couple of months, both healthwise and mentally, but am definitely on the mend for which I’m pretty grateful. I’m very glad to be back to blogging and talking to everyone again 😊
        You are very welcome: and please give yourself all the time in the world that you need. We will all still be here, especially when you need us😊But I really do mean it: things like this really do need their time, which is why you should really take good care of yourself❤️


  2. This was such a sweet post, and I can see you wearing your own heart on your sleeve with this one. Really sorry to hear about Leo. I’m glad he has given you as much as this wonderful medium has, if not more, and I hope these beloved shows and characters continue to remind you of his love.

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    1. Awwwwww bless you my dear. . . . the old me wouldn’t have been able to write this but I needed to let out. This is why I love connecting anime with personal because anime just lets me get out what I want to say so easily. Thankyou sincerely for commenting and let alone reading ❤ ❤

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  3. “Your pets are as much family as children, ”

    They really are.

    “I may not be 100% right now but to be writing this, I think shows a sign of strength within myself.”

    It does. It’s a strength that will grow over time, especially with the attitude that you’ve shown here.

    Thanks for sharing!

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