These 5 Aesthetic Anime Bring The Simple

Such a cute picture of Makoto!!


We’re getting some heavy down pour this week and thanks to reading a particular post. I felt inspired to make this list . . .  because lists hardly ever happen from me. My bad.


Top 5 lists are way easier than top 10’s right? I have no excuse but pure laziness for not writing a top 10 list in forever. Abandoning the idea that I can never pick favourites however long ago, my perspective has changed towards this. Biblio Nyan wrote a recent post covering 5 favourite anime with beautiful scenery they are a fan of, it was a great read. Definitely can check it out here. They inspired me for my own list because in all my time having this blog, I’ve never talked about some of my favourite animations in anime but with a twist. I’m a simpleton, I like simple and that in itself can be more than enough.

Animation no matter what era in all the shows I’ve watched in past decade. All have their pleasing aesthetic for me, this list could have turned into just containing purely Kyoto Animation. Animation Gods. As encapsulating their animation is and for pretty pleasing series, After The Rain, World In Colors, full of bright visuals. A series for me doesn’t need to require outstanding visuals in order please my soul. I wanted to share 5 simple series that pleases my aesthetic soul but with their own sparkle.


Gargantia On The Verdurous Planet


Production I.G to me have a fairly good standard in their animation, Kimi Ni Todoke first series watched by them is up there on top shelf. Joining those ranks was scrape the surface scifi, mecha Gargantia. I’ve already talked about this series before how this series represents how we must appreciate the little things in life, having a warming homely feel to it. Production I.G brought their A game towards their animation quality for this one. The series set on alternate planet earth, covered in water, focusing on the people of Gargantia living on these floating cities. How they live their simple lives and aiding Soldier Leo finding a place of belonging after being in an induced sleep for 6 months. 

Set in a sea scape surrounding brings all the soothing calm, glistening water, even from the rustic detail on the fleet ships the people of Gargantia live on. The theme simplicity rings out and following people of this planet and warm aura they emanate, calling themselves family, the use of bright visuals is more than appropriate to reflect this quality for this anime. Best scenes are the night sea scapes, where similar to as we know the ‘northern lights’, A phenomena happens on this planet, looking like fireflies are floating on the water and streaks of green emerald fill the sky. In combination with gorgeous aquatic visuals reflecting the humble atmosphere, Gargantia possesses, turning itself into a hidden gem among other ones.


Snow White With The Red Hair 


What if I just lied and this list is just full of pretty anime? Sorry if it turns out this way  but it would be a crime to not mention this beloved romance. Snow White With The Red Hair is up their in my favourite romances, no surprise there from me. Studio Bones surprised me with this one, they can make pretty happen. It has that pleasing fairytale atheistic atmosphere, would be unacceptable to not have this required appeal. I don’t want to even imagine this adoring series being without it.

I believe it a necessity series picturesque animation apart of the main appeal to this anime. I’ve rewatched this three times over and each time, it never seems to loose it’s elegance. Snow White With The Red Hair possesses that elegant factor and the animation drives that home. The dreamy love of Shirayuki and Zen that blossoms, glistening forest basking in the sun rays, sending all the good vibes. This series is more than pleasing to the eye and atmosphere. When you think of fairytale, you think dreamy colours, happy go atmosphere, sparkly, Bones captures this essence. Good to know you guys can do from a crazy Mecha like Mars Daybreak to a dreamy fairytale.

Inari Konkon Koi Iroha


When I think of simple next to Gargantia, this slice of life, supernatural comes to mind. I’ve spoken before in one of my OWLS post, how this hidden gem surprised me in many ways. It’s classed as romance but this element is in the aspect of friendship mainly, no romance blossoms. But the series covers friendship love between main characters Goddess Uke and Inari. Inari saves one of Uke’s fox familiar’s and Uke grants her a wish, which sadly backfires. Uke then gives her a small part of her deity powers giving Inari the ability to change into any person. The series focuses on Inari working through her awkwardness and shyness, realising to love herself for who she is already. Riding on the themes to be somebody you’re not.

I never expected the animation to be so eerily pleasing. This series utilises it’s colours very well,  never letting up on this main stand out. Most of the touchy, feely moments that happen, everything sparkles in sunlight or not. This is one hell of a aesthetic pleasing anime just for it’s visuals alone. The story is more than solid in the realm of friendship and love. It’s a BBB, Bright, beautiful, breathtaking. A hidden gem beyond pleasing to discover during this year.



I’m a huge clamp fan and how it intertwines all it’s series together. Kobato is the dated one out of this list but watching this series once alone. Left an everlasting, pleasing impression for me. Kobato is the main passion that drives this series home, fulfilling her desire to ‘go to the that place’ by healing the hearts of those who feel, frustration, sadness. Filling her tiny bottle, there is more to this premise than meets the eye, which is beyond heart-warming.

Kobato is one of the calmest series I’ve ever watched similar to Gargantia, it’s the small things that matter. There’s a scene in the first episode, Kobato begins to sing for a young baby who is crying, while standing under a cherry blossom tree. I’ve never been able to get this scene out of my mind, the sakura colours and brightness surrounding Kobato in that moment, soothes the soul. Kobato may seem like an empty shell with hardly any personality but you’ll quickly forget that, fall in love with how kind hearted she is towards people. The series is a slow mover but a satisfying pleasant feeling you feel by the end. Because this series is dated (2009) still I think would uphold strongly if you watched it on Bluray.


Tsuki ga Kirei


Tsuki ga Kirei a hidden gem I discovered during Spring 2017 season that stole my heart. A middle school romance focused on main characters Akane and Kotarou, experiencing having their first love. Ever since watching Studio feel. have been on my radar since being one of their first original works. The series got a lot of backlash for using CGI in particular background scenes, which never bothered me. Tsuki ga Kirei animation is very simplistic especially from the character designs but the backgrounds make up for being aesthetically pleasing.

There is an air of innocence throughout and is reflected well through simple use of animation. Nothing has been made to stand out regarding it’s colours, everything has kept soft and toned down – making this series feel pure. Tsuki ga Kirei is about a pure, innocent time in our young lives where were experiencing new things and first loves. To go out all out with bold, bright colours and animation would ruin the feel of this honest work. This series showed me you don’t need outstanding animation in order to leave an everlasting impression. You never want a series to try to be something it’s not and be for what it is, which Tsuki ga Kirei demonstrates beautifully.



Me after watching a satisfying series


Simple is always best wouldn’t you agree? If you watch any of these series you’ll be pleasantly left feeling satisfied, I’m confident in my choices here. You trust Lita’s judgement? Well you should!! LOL.

Suggest some simple shows like the ones in this list I might enjoy, and if you’ve seen any of these anime. Did you like how aesthetically simple they felt? Did they have pleasing animation to go along with it? leave a comment!

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



  1. Snow White With the Red Hair could’ve been a really great story-turned-boring by mediocre animation and direction. Thankfully, Bones went all out with the series, and now it lives on as one of the greats.

    And you already know how I feel about Gargantia: endless seas + metal = AESTHETIC.

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  2. The only one of the 5 I’ve seen is Gargantia, and I agree it has some stunning visuals. I love how alive and realistic the gargiantia looks when it’s multiple ships bolted together. It has this aged, but still durable look, and very organic despite being steel.


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