Prince And Tigress Ft A Girl & Her Anime


Remember I mentioned a collaboration was coming in July, it’s here. Another surprise to come out of the Lita Laboratory. Very excited for this one.


Things always take time and in the end it’s worth it.

I got to collaborate with a amazing blogger all the way from the UK The lovely Amelia from A Girl & Her Anime. Me and Amelia wanted to do something outside the box and creative, fanfiction’s are always the way to go. As both avid lovers of Fruits Basket as with the current new airing anime, it got our creative juices going. We opted for romance base story, now there was the obvious choice to write about Yuki, Kyo or Tohru as a coupling. But we chose a side coupling that I’ve always wanted to just get together, Kisa and Hiro.

Me and Amelia were pleased with how this turned out and hope you enjoy if you are a fan of Kisa and Hiro. Hop over to Amelia’s awesome blog to read our fanfic!! Definitely check out the rest of Amelia’s blog. She puts a lot of work into it down to making these adorable graphic banners for every post she does!!

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 


via The Prince & Tigress: A Creative Fruits Basket Collaboration


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