Mental Media Takeover | OWLS July Technology Blog Tour


Time for the July blog tour where it’s not a post this time but a video. . . how exciting haha


You don’t know the awesome group of OWLS bloggers?

Owls bloggers started up two years and I’ve been a member since. We are a group of bloggers, youtubers and podcasters who do monthly blog tours discussing selected topic for that month. We are a group that loves to spread and promote acceptance within important worldly topics, disability, race, sexuality, human equality. Initially we used anime and pop culture only to discuss our monthly topics but now Owls has branched out beyond this into music, sports, books. The options are endless now for us and our growing group.




For this month’s topic, we will be discussing how technology impacts our relationships with others and how it improves our lives (such as in communication, education, and etc.) by exploring the technology used in various anime and pop culture worlds.


Before checking out my entry, head on over to Hikari a new member with us and her post on Recovery Of A MMO JunkieThis month’s July blog tour Owls looks at Technology and I wanted to do a video for this one. It turned into a long ramble so if anyone makes it through good on you. I used the series Fuuka as my anchor to steer my point across, how I’ve noticed social media affecting people who pursue the blogging, youtuber or podcasting. Making the point how important it is to never be sorry when your going through a bad time and your mental health comes first.

I’m happy with how my video turned out and felt good to do something different for one of the tours.



If you want to join us at OWLS, we’re a welcoming bunch click here.

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I’ll see you all in the next OWLS and next post!! 


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