The Sugary Sweetest Shoujo I’ve Read Yet



More manga talk oh my goodness, about time from me. There is so much to talk about but all manga related content has been going to my youtube past few weeks. One title I just completed this weekend has to be the sweetest shoujo story I’ve ever read in my whole manga time. We’re not talking eating chocolate it’s satisfying but sherbet covered lolly pops overload here. . .


If you have been following me and my anime tastes for a long time you know shoujo is like my strawberry jam to my toast, marshmallow to hot chocolate. This genre knows how to getting my heart skipping a beat, turn a bad day into a good day. We all have our favourite things that make everything better. I’ve read a fair amount of shoujo so far in the manga space, all having it’s own sweet flavour. Titles I love Happy Marriage, Kare First Love among many sweet reads that give the right amount of shoujo dose But . . . never one that has made me have cavities.



Volumes: 8
Published: Shojo Beat
By: Amu Meguro

Taiga is a misunderstood individual, being labelled as a delinquent. After getting into fight defending a turtle being abused by a group. He has a rainy encounter with shy Nao who yet afraid of him leaves him some bandages and a umbrella as a act of kindness, Taiga has never received form anyone. It’s love at first sight for him, he meets Nao going into his first year of high school. Approaching her with a bouquet of flowers asking Nao if she will date him with the idea of marriage in mind. Nao at first is afraid of this so-called delinquent but discovers a sweetness she herself cannot resit. 



Cavity Central But It’s Good 


Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 5.35.53 pm
Ugh this part got me ya’ll

Best way to describe Honey So Sweet is maybe you were one of those kids begged your parents for a giant rainbow lolly. The level of sweetness was the reason you could never finish it, that’s how sweetness level I experienced through this whole read. There were many pauses taken because Nao and Taiga are too innocent for their own good. Were not going to wait till the end of the post to tell you that any shoujo lover is going to enjoy this title, with the exception. If you don’t like shoujo in mass amount as Honey So Sweet contains.

Nao and Taiga you fall fast not solely growth of their relationship but as individuals changing aspects about themselves along the way. The pair are matched in awkwardness and coming to break out of their shy selfs. Befriending other closet ins Kayo and Ayumu helps the shy pair to be more vocal expressing their feelings and social. Nao had the biggest impact from this, there are a few moments through the volumes – the girl speaks up for herself and I find it so endearing. An aspect about Nao characters I loved and related with, having a bad habit like Tohru from Fruits Basket bottling up her emotions. Out of respect most of the time for the people important to her and not wanting to be disliked. This isn’t an easy habit to breakaway from but one Nao works on through the encouragement of those dear to hear.

Taiga character fellow lovers of this series have called him a cinnamon roll, something that should be protected always. I fully agree with this statement, Taiga reminded me Sawako from Kimi Ni Todoke. Misjudged so easily thanks to rumours and labels, Sawako’s facial expression lead to her bring referred as Sadako from The Ring Movie and seeming unapproachable. In Taiga’s case he get’s into fights but not over trivial things, underneath is a genuine soul and mature beyond his current age. The dude takes on a gang for picking on a turtle, if that is not a lure in towards Taiga then I don’t know what is. Animal lovers always a win over here.

Nao and Taiga’s relationship is steady and reflects the pairs level of awkwardness. It takes them a bit to even get to sharing their kiss and going on real dates. For the most part they are both content on hanging out with their friends, spending lunches together etc. Your girl here was all for this, every adoring moment I could get of these pair was worth the wait for the big moments to come. One of the main things I love about Nao and Taiga’s love was not being painted as idealistic, focusing on their personal issues as people and that shaping their relationship in relatable sense.

Nao and Taiga are a big suck in to just love this series on it’s own. But Kaya and Ayumu were just as adoring, you never picture the pair becoming a thing – but they do. Kaya is a huge tease towards Ayumu but Kaya only does this because she doesn’t know how to express her feelings. Kaya is a tough girl to crack unless your persistent enough which Ayumu deserves credit for holding out for her. I loved the build up between the pair and by the end was sold on their coupling. As a group with Nao and Taiga there a loveable lot.  Whole cast of this series is all getting a mention because Sou Nao guardian is a legend. The love and dedication he shows towards Nao, god he would go to the ends of the earth for her. Sou deserves all the respect how he has raised Nao and lending an ear to Taiga when he needs relationship advice. Parent of the year over here.

As for the art style Amu Meguro, you know how to draw that shoujo aesthetic. For the their english publication, it’s a work of shoujo goodness. Amu has got the knack for it, especially the blushing faces, that’s critical man. She does them superbly, along with the added bonus of sparkly factor. Every sweet scene just had me pausing every minute, so I could regain my composure to continue reading, haha.


I think it’s going to be hard for any shoujo as this rate to topple Honey So Sweet rainbow lollypop level. If you think you can recommend me something to topple this, I dare you haha. Because it would have to be sickly sweet as eating sour candy. Romance people just read this, don’t bother reading this review and let this series speak it’s sweet factor to you itself.

Because I really don’t think words alone can for this shoujo, that’s some impact then hey!

Hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on Honey So Sweet, despite the sweet factor it is a damn enjoyable read !!

Feel free to leave any thoughts if you have read this sweet shoujo, if you were left with sweetness overload.

I’ll see you all in the next post!!



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