Know What Blogging Is All About Really? Excitement!!

Asuka is a firecracker!!


Hopefully this week I’ll finish my Sound Euphonium watch, which cannot wait to write about. Kyoto Animation are the gods of emotional tugs. While watching this series I was reminded of my main reason I’m still blogging now, for four years.



My last few posts I’ve spoken before how less structured my blogging style has become and more freeform. To get to the centre of this post I’m at a point in life where your girl over here is tired of keeping such ‘structure’ in her posts all the time. My perfectionist comes out worse when writing about a anime or manga and I’ll let that roll it’s course because like those type of posts to have structure. As. . . for everything else blogging like this is what your going to be see a lot more of.

What lead to this decision? 

Life is different now for me, Lita is older, she runs a youtube and new podcast. All the time from 2016 to now was my perfectionist portion, wanting to have consistency, structure, try all the new things. When you have been around the blogger block a few times, you know what works for you truly. Blogging in freeform like the great Irina does is what truly works for me these days. Like how things are for you in your blogger beginnings, then you become swallowed up in the blogger hype of trying all the new things, wanting to become noticed. It’s a normal phase within any community you enter into now. My days of that are done at this point because I’ve experienced enough to know what works for me in keeping to blog.


Spreading all the excitement!


Pretty simple.

Honestly the reason I felt inspired to write this piece was from rejoining the manga community and reading in general. It’s been really exciting to all these titles during my six year hiatus from manga, swallowing up the new things. That excitement made me recollect my main reasoning for even blogging, to inspire, spread positivity and excitement itself. Nothing makes more happier than someone telling me that either a video or blog affected someone. I’ve received a mass amounts of comments from various people in the anime community recently, saying one of my instagram post inspired them to check out a series. My early blogger days this something I overlook easily because all I become focused on is growing my hatchling blog and paying more attention to the mental strain it was taking on me. Looking back you feel slightly foolish but that’s just what happens when entering into youtube, blogging etc.

I’m so tired of seeing the wasteful energy people put into over social media, ANYWHERE. About some drama that don’t mean a damn thing, so petty. To me they are just wasting their energy on something worthless where you or they could be focusing on something that they enjoy. Sadly this is not something you can press a button and it’ll stop. I always choose to be an individual that wants to be positive and spread excitement.

Lita sounds really passionate here . .

I am because your girl cares about the communities she’s become apart of and I don’t want to add to the negative masses. We have enough of that rubbish about.

While others want to write about something that doesn’t bring them excitement, I’ll be over here bringing all the usual humour and stupidness – that happen in my posts. Not to say I won’t not express when I don’t like something, I’ll be upfront, being an equal critic – by turning something I didn’t like into a funny remark or comment. That’s how people have come to know me in my blogging style and this won’t change. Just my always goal to spread excitement has ramped up a notch.

At one stage I forgot the excitement blogging brought me because I was too focused on the excitement my content was bringing others. It turned to pleasing the masses and not for my own satisfaction, that’s when things like blogging stop being fun all together, then hitting the delete button. Which is why you can expect more spur of the moment posts like this one, where it’s midnight, haha. You probably can tell from this point Lita sounds done with blog schedules and I am. They don’t work for me, putting expectation on me I cannot guarantee only makes me feel guilty these days. The ties of blogging consistency, schedules are at the bottom of my list now, they can stay there, ahaha.

It’s been a long time since I felt release in blogging, not to say whatever I’ve wrote up to now I’ve not enjoyed. Time for me to feel more free like this post has probably turned into a ramble. I just want to bring more posts bursting with more excitement than ever, excite others to check out series and so forth.

That’s all I want going forward with this blog now.


Leave a comment if you feel in your time blogging you have forgotten the excitement putting out a post, it became about satisfying your followers? and not about satisfying yourself? Being overtook by the ties of wanting to become big and what comes with this hobby?

Let’s have a fun discussion friends!!

You feel at peace when you write something like this is what I’m feeling ahaha.

I’ll see you all in the next post! *which is out this Saturday*



  1. Good for you on writing more freely—I have decided to do the same, and so long as it’s not a review, I feel much more satisfaction and happiness after hitting the publish button!

    And yeah, the news has been pretty toxic lately, fandom or otherwise. Do yourself a favor and stay out of it by continuing to make those lovely insta pics, vlog vids, and blog posts!

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  2. I think that everyone who wants to become a full-time blogger, or just get big for whatever reason, will pass through this phase. That’s why I always tell anyone who asks that the most important thing to do is to write about something you love and doing it the way you prefer.

    Yeah, it’s true that writing about Anime coming out will get you more views. It’s also true that, unfortunately, bashing something instead of praising it will give you more views. However, that’s not what you should focus on. Find what you like the most to write and in the way you prefer to do it. The moment you start losing excitement about blogging, then, sooner or later you end up just quitting or going in long hiatus which, if you want to get big, is just completely unproductive.

    I also had that misstep some months ago where the number of views and comments were becoming more important than actually blogging. I think the people who are able to push forward are the ones that are able to match both things. Write about relevant things and at the same time putting out content that is exciting for them.

    For me, it was watching all Anime shows coming out each season. I don’t do episodical reviews because I’ve tried that and… To be honest, didn’t like it that much. But, I love to experience at least 3 episodes of whatever is coming out and do a first impressions post about it! I ended up knowing Anime that I thought I was going to hate and ended up loving it… As I also found Anime that was so bad that I had to laugh just so I didn’t cry xD

    I’m really happy that you also found your balance! I wish you the best and can’t wait for more random posts written in the spur of the moment at midnight xD

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  3. I think I hurt my neck nodding so often while I read this post!

    “I am because your girl cares about the communities she’s become apart of and I don’t want to add to the negative masses. We have enough of that rubbish about.”

    This is a relief to read! You bring such an energy to your writing that if your powers were used for evil, there’d be trouble!

    “At one stage I forgot the excitement blogging brought me because I was too focused on the excitement my content was bringing others.”

    It’s sometimes hard to maintain the balance (like Arthifis mentioned). Sure, you want to generate excitement in your readers, but the best way to do that is to unleash your own excitement.

    Love your screen caps, BTW. Especially Asuka!


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